Friday, December 30, 2011

2 new animations!

Hey guys, the Holidaze took more out of me than what I had planned. As a result I wasn't able to focus and get that boxing comic finished, nor was I able to finish the big animation for this month. It'll get there. I hope to finish it around Mondayish, so it'll ring in the new year with one killer and long epic animation. I got 2 more animations for you all. This will be most likely be my last update for the year, but I must say I really like these 2 new fmg animations. My next fmg animation, as well as the epic one I am going to be experimenting with making the clothes rip. All in all I know you all will be pleased with this update. I do have more comics coming down the pipeline. But, those deserve a post of there own. All I will say is this, if you guys liked Ms. Liberty brace yourself. Below is the link to a sample on youtube.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 new animations for you all!

Happy Holidays to you guys! I got 3 new animations done in time for the holidays. I'm still working on the big animation for this month that should clock in at around 6 minutes in length and I'm hoping to get it finished and uploaded the Monday or Tuesday after Christmas. Back to the new animations, combined they clock in at over 3 minutes in length, and two of them are FMG animations, and they both turned out simply fantastic. My favorite is the gold bikini, but I know you all will love them both. The last of the trio, is a bit complex to describe. So that's why I made a sample of it and posted it below. I love the pose that they do, but I don't know the name for it, and as such this video is one of my favs. More soon on the way, included comics, my goal is to get the boxing comic done and uploaded sometime around the end of next week. I also want to finish off the images for the beach wish comic, and get those uploaded to the site before the end of this year.
There's no nudity, and it meets youtubes restrictions, but hey lets just say NSFW!!! because really you shouldn't be viewing it there!

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Animation For Site!!

Hey everyone. I am just letting you all know that I just completed and uploaded a new animation for the site. And I really liked how well it turned out. It has some of my most fluid animation to date in it. Nothing fancy, but a good ol' Fmg/drain animation. It runs for 82 solid seconds of animation. I'm still working on the big animation for this month, and it should still be on schedule, but really its too early to tell. But, trust me, its going to be epic!!!! I have plans to do one more animation this weekend. One quick side note, I started writing Changing the Game, the high school femuscle story I've been working on. I hope to have that finished by the end of this month. It'll be close to a novel in length when finished. Below is the preview. She's wearing a skimpy barely there bikini, so I'd say NSFW!!!
Also I didn't want to risk being banned from youtube, so I only uploaded to my deviantart account. Sorry.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hey all, Just wanted to fill you all in on the progress that I've made since the last update. Been under the weather again. But, the good news is the next few days all I have to do is render. So I think tomorrow will be a good time to catch up on where I left off on that Changing the Game high-school femuscle story I've been working on. I don't know if I will be able to finish it this week, but I should get a good chunk done. Once I get that done, I'll add that in the members only section for stories. And, off course will get around to illustrating it as well.
Now I just want to talk about the newest animations for this month. Right now I am rendering 2. One might be ready for a late Friday, or early Saturday update. It's a fmg-male drain video. It should be around 1-2 minutes in length. I just finished rendering the 1st camera for it, and it turned out great. Its my 2nd longest sequence I ever rendered. Also for my big animation this month, I am in the midst of animating the fmg element of it. And it turned out great so far. I got a few other things I want to try. I think the fmg part of this video will be around 90 seconds long. But, the video will only be about halfway done once i get to the fmg part. So this video will probally be about 5-6 minutes in length, and it should still be on track for next weekend release date. Hopefully right before Christmas on the 23rd. If not something to look forward to after Christmas. I hope to do another video after this drain. Just another short one for you all, and then I shall focus on creating both folios and comics for you all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Update for site! (finally I know!)

Ok, guys... First let me apologize that it took me this long to give you the first update for this month. Know this I have been hard at work. I hope to get an FMG animation for you all by around Friday or Saturday. Also, I am going to try to get the gitta braun comics finished and uploaded to the site by Friday. It'll be tough, but hopefully I can do it. Now, I want to talk a little about this current comic. Without a doubt it is my best art yet! It was only supposed to be a single background image for the Delila comic I am still prepping. But, I thought the girl and guy turned out so well, that I decided to make a small folio out of it. Well, that folio turned into a minicomic, and I realized I had a couple of cool ideas, and so bit by bit I kept expanding the comic. It will be without a doubt, my most complex comic to date. It'll feature more scenes, and characters than any of my comics have before. So that is why this comic took me so long to finish. I know you all are going to love it. My goal is to try and get the comic out to you guys around Friday next week. Below are the samples, and come back soon, as I hope to have another update for this week.

End of week status/update on the way soon!

Hey everyone. Tonight I finally finished the raw images of the boxing comic I have been making. I still need to do the post work on about 1/3 of the images. But, as soon as I wake up tomorrow I shall begin that process, as well as the uploading the pictures to the website. Also, I will start work on the comic right away. I won't be able to get it done this week, but I hope next week. Also, I took a few days off from animating the current animation, because I needed to think how best to approach the fmg sequence. I have finally reached it and I want it to be awesome, and different than all my others. So far the animation is 2 minutes long, I hope for it to be 4-5 minutes long. Which means it'll have a debut around the time I get the boxing comic done. But, I hope to do a short 30 second to 90 second simple fmg animation in the interim, because I want to give you guys the most and best content I can give you. I know this month has been slow, but actually quality wise, this will be the best month ever. And I hold off hope that I can speed up my output to make it a bountiful month as well. Thanks everybody, and check back soon for samples!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Been working furiouslly!

Just not as fast as what I would like. But, if all goes well I should be able to put the final touches on the current boxing comic I am working on. Regrettably, it will just be the raw images, but trust me when you see the raw images you all won't be disappointed. Also, once I complete the raw images, I plan on releasing a folio that I hope to get down by the weeks end as well. We shall see, I have a busy weekend but I hope I can hunker down and get the updates for this month rolling. Also, just a mini update on the current animation I am working on. Its a 3 part growth animation 1st part breast, 2nd fmg, 3rd gts, and so far its turning out to be my best animation yet! Its at 100 seconds in length and I hope to get it to around 3-4 minutes in length. well back to work, I just wanted to update you all.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

End of week/ Beginning of month update.

Hey guys, sorry that there was no update last week. Finishing that comic really took a lot out of me, and left me in a creative quagmire. Still, I think last month was  good month for you all, but I want this upcoming month to be even better. As I've said my goal would be 2 comics a month, and 1-2 folios and 2-3 animations. Now, my goal for this upcoming week is to finish the Gitta Brauns, and finish the current animation I am working on. Then I shall revisit the beach fmg story, as well as the boxing comic I am trying to finish. I think I shall focus first on the boxing comic, and then the beach fmg story. So that's my goal for this month. As well as finish another project for Bill Banner to make. Really the last comic was my comic instead of his, but it did have some of his flavoring, that I think enhanced it, but no doubt, he lays out his comics in a different manner than mine. So thats my goal. I got a lot planned, and I just wanted to keep you all abreast of the situation.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Comic Completed!

