Thursday, May 11, 2017

That Shrinking Feeling

Tonight is very special for me, because I just released one of my all time favorite comics I've ever written. The comic is 35 pages and drawn by the talented Dracowhip and Philip Lawson did the text for me. Philip as you all should know is just amazing with dialogue and text! The comic is about a cursed weight set, that steals the people who use it muscles and gains and gives it to the proper owner of the set... Unlucky for the guy in this tale, but he left his wallet at home and his girlfriend bought it with her own money!!! This is a female muscle growth and male drain comic and it has plenty of FMG and male drain sequences in it. It's really a whole lot of fun and I gave it a kind of classic old school horror vibe to it. I know you all will love it. 
Comic can be purchased at the link below.

Enjoy the samples!! No nudity, but buff muscle women in skimpy clothes and boob crushing a guy... So NSFW!

As always guys. Thanks for the support!!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gym Love

Here's this weeks new release it's an FMG love story. Has plenty of muscle growth in it as a young woman joins a gym and transforms her body from dumpy to a massive muscular musclebound knockout. Also contains a good amount of muscle worship in it as well. Really fun and steamy comic.
The full comic can be purchased here at my shopify page:

Here are some samples. Hope you all enjoy and as always thanks for the support!