Monday, May 23, 2016

Lift Like A Girl!

I got exciting news. I commissioned a talented author T.G. Cooper to do an FMG story for me. We both crafted the story together, and I edited it, and the result I think is one of the best FMG stories EVER!!! It's about a high school nerd who to win the affections of the big man on campus switches her genes around so that estrogen produces the same effect on muscle growth as testosterone... Well needless to say the experiment spins out of control and it reshapes the entire culture of campus.
This is a lot like my other tales Powder Puffs, and Arms Race, only a lot more expansive. This is a big, big story. In fact it's a novella and clocks in at a little over 19600 words. I'm currently making the illustrated story of it. And I hope to release that early June.
But, if the normal text story is a huge beast, trust me the illustrated one is going to be even more massive, just like the ladies in the story.
You can buy the story from the links below.
And feel free to browse his other stories too, he's a talented writer and while he doesn't do FMG per say, some of his themes you guys should like.



Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kiss of the Dragon Queen issue 5!!!!

I am very proud and happy to tell you all about the newest installment of Kiss of the Dragon Queen!
This issue is just action packed as the Dragon Queen finds herself on the Ninja Floor!!! So much action, so much mayhem, so much sexy muscular Dragon Queen, as she is pumped and big as ever thanks to the Iron Floor from last issue. The ninja's find that their weapons are no match for her sexy muscular bod, and their kung fu fairs even worse. Lot's of feats of strengths in this one, as she bends a sword with her abs, breaks chains, and just in generally all ways possible is a sexy bad ass.
The comic is available via both shopify page and membership site. But, please allow a day or two for it appear on the latter.
Here is the link to my shopify

Here are links to some samples. No nudity, but NSFW!