Hey guys I just finished Bedroom Wrasslin! And I must say, I think its one of my best! I know some of my stories can be a bit scant when it comes to sex, but not this story. This story is chock full of everything one could want in a femuscle story. Tons of humor, sex, teasing, and of course wrestling. The comic is 146 images and over 6 thousand words spread across 46 pages of pure femuscle delight. I'm sorry this one took so long to get to you all, Bill Banner has had a lot of tough breaks lately, and I had to scrap most of the comic that he gave to me, and as a result I basically wrote the whole comic, save for a few gems of his that I kept. As a result the Gitta Braun comics won't be ready until the end of next week. But, I still plan on making on last update for this month. I hope to get one more fmg animation done for you all.
Please give my webmaster a couple of days to post this.
Below are links, Yet again lets say NSFW!!!! But, it probably is cos the main girl isn't wearing pants.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mid-Week Pre-Thanksgiving update report

Hey all, I just want to fill you in on whats going on. I have the raw images for 3 Gitta Braun minicomics completed. My goal is to make 6 total, as well as a few odds and ends. Those should be ready around saturday. But, the good news is I got word from Bill Banner, and Bedroom Wrasslin is almost done. He promised to get it to me this thursday, so that means I will be able to edit it sometime around Fridayish. So that should be ready for the weekend. Also the new fmg video has been more popular than what I thought. It cracks me up, so much more work went into the armwrestling, and Domination animation, and yet its the FMG vid that is so popular. So I decided to make a few more. I'm still working on my epic fmg vid, creating the scene is what is giving me fits. I can't make it how I want imagine it to look in my head. But, I am going to make one or two more fmg videos in the same vein as the last one released. I hope you all enjoy your Holiday in good company, and look for an update this weekend. Now wouldn't that be the perfect dessert, after a whole day of gorging and fighting with your family.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New FMG Animation DONE!!!!!

Hey guys, Just letting you all know that I just finished and uploaded a new fmg animation to my website. Its really fluid, and turned out really well. It's not the epic one I am planning. More like a appetizer before the main course. But, that animation won't be forthcoming till sometime next month. As for this animation its 71 seconds of pure unadulterated femuscle goodness. I know you all are going to love it. Below are samples. Lets err on the side of caution and say NSFW. Below Is the youtube link of one unedited camera angle from the project. Enjoy everyone. And please give my webmaster a day or so to post it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

End of week status report

Ok guys, I know the week is not over yet, but I wanted to give you all a little bit of an update. I still haven't finished the raw images for the current comic I am working on. I got really depressed after I finished the domination animation, and I couldn't do anything get my head around any projects. Next week starting monday, I hope to have my head screwed on tight, and get that comic ready to be written and compiled. But, I haven't been doing nothing the last few days. I started to render one of the fmg projects I am working one. That might be ready for you all around sunday actually. Also, I finished the raw images of a new gitta braun comic. Gitta is one of my favorite characters, and even now after all these months of creating new models, I still enjoy what I made in her. My goal is to complete 5 more Gitta Braun comics, and compile them and have them ready for you all on Monday. Its a lofty goal, but reachable. The only thing I dislike about my Gitta Braun comics, are the fact of all the work I have to do, and all I get is one huge page. But, still worth it. One last note, I hope to have a mini folio to go with the Gitta Braun update. Stay tuned for more, update coming soon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Domination Animation IS FINISHED!!!!!

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that my newest animation is complete. And it comes in at 6 minutes and 25 seconds! WOW!!!! That's a lot of femuscle for you guys. This video is domination/muscle worship theme. So it has lots of goodies for everyone. Foot licking, stomping, kicking, slapping, one handed lifts, tosses, back stretches, and lots and lots of flexing!!! Could I use more exclamation points!!!! YES! I believe I can! But, in all seriousness, I am very proud of how the animation turned out. My next one will be an fmg animation, look for that to come out before the end of the month. Below are a few stills and an low quality animation preview.
Really NSFW!!!!
Please be patient and give my webmaster a day or two to post it. Next up on the horizon will be a new boxing comic. Stay tuned.
heres the animation preview!

6 minute animation is almost done!

As I am typing this, I am busy rendering the last bit of the huge animation I've been working on for the past month. Tomorrow when I wake up, I shall finish editing it, and send it off to my webmaster so it will be up on the site. I'm also almost finished with the raw images of the current comic. It ballooned up on me. I wish they wouldn't, but aside from the fact that it will take longer to finish then hoped, the comic will be all the better for it. My plan is to hunker down tomorrow, and get all the remaining images I need to compile the comic finished.
With about half the month over, I think we are still on a good pace for content. In fact I think this will be the best month in like 5 months content wise. Which will make it a difficult, but fun challenge to top in December. Enough typing I am tired, and sleep awaits. Check back here tomorrow, for samples of the new animation. You're all going to love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok guys, weeks almost over, and I feel like I should give you all a report. I still need to finish the raw images for the current comic. I'm at 60 images for the story so far, and I think another 10 will finish it off. Problem is, the last 10 are 3 different sets, so it takes time to set up everything. What I need to make is both the Prologue and Epilogue for the comic. I don't want to release the raw images for this comic, but I probably will, just to give you all an update. But, trust me, the images are worth it. They are without a doubt my best. So barring a miracle, there will be no comic update this week. But, next week there will definitely be one, cos Bill Banner should be finished with Bedroom Wrasslin.
Update on the animation front. It should come out this weekend. But, probably around Sunday. Right now I have 2 sequences left to animate and render, and it should be done. The cool news is the animation should be a little over 6 minutes. And its really, really good. So thats the update guys. Stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

End/Beginning of the week report

Ok, Last week saw the release of a new animation. I think my best one so far, so I was happy with that. But, lets not forget this is mighty female muscle COMIX!!! And so you all are do for a comic. Bill Banners should be ready this weekend, but by the time I edit it, it'll probably be showing up the the following week around the middle. But, I am finishing up the raw images of a new comic. I hope to get them done around Tuesday, so that I can get the comic written and ready by this Friday. Its a lofty goal, because I generally can only get around 6-7 pages of a comic written and laid out a day. But, I hope that maybe the god of inspiration and writing will shine down on me, and grant me Hermes sandals, so I might fly through this comic. Regardless that's my goal, is to get a comic out to you around Friday. The goals for the month are as follows, 2 comics for you all, and 2 folios, and 2 more animations. One of which shall be an fmg, the other is the domination animation that I am working on. I just reached the 5 minute mark. My goal is to make it 6 minutes long, but I am not going to end it at the six minute mark. I shall end it in a manner that makes sense and is epic. So far I have no clue how I am going to end it(there's still so much I want to include in it).
Alright enough rambling for now. Take care everyone and thanks for visiting.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Animation Finished!!!!

This is not the big one I've been working on. That one is currently around 4 minutes  and 20 seconds. So I have quite a bit of animating to get done before it reaches my 6 minute goal. But, at 89 seconds long it is currently my 3rd longest complete animation(soon to be 4th). I had a blast making it, and without a doubt this is my best animation yet. A vast improvement over the boxing animation. I know you all are going to love it. The animation is about a dude who challenges Delila to an armwrestling match. Well lets just say she's more than up to the challenge. You all might remember Delila from my most recent folio, she will get her own comic, I'm still plugging away at that. As well as I have plans for more animations with her. Youtube link is below. Please give my webmaster a day or two to post the video. And although no nudity, I'd say NSFW!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Text Story is up!

Hey guys, just letting you all know my site has been updated with the text story. I got 2 more on the way, that I want to proof. Also, I am finishing up a new animation for this site, and I next week Bedroom wraslling should be completed. As well as by the end of next week I should have the epic animation I've been working on completed as well. After that, I have a boxing comic that I am about half way through making, and I hope to finish up the Beach/Genie/FMG comic I've been working on.All in All, this month is going to be special. Check back soon for a preview of the animation.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Western Story is finished(next up the images)

Alright everyone. End of month update time. It's true I have not updated this site with as much material as what I had hoped. But, I am quite happy both the quanity and quality of the art that I have released. The folio's that I released this month,they are without a doubt my best art ever!!!! So far at least, because my plans and ideas for this site just keeper getting grander and grander. I do have 3 comics that are near completion. My goal is to finish at least two of them for next month. I know I jump around a lot, but I go where creativity takes me, which is why sometimes I talk about a project and deliver a different one.
Also, an update on the videos. I am at almost the 4 minute mark for the current video. I want it to be 6 minutes. It should be released in about a weeks time. Trust me it'll be worth the wait. Also today I just finished the western pulp story I was working on. Its one of my favorite stories I've ever written. You all are going to love it. I'm adding a new section for the site. A paid stories section. Once I illustrate a story, I will post the story free, but till then it'll be for members only.I think that's fair, this story that I finished is 14 k long. That's almost a novella guys. That's long and its quite good.
All in all I think October was a good month, but I know it will pale before September, and trust me you all will have more femuscle goodness than what you will be able to handle. Your minds will explode from all the awesomeness. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Folio is finished, next up the comic.

