Tuesday, November 26, 2013

25 pictures done for new folio

I'm working on a new Feats of Strength Folio. Its really shaping up to be something special. The girl that is featured is the model that I used for the "Bigger Trophy, or So long and thanks for all the muscles" comic.
As the title of this post says I'm 25 images into it. I don't know how many there will be. I hope to have that blonde model of mine from the 2nd feats of strength folio and the pinup one back to show off her power as well.
I'm thinking of perhaps another car destruction, and 3-6 new chain break images. Already for this folio though I have the girl bending a big barbell. Lifting said barbell of course. Her lifting massive dumbbells. And smushing the dumbbell in her hands. She also folds a thick steel plate. And then takes another steel plate and tears it in half.
I don't know how many images this will be, but I hope to make quite a bit more. I'd also love time to do a 2nd folio as well. Next week I will be posting them for you all. I don't know what it is, but these feat of strength images really turn out well. You're all going to love it and I can't wait to share some goodies with you all.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

End of streak blues, but I do have some good news...

Its a bummer that the consecutive update streak ended. I was hoping to ride it out much more. I still have 3d art to compile into comics and sooo many 2d comic pages I need to figure out how to letter. I bought a new program to letter them, but nothing is ever easy guys.
I got some cool works coming down the pipe. But, the artwork is coming in slow due to the holidays which is fine.
Speaking of the holidays. Next thursday is thanksgiving.... I don't think I will have an update for this site for thursday. But, I should have a pretty massive one next thursday. So far I'm not quite 20 images into the new feat of strength folio. I want more Chain breaking and other stuff in it. Maybe a new car crush. We'll see...
I got other news that I am excited about. I like to draw, but I am afraid by myself my skill just isn't worth charging anyone for. However, I just spoke to a friend who will ink and color my work, and I think that will give it the polish that it needs and I think you all will love it. I hope to get my first comic finished.... Maybe, if we are lucky before the end of the year... That is doubtful, but not impossible. But, I am excited about the prospect of me drawing for this site.
I just wanted to let you know about this upcoming thursday. I do hope for december that it will be a month of updates though. Maybe we can start a new streak as well and go even longer than last time.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Musclexx Pinups Now Up On Site!!!!

Howdy all,
This weeks update is now up and live for you all. Its a 10 image set drawn by the great and talented Musclexx. I think him and CGMan are two of the very best at making muscular female pinups.
The sample that I chose for the last set was the best image I've ever commissioned for my site bar none. This one is almost as good. I'm not kidding, to me just to get close I thought would be damn near impossible. A herculean task if you will. So its only fitting that the woman in this image be doing something just as impressive and she's breaking chains with her biceps just by flexing. Now, don't be fooled into thinking that these commissions by Musclexx are only just chain breaking images. Though I love those images as I am sure you all can tell from all the ones on my site and posted as samples on my DA page, there is a wide variety of themes for these images. We got a cheerleader playing football, a sexy construction gal bending a huge steel girder, light domination and sexy muscle worship, and gals lifting huge barbells.
Enjoy the sample no nudity that I can ascertain but it is a really skimpy swim suit. So lets say NSFW!!!!!

If you all are still reading I just wanted to say one last bit. I got the character sheets for the new Xen0phage story. Its looking really amazing. I thought our first story was awesome. This one will make it look like a 97 pound weakling. Its a fun concept that I had in my head for awhile now, and I'm super excited about it as I think Xen0phage is perhaps one of the few artists/writers who could bring this story into existence.
I got other stuff on the horizon, including more Ms. Liberty(slowly but surely), and a new comic by Femfortefan. I won't say much about either except they are happening and its some of the best stuff I've ever have been a part of. You'll flip your lids when you see them. The Femfortefan comic I think might be mine and his best collaboration yet. And I think that's saying something as all 3 of our comics we've made together have been pretty darn good.
Anyway enjoy the sample. Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update sent off to the webmaster

I just looked over all the images I sent to the webmaster. Its going to be another fun update. Yes, its a collection of pinups again. However, they are pretty amazing. I don't know what I am going to choose for the sample image, as their are sooo many cool ones. I just don't know which one to pick. The chain break, car crush, muscle worship, the many muscle worships, or the domination one, or the girl with the whip.
AS you can tell lots of cool images to choose from. I know you all will enjoy this gallery. I'll post a sample of it tomorrow for you all.
Don't worry I do hope to get another comic or story update for you all this month. I got 2 more weeks left to make good. But again I just want to comment, that this is the longest update streak ever for this site. I lost track of how many weeks in a row it's been. I'm going to keep this going as long as I can. I hope you've all been enjoying the updates.
Anyway I got to get back to writing. Take care.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another update coming later this week!

Don't got a lot of time to chat. But, I wanted to let you all know I got another update this week.
Making this I think the 6th week in a row with an update. I don't know what it will be. I don't have a lot of options, but what I do know, is that its going to be cool. So stick around and Wednesday I'll tell ya all more about it. I got to do some writing and send stuff off to artists. So will tell you all more about it in a few days.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Deadbad's Pinups Posted on the site.... or will be shortly

Hey all... The update is sent off to the webmaster. But, I got to go out of town for a job and I won't have access to internet. At least internet that my work won't spy on me for. So I couldn't wait till the update was posted by my webmaster.
I just uploaded the sample and the full update will be online shortly. I promise. But, I can't wait.
Anyway the update is 12 new pinups from Deadbad. I love his art, and I hope you all love it as well.
Next week I will try to get something special for you all, it might be more pinup art, but I hope to get some story stuff for you all. However, the cool news is I will defiantly have an update for you next week. So the good news is this site is on a roll. For those of you who liked Xen0phages story, I just finished reading the first draft of the next story. Its bigger and better than the first in sooooooo many ways. Its going to be a great project. I don't think that story will be ready for this month. Perhaps December, but it might take till early January.
Here is the sample image.
I'll have lots of cool stuff for you all hopefully next week, but its a long, long weekend for me, but I think I will be able to churn something special out for all you all.
No nudity but it is a woman growing out of her clothes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yet again another update sent off to webmaster

This marks the 5th straight week with an update for my site. I'm super pleased, but also a little bit saddened by this update. As this is the last of the pinup art that DeadBad has made for me. However, its a pretty cool update. Won't go into detail now about it. But, its 12 pinup images and they are pretty cool. I know you all will love them. I did want to add some of the 3d mini comics I've been making with this update, but I haven't completed enough. Sadly I got to work this weekend for my 9-5 job. Stinks that I can't work on art for this site. But, its good as I'll use the OT pay to get some cool commissions for you all. And that is how you make lemonade.... Well not really, as it involves squeezing lemons and sugar and another process, but you get the point. Its a figure of speech.
Anyway its late and I'm heading to bed. Will post samples tomorrow for all you all.