Alright, a family emergency slowed my work for this week. But, what can you do, except the right thing and be there for you family. But, I hunkered down and I finished off the folio. Its 45 images, and is quite eclectic. The main bulk of it at 23 images is a intergender bodybuilding comp. I like the concept so much, I might do a comic on the idea. But the girls vein map is the best I have made so far. Really itching to us it in an fmg anination, and the one I am working on right now might just be the perfect one. Speaking of animations, I am at about the 3 minute mark for the current one. Won't know until I edit it down a bit, but its turning out to be the best one yet. I still hope I can finish the current comic I am working on before months end, I am about half to 2/3's of the way complete with the image making. Also last before I give you the image links, Bill Banner told me he will try to get the comic out to me sometime this weekend. Alright without further ado, here are the previews. Enjoy and although no nudity, lets say NSFW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plan for week.

Ok, I have about 20 images done for a new folio, and some of them are really, really awesome. But, I want to add to it, and I hope to add about 10-20 more tomorrow. So that it will be ready for Friday. Also, I am about 2-3's of the way through making the images for what will be my newest comic. I'm editing the photos as I go along, and its my best work ever. I hope to have the comic written by the end of this week, but worst case scenario I will post the raw un-compiled images to the site for you all. And I am still chugging away on the animation. Hopefully I can have it ready by next Monday. So much stuff, so little time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

End of week progress report.

Ok, so I wasn't able to get an update out this week. But, trust me, I've been working my butt off. Next week I should more than make up for no update. You guys are going to love it. Also, I am 98 seconds edited into my newest animation. No, its far from being ready, really I think its not even halfway finished. Nothing real spicy yet happens. But, trust me, if you liked the boxing animation you're going to love this. I hope to make it 4-5 minutes long, but it will be as long as it is.I hope I will be able to get that posted as a halloween treat for you all, but we shall see. I'm not going to rush it out at the cost of quality. Theres one more week left in this month, and I think it will be our best week so far.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Worked all day, and got nothing done.

All I can say is I;m getting there guys. But its one step forward 3 steps back. On the bright side, my art that I am making has never been better. I keep improving steadily. But, I want to get back to the true core and soul of this site, which is the writing aspect. Regrettably, the update shall be delayed. There is a small chance that it will come sunday this week. I do have enough odds and ends to put out a small 20 image folio, but the quality is not all there yet. If I do another folio, I want the art to justify it. Got good news and bad news on the animation front. I messed up and had to rerender about 6 hours worth of rendering, cos of a stupid mistake on my behalf. But, the animation is coming along. Haven't gotten to the good stuff yet, but it'll be there. This one is going to be something special. I got ten more days to make this month special for you all, and with luck I think I might be just able to do that. Stay tuned, cos once the dam breaks, You guess are going to be flooded with tons of femuscle awesomeness.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update nearing completion.

Ok guys its 2 am and the gun is still warm... Ok so its not, but I love golden earring twilight zone. Great song... And its not just about 2 am where i am, so i thought it fitting. Alright, I was on a roll today and made about 10 pictures for this weeks folio. But, then I got into a slump and it took me the rest of the day to finish the next image. Its tough, all this pictures are just prep work for the story, and so I have to make them from scratch. But, they are fun and rewarding. So the folio will consist of a eclectic mix of stuff, not all the images will be in the story. But, since I put so much work into making just one image, I thought why not make a few more for you guys. Tomorrow, I will abandon the story prep and focus on completing the folio. My goal is to make it about a 40 image folio. Then after the folio, I will focus on finishing the prep for the story. I hope to have the next animation done at the end of the month. I have big plans for it, and it should be good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress Report..

On the comic and story front its slow news. But, I just began another animation, and I have lofty expectations for it. Also, I am finishing the prep work for a new comic. I know, I have like 5 comics in prep and almost finished stages. Those will get done in time. I doubt I will have a comic for you guys by the end of this week, but I will have another folio for you guys. And trust me, if you liked the last folio you will love this one. I have one image of armwrestling that is my best ever!!!! These are really turning out as some of my best images ever, and the funny thing is, they are just background images, and won't even be featured in the story. Well the armwrestling one, just might be.
So, all in all, stay tuned, cos you're going to like what you will see.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Folio is DONE!!!!!!

The theme of the folio is Feats of Strength, and it turned out really good. Some of my best images yet. At 20 images it's a bit lighter in number than what I would have preferred, but the images took me a long time to edit, and was a real learning experience for me. I have plans to continue it, as the 3 girls I made for it look fantastic. But, right now, I am at a loss for just what kind of images to make.I have chain breaks, pillar toppling, and girder bending. All in all, I am happy with how these ended up. I know you guys will like them. Half of the month is over, and the next half I want to focus on finishing those two stories. Getting a comic or 2 out for you guys, and making 1-2 quality animations. Samples below. Lets say NSFW. just to err on the side of caution.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Folio on the Way!

I'm about halfway through a new folio. The theme is feats of strength. So far I've made 3 bicep flexing chain busting pictures. A few girder lifts and bending. And some misc pictures. I've only made 13 images, and I want to make at least 12 more. I hope to finish the images tomorrow. So they should be out for the weekend. You're going to love these images! Samples will follow soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Folio done and uploaded to the site!

Hey all. Just finished folio number 2. I have one more I would like to complete this weekend, and I also want to revisit the first femdom folio and add to it. I stopped making the images right when things were getting steamy. So the next pics would be more adult fare. This new folio turned out fantastic. It's 45 images, and it was difficult for me to pic out which 3 sample images I wanted to share with everyone. No chaff here, only the creme da la creme. I know I mixed metaphors, but u know what I am driving at. These folios have taken me longer than what I would like to have, but everything else is coming along nicely. Besides the work I do in folio's pays great divet ends for future stories. Next week I should be able to get you guys a comic as well. Man, I tell you all this is really turning out to be a good month. Cos I have lots more planned!!!
Enjoy these samples. Not safe for work, but really that should be obvious.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Site Updated(Finally)!!!!!!!

Give it a day or two for my webmaster to have up, but I just sent him a 26 image folio. Now, the folio will not be everyone's bag, or cup of tea. But, I really like how it turned out. I had gotten a request for some fem-dom ,cross dressing stuff and I while learning a new program that will make my pictures better. I came up with these images. As well as a new story for a comic. The comic is all mapped out and will be made side by side my western comic/illustraited story. Update on that, its not finished, I wrote another 1,500 words for it. About 2/3 of the way done. It will be done before weeks end. I plan on doing another 1-2 folios for this week, while working on the new comic idea, and the western story. So if all goes well, I will have 2 comics for you in a little over a week. Once I finish the planned folio's and the 2 comics, I plan on doing another video or 2. But till then enjoy these two samples from the folio. Should have at least one more folio done around Friday. Take care everyone.
Warning NSFW

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ok felt like sharing.

In case you guys don't know I am quite verbose. And I was writing today,, as I said I would. And well to put it as succinct as possible. I wrote a passage about a climb up a mountaintop that took me a little over 1600 k words to write. I hoped it would have taken less, and I might trim it in the edit, but it won't be overhauled that much. But, I really like what I did. This is going to be great guys. Very balanced and natural story. If you guys like good old pulps, you should all like this. The rest of the story should be a little more straight forward. A big fight is coming up. Should have 3-4 more big ones. The epilogue will have a little action as well. I really love this character. And I am enjoying writing this for you guys. Can't wait to share it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update or progress report u chose.

Ok so another day, and more progress is made. Not as much as what I was hoping. But, I went bowling today. First day of somewhat fun I've had in months. I needed it.... But, I only wrote 1,700 words today. Which means the story right now is 4,700 words long, and it should be about halfway done. I have the whole story mapped out, and I think it will be around 10k words in length. But, it winds up being what it winds up being. But, I do want to say this. This is my best story so far. Hands down. The beach wish story, which is not yet written, I know will be a great comic/illustrated story, when I finish it later this month. But, this current story, is my best story. If you guy's like hercules verses the amazons, or whatever I called it, you're going to love this. I'm having a real blast writing this, and I would keep writing it, but its late, and I need sleep. I hope to finish it tomorrow. But, there is a chance that it won't be done till monday. I will not update till I finish the story. Once the story is finished, I will begin immediately with the making of images. My goal is to do an image of one per 150-200 words. Make it one image per page, and the rest text. Which means we'd be looking at about 50-60 images if the story is to be 10k long. These are my plans, but we know how things are subject to change.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Story Progress.

Hey all, don't have the name of the story I'm working on figured out yet. But, I am right now 2k words into it, and I hope to get another 2k done before I go to bed. It won't be done today. I am sorry. I had difficulty opening it up. Stories are hard to craft and the words escaped me. But, know this... This is shaping up to be my best written story so far. I just hope the art does it justice. Which it should, cos the models I've made so far look really good, so it would take an idiot to turn them into something bad. Also I talked to bill banner today. He hopes to work on bedroom wrasslin this weekend. But, I think it will take him about 2 weeks to finish it. But, it should be done for this month. I've also been working on a fmg vid. Its slow but coming along. Ok back to work.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goals for upcoming month.

No updates yet. But, I have been hard at work. My goal was to do a simple short illustrated story. But, well... As You can see I haven't finished it yet. I only got past the prep stage. It took me all day today and yesterday to make the 7 male models for the story, and the one girl one. And also the scene and misc stuff for the story. It takes time but worth it when you get it right. The story is going to be a fun little yearn. Its going to be a western written in the pulp style of yesteryear. Tomorrow I hope to start and finish writing the story. It should take me the good part of the day but if I keep it around 7-10k words I should be able to finish it, and start with making the images. However, while making the images, I realized I didn't have a clear opening for the story in mind. I was just going to have it a straight, here the hero, no need for a long orgin story. But, the opening didn't jive. Felt too forced, for the scene that I set up. Then it dawned on me, and I got a cool way to tell the story I want, and I belive it'll be better for it. Only one little snag, now I got to give the girl a new set of clothes. The clothes I spent like 3 hours tweaking for her are perfect, but only for when she becomes the "Scarlet Avenger" yeah I know the name is taken. By some comic character so I might tryy to come up with a more orginal name. But, who knows... I stink with names. But, I do want something that good ol' bob howard would like. I kinda was inspired by his Red Sonya, not the marvel sonja.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not an update update.

Ok, First I want to let you all know I sent bill banner the raw images for bedroom wrasslin, for him to make into a comic. His work with those mini comics convinced me to let him have this comic. Now, I know I shouldn't say this, as people might not want to open their wallets and subscribe to my site. But, I have failed you all this month. I am sorry, I really am. Yes, they are just words, and words are cheap. Actions, like updates speak louder than words. The last animation I made, that boxing update took a lot out of me. I am very proud of that. As I do think, its really one of the best of its kind on the web, and my next ones are only going to get better. The month isn't over, but I am running out of time to make it worth the 15 dollars that you all paid. I don't know what I will do to make it up to you all. But, I shall try. I think it will be a combination of picture, and video update. Nothing is on my plate. so I do not know. I just wanted to let you all know, for next month my goal is for bill banner to finish bedroom wrasslin, and for me to finish the beach fmg, and for me to do one more video as big as the football one. And also to finish the High School text story. And some other not as major stuff. Ok enough talk about what I want to do, I am going to try to get something done now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Boxing animation is done!!!!!!!

It took me about 10 days to  get it done, and it was a mountain. A huge learning experience making it. Without a doubt this is my best animation yet. Its 96 seconds long, so it fell at the lowest end of my expectations in terms of length, but its all quality. Not a lot of warts in this animation like some of my past efforts. Its really smooth. I'll say this opens up a new era for Mighty Female Muscle Comix... I want to do a few more animations for this month. I know its half way over, but I want to do a few more. Don't know if they will be of the same scope as this boxing one. But, they will be good. Also, I have not forgotten the name of the site, its Comix and not video's and I will still make sure there will be more comic updates for this month as well. Because, even though this boxing animation is awesome and really no other site has a video like this, its still not enough content for you guys. You deserve more content, and believe me I am working hard to give you all your moneys worth. It just takes time. Look for a sample a 10-15 second sample tomorrow. Right now sleep is calling me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Update Sent OUT!

Its not a huge update. But, its a solid update never the less. San's the preview picture. It will be an 10 page/image update. It has three, three page spinach themed fmg comics. They were a request from a frequent online correspondent of mine. And then I have 2 one page fmg sequences. The mini-comics were written by Bill Banner, and I think this is his best work yet. He really hit the ball out of the park. And I must say, I can't wait to give him more images to work his magic on.
Below you will find 2 links of two samples. One is the picture I used for the spokeswoman of the Blue Label Spinach(that will be the name of the all my future spinach themed fmg stories.), and the other is a Muscle Silk advert. Which is some of the best art I have ever done.
Enjoy the samples and the previews. The update should be up on the sight within a day or two.
And don't forget the boxing animation is coming soon. Just got 15 more hours of rendering and then its done!

YEAH!!!! Update is ready.

Hey everyone. Bill Banner just sent me the finished fmg mini-comics. They are pretty funny. You all are going to love em. We also discussed about him taking on about 10-15 images a week. So that would mean more comics and updates from him and for the site. As I will not stop making comics, but it will allow me to pursue other ventures for this site. Like more animations. The update will be 11 pages of pure fmg goodness. I need to polish up the pages, and tomorrow I will send them out to the webmaster. Which means they should be up for the weekend.
Ok... Now about the animation. Almost done with it. I messed up an entire render sequence. This was my fault. Not my computers... I had to rerender it, and that was about 8 hours wasted. Still have one last sequence to animate and then render. But, it should be finished tomorrow. So that animation will be up for the site, around sat or sunday.
Now, my plans for the rest of this month is to get another image series out to Mr. Banner. And also to focus on animations. I want to do a few short ones, like the throat lift. But, I got a couple of bigger ones planned that I would like to do. As well as the fmg short I am working on. I want it to be the mother of all fmg animations.
And also I will let you in on a long term goal of mine, really more akin to an eugene o'neil sized pipe dream. But, I am planning on doing a vid that is inspired off of my very first comic. Alley's of Peril. Changes will be made to the models and such. But, the story and some of the chorography will be kept. I figure it would be about a 3-6 minute animated vid. But, at this time its still quite lofty. But, I hope to break ground on it by the end of this month. Heres, to dreaming, and stay tuned for some previews.... Cos tomorrow they will be coming.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laptop still giving me fits.

Hey guys, no update on the beach genie story. My laptop is not doing so great and work has completely stopped. But, I have not given up on the story. Give me a few more days to work past my frustration and I will begin work anew on it. But, I should have an awesome update for you all tomorrow. Remember the talk about the animations that I was working on. Well... I am almost done with the rendering. Next is the editing. No, they won't have sound. But, it will sure be cool. My best one yet. Its a boxing animation, and I doubt there is any on any femuscle site like this. It should be around 1-3 minutes long. I am working out the ending as I type this. My plan is then to make a couple of other videos, not as laborious as the boxing animation to get released this weekend. Thinking about revisiting the girl from the throat lift vid. But, I got a football/cheerleader animation that I would love to do for this weekend. Trust me though this boxing animation is awesome!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New vid for the site sample link below.

I know this isn't the update you all wanted. That is coming. I decided to cut a couple of planned scenes out of the comic, but don't worry, the ideas are bound to resurface in a different comic. Also, a heads up I am working on 2 video projects. The first is a fmg vid with a bit more of a story. The second is a boxing match. My goal is to animate and render about 5 seconds a day of usable footage. And to make a cool 2-4 minute video. But, this won't really delay my work on the one comic, as I have different workstations. It does slow my work down, but in a sense, it will lead to more updates in the long run.
About the vid, I normally don't like using the clothes I used, as they flicker too much, and I initially had plans on editing out the flickering and breaks, but with well over 10,000 frames, its not worth the time to fix. But, my next fmg vid, I am try to make it slick and really awesome. The boxing vid is shaping up to be my best animation so far as well. Sorry about the ramblings. Sample link below, full vid will be up on site soon and is 42 seconds of pure fmg awesomeness.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


No comic is not done. Between today, and yesterday, program crashes and glitches have cost me a total of 12 hours of work. And let me tell u guys that really takes the wind out of me. So let me regroup. Got a lot of awesome pictures. But, really really dragged out and tired.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

nearing completion

Another done, and more images done as well. Made a couple of really awesome ones today. I did 3 cool growth sequences. And I just have one more gs to do for the main story arc, and then I can wrap up the story with couple of zany aftermath pictures. But, I do have about 5 or so intricate pseudo epilogue pictures that I need to complete as well. Those will take some time, as I have to construct whole scenes, for just one or two frames. But, they are soooooo worth it. They are some of the best work I've ever done, and I know you all will agree once I get this out to you all. I know the going is slow, but as I said the work I do for this story shall pay great divet-ends in the future.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting there despite the many speedbumps.

Hey all... Another update, and no its not completed. Getting there. Not making the progress on the story that I would like. But, all in all the last weeks have been my most productive in a long time. I know you all want updates and pictures. But, the stuff I've done and have learned over the course of the project will pay divet-ends for future updates. All I can do is make sure this story is the best dang story I can make. And I think it will live up to that goal. I've had some laptop trouble, and I've been making the bulk of my comic on my laptop which meant that I had to take a break from the main story. But, I finally hooked up my main computer, and whats cool is I finally have a real desk to work at. I've been working on the psuedo-epilouge pictures for the story, and because they are all short snap shots. It's been taking me a while to stage the scenes. But, its all worth it. I'm about half way through the epilouges, and I hope to get them all finished tomorrow, and I have 3 more growth sequences. I hope to get 1.5 of them finished tomorrow as well. Leaving me with thursday, to finish the rest, and start to compile the comic. So yes it means I've pulled a douglas adams on you guys again(I've already used g rr martin), but with luck the comic will be done around the weekend. Sorry, but what would you guys rather have, a lousy comic, or something much much better.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the never ending updates....

No, not finished.... YET! I will get there, and you all will love this comic. It is worth the wait. This comic has a lot of stuff that I haven't really done before. Today, I didn't get as much as I would have liked completed, but what I got done was all quality. What I did was one scene of a girl breaking a huge log over her back and another of a hulked out stripper bending her stripper poll. Still got a lot of work to do... And it never was my intention to turn this into this big of a production. It was supposed to be a simple short illustrated story. But, I love the art on this, and I think the story has a lot of potential. This is truly turning out to be an epic story. Kinda like how "Steel Kittens" turned out in terms of artwork and scope, but story wise, this is more like "Gym Owner's Wife". So I apologize, and I do ask that you all bear with me. But, please think of it this way. This story is going to be 6-8 thousand written words at the very least, and somewhere north of 80 pictures. So this alone is well worth the cost of membership. As I think the page count of this comic will be at least 40 pages. But right now who knows. All I know is that it is growing, and the artwork is coming out really awesome. And yes, the eta got pushed back, but it still should come out before the months end. Gotta go, Kong's climbing up the empire state building.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slow going....

Got a lot of work done today on the comic. Not as much as what I would like. Twice my program crashed right as I was about to render. So that was 2 hours total of work down the drain. Its not a question of saving. It takes about 5-15 minutes to save my scenes(depending on how many characters), and also I have to quit my program and relaunch after every couple renders so it won't crash. And loading takes about 10-20 minutes. But, as I said the images are looking really awesome. I'll give you guys a hint... I just finished a short 3 panel wedding sequence for the story. Its really good. This story is going to have a ton of fmg. I liken it to growing pains part 2 from lh art. Except I am aiming for 30 plus pages. I've decided worst case scenario I will upload the raw images to the site for you guys saturday, if I don't think i can get this comic down by the weeks end. I doubt I can get it ready by friday. But, there is still hope for saturday.  Its coming together, but it takes time. But, trust me its worth it. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another progress report(redux)

Ok.... Here is where I am at with the "Genie Beach Story"(not its real name), I have completed 38 images. Now these are not the typical images that accompony my comics. Most of these is not all, stand on there own as complete pictures. And they are very complex to make as generally most of the images have 5-7 people in them. As I said before I thought the genie story would be about 30-50 images. It's looking like it will be 60-90 images. It will be done this week. But, not today of course. And probally not tomorrow. But, hopefully friday. I feel like G RR martin right now, but rest assured You guys will get at least 2 more updates this month. This comic, and something else. I promise you. I am really working hard for you guys. And you will love this new comic.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Progress Report

Ok, guys.... No the current Beach Genie Wish story is not yet complete. But, I got almost all the hard stuff done with. I just finished the main FMG component of the comic. There will be more fmg in the story, a lot more. But, I got the main big fmg for the story done. The others won't be as detailed and as such time consuming. I hope this means that I can get the images done by tomorrow. Which means that I should get the story done around Monday or Tuesday. Which is about 2-3 days off my planned debut. But, that just means I will have to work all the harder to get Bedroom Wrassling done by this upcoming Friday. Which should still be possible. On another side topic. I have been sitting on a couple of short unfinished fmg sequences that need to be turned into a comic. I decided to send them off to Bill Banner and see what he can do with them. Thats it for the update. Now I gotta go back to work.
P.S. The Fmg looks really good so far! You guys are going to love it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress report

Haven't gotten as much work done on the new Genie/beach story as what I would have liked. But, I am about 1/3 of the way done making the images for it. And I am at the fun part, so hopefully things will get rolling. As a favor to my brother I babysat his sick kid for him, so as a result I wasn't able to work on the story. But, the free time i had I got to tinker, and I came up with these images. These are just test renders. But, they are my most favorite models I have designed so far. Love how big and yet curvy the girl in the black is. The girl in the white, I love her arms, especially her neck and shoulders. The clothes as well is completely customized. I got tired of the never having the type of clothes I want my girls to wear so I made them myself. Don't have a story for these girls yet, but I think I will figure something out. Whatever story I make for them, I think I will give to Bill Banner. Think his sense of humor would fit these girls. Enjoy the links.
P.S. Wonder if you guys can recognize which celebs they are supposed to be.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Wrestling With Issues" FINISHED!!!!!

Finally, got a comic for this month for you all. But, I don't plan on stopping at just one for this month my goal is, to do 2 more. The Bedroom Wrassling I hope to get done and ready for the weekend. And the new story/comic I hope to get up sometime before this weeks end. Busy Busy Busy!
Bill Banner wrote and compiled this comic for me, and he did a great job. Regrettably, I messed up one page in my proof, and thats page 8. The only problem with it, is I have a text bubble obstructing the girls bicep. The HORROR!!!! This normally would be a simple fix, but some reason, my save got corrupted and so I will have to go back and fix it all over again. No big deal, but my internet is really really slow. Still comic should be up in a day or two. It's really funny. Enjoy the previews, cos there is more on the way.

Monday, August 15, 2011

update on the way

I just spoke with Bill Banner, and he should have the comic done by the end of tonight. Regardless, I plan on having a good update for you all by the weeks end. But, I need your help. Yes, I need you guys to help me brainstorm a title for my newest story. Its not going to be a comic, but more along the lines of an illustraited story. Probally something like 30-50 images. Image count will be what it is though. Still learning the ropes of the illustraited story comic hybrid. Probally be easier if I wrote the story out first. Anyway follow the link to the deviant art page. This will be the cover of the story. Right now its sans title cos I don't have one.
The story is about a woman, who gets spurned at a beach, and stumbles upon a magic lamp. Well, she wants to get back at all the dumb floozies, and muscle bound meat heads, that recently mocked her. So she wishes for the best body on the beach. Well she gets it, and more. This story will have plenty of fmg action. And hopefully a good dose of humor. Just need a title. So please chime in and help.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

where did the month go?

I am so sorry to everyone. I have been under a lot of stress, and its not from the move. Its the underlying factors that caused the move. No excuse. I promised a bad ass month for august and the month is halfway over. But, I plan on delivering. So this upcoming week, I do hope to have bill banners comic ready. He promised me it by friday, but he didn't deliver. No excuse on my part. I will have an big update this week. Look for bedroom wrassling to be next week. And then after that who knows. But it will be awesome. No excuses. This month just got away from me and I didn't notice till now how far into the month it was.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Completed the drive

Hey all, just a status update. Sorry this whole week has been crazy. Thought I had a solution to where I didn't have to move. But, I ended up with only heartache and pain. So I didn't leave when I thought. As a result, I just now finished my drive, but have to still unpack my car. So give me a few days to unwind from the drama, and I shall focus hard on the site for you all.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Status Update

Hey guys, Just letting you know. That as of Monday morning I will be moving to a new location. The move will take me 3 days of driving. When I am done with the move I hope Bill Banners will be done with the slammed comic and I will post that. And of course once settled in I will start with the updates again. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. But, last month was a pretty good month for updates. And this upcoming one will be even better. Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedroom Wrassling Preview Images!!!

Hey all, here are some images from what I hope will be my next comic. I really enjoyed how these all come out, and so I decided I wanted to make this into a comic and not my friend Bill Banner. I hope to have the comic done by the end of next week at the latest. I just spoke with Bill Banner, and he thinks he should be able to get the comic done around Friday.  The comic is about a husband who use to wrestle, but thanks to his demanding job he let his body go a soft. Meanwhile, his wife found his old weight set set, and has really bulked up. And she just love's showing him who is the dominate partner in their relationship.
Without further delay enjoy the the preview.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Image set finished!

Hey Guys, just letting you all know, I just finished the raw images for a new comic. 145 in total, not the most I've made for a comic, but still a robust number. I don't know if I will send this comic off to Bill Banner or not. It's some of my best art so far, and the comic has a lot of everything. It's a bedroom wrestling story, about an ex-college jock, and his wife. The husband has been a little to preoccupied with his work, and neglected his body. While his wife, loves to lift, that she keeps a weight set in her bedroom. Lots of wrestling, and a good deal of intimate adult content in this one as well. I know you all will like it, and I will have an update of a couple of pictures soon, but I need to edit them first. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Wrestling Images Uploaded

Hey Guys, just letting you all know that I just finished with the editing and uploading of the newest batch of images to the website. I also sent them off to Bill Banner, and he should have the Comic done for us within 2 weeks. He said sooner, but since he is doing this as a favor to me, I will not rush him. Below you will find the links to 4 of the standalone images. Think you guys will like them. They should be appearing on the sight within a day or two. Whats next is, I have 1-2 more comics that I am making for Mr. Banner. I hope to get them done and out to him within the next week. Once done with that I hope to make a couple new animations for you all. And of course, the next Illustraited Story/comic hybrid, I hope to get done by the next week. As stated its Tarzan & Jane romance story. Once I finish that, who knows. But, I can tell you all, lots of great stuff is on the way. July is going out with a bang!!!! Enjoy the links!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New images for comic finished

Hey everyone, just letting you know I just finished the raw images for my next comic. It doesn't have a working title, and the basic premise is really just an excuse to have 3 women wrestle 3 guys. I hope to have the pictures edited and sent off to both and webmaster, and Bill Banner by the end of tonight. The comic that I made was really just a lark, to help me relax from the stress in my life. I plan to finish the bedroom wrestling story sometime later this weekend, and once that is finished, I will send that to Mr. Banner as well. Also, I have another short comic, that Mr. Banner requested me to make, and should prove to be quite funny. Also, I added another 1,0000 words to the "Changing the Game" story. But, that is still months away from being complete. But, this weekend I hope to write out, the Tarzan and Jane story that I hope to make next. My goal is to have that comic/illustrated story up by the end of next week. So busy, busy, busy. Stay tuned, and soon I will post some samples from the raw image wrestling story that will appear within the next few days on the site.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hercules Comic is Posted to site!!!!

It's up, and I want you all to go and read it right away! Just kidding. But, I hope you guy's like it.
It's a little different, and yet very similar to my past comics in many ways. It's more of a comic illustrated story hybrid. My next story I will make different, and it will be more of a traditional illustrated story. But, have no fear, I will still be doing comics as well. But, comics take me 3 times longer to make. And I believe, I can make about 2 illustraited stories, like Hercules a month. And minicomics, and videos as well. So, I think this might be the future of the sight. My next story, I think I will be writing will be a classic Tarzan and Jane story, with of course a femuscle twist. I know you all will love it. Hope to get that finished soon. For now here are some previews of the Hercules story.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hercules is done!!!

Alright everyone, Hercules is finished. The format is very similar to my old comics. And really just kinda a light version, with less text bubbles, and graphics. I did add some, to liven it up. This is not the shape that my new stories will be taking, more of a transition. Fear not, I will always have tradional comic format comics on the sight. But, it saves me hours upon hours, just writing the story, and not having to fret over a comic layout.
Also, the raw images of Hercules are up. I will have the comic uploaded to the website, and it should be up, sometime around sunday night or monday.
I hope to get the next series of raw images done around Tuesday and that comic I will send out to my friend Bill Banner. Then I will begin work on a couple new video's for the site. Haven't done them in half a year. Then I shall write another story around, and make images for that one. I am thinking of a horror themed story.
Something about a cursed weight set, that drains a man of his muscles and gives it to his girlfriend. With the usual hijinks to ensue. Take care everyone. I will post a couple of samples of the completed comic soon. But, I am so bushed. Been working round the clock for 3 days to finish this for you guys. But, I know you all will love it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pictures done!!!!

Ok guys, I just finished with the editing of the pictures for the Hercules vs. The Amazons story. I might still make 3-6 more pictures for the story, or I might not. It depends on if I need them or not for the story. I am still uncertain how I will compile it. It will be different than my comics, more of an illustraited story, and I am certain it will be in PDF format. Hopefully I will get that done Saturday, so that it can be added to the site Sunday.
Good news though is, I am currently uploading the 105 raw images to the site and the story(Rough haven't proofed it yet). So those should be added by weeks end.
I still have to proof the story. I hope to do that later tonight.
As for now enjoy these 5 previews.

Hercules story on the way

Big news everyone. I just finished as of right now, the Hercules vs. the Amazons story. Its a little over 8,800 words long, and 105 pictures shall go into it. Well, a little more than that perhaps. As I think I will make a few more images for the story. No more than 5-7 though. Now, I hope to finish this by Friday, and to have it up by Saturday on the sight. No promises, because I still have a lot to do. I still have to finish editing the images, and then I need to proof the story, to remove the obvious gaffes and errors. Which at roughly 35 pages, I can only do so quickly. Also, I never made a pdf before, and I am sure that will offer some interesting challenges as well.
My idea is this, to have the raw images in the images folder, and the pdf in a different spot. Also, maybe have a section on the site to where you can read for free just my stories that I have written. As I have 3 complete so far, and one almost complete.
I also got good news as well, I am working on a new comic for Bill Banner. It's without a doubt my best work ever. I have like 60 or so images done for it so far and I am not quite halfway where I want to be. I hope to finish the renderings Around Sunday or Monday. I am tired right now. So good night everyone!

I decided to post a preview of the rough draft at amazon love forums. Here is the link. You probally need to register to view it. Bare in mind this is a rough. I will tweak the story tomorrow before I upload it to the sight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update coming soon!

Hey everyone,
Just letting you all know that I am almost done making the raw images for the latest story. Its going to be quite awesome. The plan is for me to finish the raw images tomorrow. And then I will have to edit them and fix the minor pokethroughs and what nots. Then I will send them off to both the webmaster to publish the raw images, and also my friend Bill Banner. He will make the comic for me. So far the raw images are around 100, and so it will be a formidable comic. Bigger than taking candy from a muscle babe. It's Hercules vs the amazons. You are really going to love it, some of the posing are the best so far. Also, I have an update on another front. The one story I am working on its over 22,000 words long. The story probably has another 5k left, so that's long. Once I complete the story, I will post somewhere to give everyone a free preview of the written story. Then I will start the process of making images for it. Which will be different from my other comics, but will no doubt be fun. Big things on the way. I apologize for the inconsistencies, but believe me this site is now once again my main focus.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey guys, first I want to say that the final 3 pages of Taking candy are posted. Sorry, but it was a misunderstaning between me and Bill Banner, and he didn't know there were more pics.
Also I want to let you guys know, I am working on finishing the story Changning the game. Right now its is almost 14,000 words long. Thats long guys. When it gets finished It will probally be around 20,000 words. Now, what I plan on doing is illustrating it and releasing it as a pdf story. I hope to have like 80 illustrations for it.
Now I don't think that all my stories will be that long, I hope some will be shorter like 5-7 thousand words, but we shall see.
Bill Banner has agreed to make comics regularly for us. I really enjoy his comics and this is going to be great. my plan is to do short mini comics, like gitta brawn and the fmg stuff. Write the stories and illustrate them, and I think if I can get a steady flow again, then this sight is going to be better than ever!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

taking candy is up!!!!!

Here's my newest comic. My friend Bill Banner, wrote it for me, and did a great job with the writing and layout. He's currently working on another comic for the site. More updates on the way. Enjoy everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Comic is done and in midst of being uploaded

Hey guys, new comic is done and is in the midst of being uploaded to the site. Its called Taking Candy from a Muscle Babe. Total tongue in cheek comic, and written with great wit from my friend Bill Banner. He is also currently working on the sequel to Husbands Comupance. But, that will be coming sometime in the future. We did have a slight snafu, and he left out the epilouge that I made for him by mistake, but that will be fixed and another page or 2 shall be added in the next few weeks. I really like Bill's style of comic layouts and his writing, and I know u all will just love this. Got more on the way. Lots more. Thanks and take care. Previews will be on way tomorrow.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mugging comic is in final stages!

Hey guys just letting you know the mugging comic is almost ready. I made about 20 more images for it as per the writers request. I have yet to see it, but I should get it back late sunday or monday. So that means look for it monday or tuesday. I also myself am finishing up the fmg mini-comics. Got another 5 that will be ready to post. So looks like next week will be an awesome week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New story update

Hey Guys, I got a new story I am working on. As stated in a past post, I am going to write short stories to novelettes and illustrate them with pictures. I still don't know what format I will be posting them, probably PDF, but I might try something different. Anyway the story is called "Changing the Game". Its about a cheerleader who is tired of leveling in the shadow of her schools inept football team. I have written about 4,500 words so far, and I haven't even gotten to the good stuff. Trust me guys you are going to love this story. Its going to be epic. I plan on finishing it within the week, and starting on the images for the weekend. I also plan on having two or more spinach fmg comics done sometime around wednesday or thursday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Update on the way

Hey everyone, Got some good news for you guys. Bill Banner the guy who is making the mugging story comic for me thinks he might be able to get it done in the next week. Also, I have some more mini-comics coming up. Just need to edit them and put them together. Then last, I am going to try something different for the comics on this sight. I am thinking of trying a more illustrated story route where the layout won't have to be so intense or time consuming and I can focus on giving u guys more content, and not have it take me 80 hours to make one comic. I think The mini-comics will be true comics and the long stories just be illustrated similar to LH's old comics and Amy's. I hope the first one to premier to do so soon!!!QQ

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Update

Its not a huge update. But, its all quality, really some of my best art so far. Its 6 different images, all of them are fmg sequences. And One is a  6 panel mini-comic. I have another minicomic I am currently editing, and I hope to post with another 6 images this weekend. On the comic front, I have Bill Banner, the guy I co-wrote Husbands comeuppance working on the mugging comic, those images are available in the site, but I want him to add text to it. Also, Bill might request more pictures, just to flesh out the story more, so stay tuned. But, I must say, I am finally having fun making this art and writing again, so I hope I can continue this momentum and keep a steady clip of art for you guys.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Site Updated

Site has been updated with some pictures. I sent out those pictures to the man who made the Deadbeats commuupance comic. He will have the comic up and finished in hopefully about a week. I am still working on the one comic i told you about. But also look for more updates coming your way, as the mugging photos are only have finished.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update Info.

Hello everyone. First I want to apologize on the lack of updates this month. I have been going through a bad period of late. But, things are looking better. I am about halfway through the newest comic I am working on. I decided to go ahead and make the pages for the comic, and as such it will feature a cliffhanger, or at least not have a true ending. I hope to get the pages up which should be around 20-30 pages of the comic before the month ends. And then finish it around the end of the first full week of next month.
The story I am really happy about. I think you guys will really enjoy it, It has everything, humor, romance, action. So stay tuned and I will keep you all posted.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

20 more pictures added to var art 1 folio

I added 20 more images to the 1st various art folio. I will have more folio's coming soon. But, I am returning my focus on comics again. My friend is doing much better, and I just want to thank everyone for there patience in me updating my site. Here are some samples for everyone.
These are defiantly NSFW!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

zues vs hera update coming soon

Ok guys.. Here is another update. Its another folio. This time its 20 something pictures of everyone's favorite pig headed greek god. But, it looks like hera might finally set him straight. I really like these models and I hope to do a real comic in the future. Got a couple more folios on the way for this week. Next week I hope to return making comics next week.
Should be ok, but I always say NSFW.
As always you can find the full comics at my site

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

another folie on the way

Hey guys, got another folio thats almost ready to post. Just need to do some minor touch ups to it, and i will post it to the website some time tommorrow.
I think u guys will enjoy this. Its zues vs hera, and although its not a comic and doesn't have any text it does tell a little type of story. I have 2 more folios planned for this week. One will involve a weight room, a woman and her man. And I think i will revisit the girl from the beach folio and introduce a man in the scene.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally updated

Alright, I got a new update! Its a 24 image folio. So its not a comic, but I know you all will enjoy the art.
Now for those of you who don't know, the last few days have been hard on me. I have a very, very good friend who is in a very bad place, and I am trying to help them as best as I can. So, my time is stretched and regrettably I didn't have the time to commit to my website like how I would have preferred. Its no excuse, but bear in mind, I am just one person, and I am trying my best.
I just want you guys to know I appreciate your patronage, and I do not take it for granted. I have 3 more updates planned for this week. More folios like the one you have seen, and I plan on having some more comics and video clips coming along soon.
Here are a couple of samples from the folio NSFW!!!!!!!!!

Updates r on the way part 2

Ok guys i just finished 24 pictures. will give to webmaster as soon as i wake up in the morning but its late. And I am meeting the friend that i was worried about in the afternoon, so I really need my sleep. In the morning i will post aagin with some previews and more detials on what to expect this comining month.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updates r on the way

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I do have updates on the way. But a really good friend of mine just attempted suicide. And so please bare with me. As I deal with this. But I hope to update the site by friday or saturday.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New story posted at Mighty Female Muscle Comix! Its called Powder Puffs.  Its a story about a group of cheerleaders who get tired of cheering on their pathetic football team, so they decide to buff up. But, much to the jocks  chagrin its not just the cheer squad that is bulking up, for spurned on by the success of the cheer squad the entire female base of the school gets caught up in the tide of female empowerment. Here are a few samples below. I know you guys are gonna like it.

  [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sorry for the delay in update

A new update will be coming soon. Look for it to arrive around tuesday. And thats not all, I should have another comic for you all soon as well. I have been busy working on comics for you all, but I have been getting lots of viris's on my one computer, and thats slowed my work down to a crawl. I apoligize for the delay. But don't worry, this month might have started with a whimper but it will go out with a roar!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Comic The Arms Race

Hey guys new comic is up. I know you all will like it. Its the second commissioned comic for this site, but it will not be the last. I hope to add much much more as we grow in size. I do hope to have it colorized in the future. But, I really like the art. As always I have a lot more art on the way for this site. But, I think you all will agree that this was the best month so far for comics as I had three. Next month I am aiming for 4 full length comics no less than 30 pages. Its a lofty goal, but I am up for it. The question as always are you all up for it.
Here are some samples for the comic.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ms. Liberty Preview!

Hey guys, got a great update for you all. I know you all will just love this. This is collaberation between myself and the great Artist The Manic. He really did an awesome job with this story, and I hope you all like it. Its a 31 page comic, and features 3 growth sequences and lots of action. Enjoy guys and the comic should be up by Friday. But I shall keep you all informed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something Really Awesome Coming SOON!

Hey guys, just wanna let you know that coming later this week I will be posting a really awesome comic. No details yet, but I know you guys are going to love it. Stay tuned for more details.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Creature Comic Samples

Hey everyone, I just finished proofing the creature comic. Its in the process of being posted to the site, and should be up in a day or so. Till then you all can enjoy these samples. Note the samples are smaller then the real files.
All in all I am very happy with how this comic turned out, as it contains some of the best art I have done so far. The comic is 36 pages long comprised of around 9,000 words and 128 images. So while not as epic as my other comics, it still is quite a big beast.
Enjoy the free samples guys!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creature Comic Finished

Hey everybody, just letting you know that I just finished my new comic. Its called the Creature Who Got a Black Eye at the Lagoon. I just have to proofread it and then I will post it to the site. Look for it too be up Around Tuesday. But come back tomorrow and I will have some free samples up by then.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Comic Preview

Hey guys, here is a little preview of a frame from my upcoming comic. The whole comic really turned out great, and I hope to have it up by sometime Saturday. The working title of the comic is "The Creature Who Got A Black Eye At The Lagoon". A little wordy yes, but I like the joke. The story is about what happens when two hormonal teens go to a secluded lake, and instead of finding romance, they find a monster, and the monster soon learns that there are more dangerous things at the lake besides him.
The comic will be around 35-40 pages and about 130 something images. It started off as a minicomic and was only going to be about 15 pages long, but I liked it so much I just had to keep going. You guys are not going to be disappointed. Now I do have an update on High Class, that comic I am hoping to finish up late next to early the week after.
My goal is to give you guys a comic for every week this month. I realized that my focus was video clips lately, and you all seem to like comics more, so I will be focusing almost entirely on comics.
 Enjoy guys. Have the story out asap for ya, as well as some cool previews for my upcoming comics that are still WIP!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sex Drain Animation Preview Redux!

Hey everyone,
here is a 30 second preview of my sex drain animation. The whole animation is about 2 minutes and 45 seconds long, so this is really just a brief snippet of it. But as you can see it really turned out well. In the future I hope to add audio. Copy and past link into browser. Remember NSFW!!!!!
P.S. don't forget the screencaps below, they show more of what happens later on in the vid!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sex Drain Animation is UP!

The full video length is 2 minutes 43 seconds. I will have an animation teaser, but X-hamster, says I have to wait up to 4 days for them to post it. But, you can check out screencaps below if your interested. Those are all frames from the video. I will post animation preview as soon as it becomes available. But trust me, its awesome. Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sex Drain Animation Preview

As promised here is the sex drain animation preview. Its almost done, and will defiantly be premiering this week. Sunday at the latest, but I am hopeful for a Saturday debut.
But till then here are some screen shots of some of the movie. Totally NSFW!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Preview Page

This is another preview for my upcoming comic High Class. Its really shaping up to be a great comic. Lots of males being crushed in this one. I hope to have the comic done and posted by sometime early next week, No nudity, but still just to be safe:NSFW! Copy and paste the link in your browser.
Ok, it looks like this weeks update is going to take place sometime over the weekend. But, trust me its well worth the wait. I am finishing off the rendering for my newest video. As I said its pretty long. It might even be 3 minutes long. Come back tomorrow, because I am planning on posting some screen-caps from the movie.
Thanks again everyone and don't forget to vote.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Whats New.

I've been very busy lately working on new updates for the website. In case you guys missed it, the club was updated with 2 very cool animations. Both of which were around a minute in length. Well, I got good news, I'm about half way through my newest animation and with luck, it will appear sometime in the coming week. Its a sex drain/fmg video, and it should be 2-3 minutes in length.
As for stories, I have a lot on the way. Here is a small preview of my newest story, its working title is called High Class. Its about a high profile call girl, who angers the local pimp, by trying to "muscle in on his turf" and boy does he and his goons get a shock when they find out, she has the muscle to back it up! Its going to feature a lot of sex, and violence, and you guys are going to love it. Here is a teaser from the comic copy and paste link into browser. NSFW
I have a new poll question up, so please feel free to vote. And stick around the blog, I will have more previews and updates in the days to come.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steel Kittens is FINISHED!!!!

And boy is it EPIC! You guys are going to love it, it is hands down one of the best comics I have made so far. Below at the end of my post you will find 6 preview pics of my story. The comic is 67 pages long, and contains 206 images and over 11,000 words long. So as you can see, I'm not exaggerating when I say its epic. The story contains all your favorite staples, it has armwrestling, throat lifting, bear hugs, and tons of leg scissors. You guys are going to love it.
Now I want to talk shortly about whats coming up. Next week, will be a huge week for videos. I am finishing up the editing on a whole bunch of videos and they really turned out great. You guys are going to love them, they are the best animations I have made so far.
As for comics that I have plained, I have another short 1 page Gitta Braun, and the first of my minicomics will be appearing soon. And also Su Ling shall be making an appearance soon in her own comic Su Ling Vs. The Wrestling team. As you can see, lots of material is on its way. Thanks again everybody and Have a nice day.
As promised here are the previews for Steel Kittens NSFW!!!! Copy and paste links in browser.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Steel Kittens is Almost Done!

I haven't posted an update for this week, and I just wanted to keep you guys informed. Steel Kittens, is almost done. I am on page 45 of 67. And once I get all the pages finished and I get a chance to proof it, I will upload it to the website right away. Also, I have a lot of really cool animations that are one the way as well, look for those to be up next week. But, back to Steel Kittens, you guys are going to love it. Hands down its one of my best comics and at 67 pages you know its going to be epic.
Big things are on the way, so please stick around, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Monthly Winner Announced

Congratulations to ana999 for winning the Free Monthly Membership. This is just the first of many drawings. This months drawing I will be giving away a set of 5 free pages of custom art. The pages can be whatsoever the winner wishes them to be. They can be non-related images or even a short 5 page comic, the choice will be the winners. I am exited about this giveaway, as its really unique and I think will be great fun for everybody.
Steel Kittens is almost done, and will be released next week finally. Its shaping up to be around 60 pages of extreme femuscle action. Also new FMG video is on the way and its shaping up to be the best one yet!!!!
Happy NEW YEAR everyone, thanks to your patronage great things are on the way for this site!!