Sunday, July 31, 2011

Status Update

Hey guys, Just letting you know. That as of Monday morning I will be moving to a new location. The move will take me 3 days of driving. When I am done with the move I hope Bill Banners will be done with the slammed comic and I will post that. And of course once settled in I will start with the updates again. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. But, last month was a pretty good month for updates. And this upcoming one will be even better. Thanks everyone.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedroom Wrassling Preview Images!!!

Hey all, here are some images from what I hope will be my next comic. I really enjoyed how these all come out, and so I decided I wanted to make this into a comic and not my friend Bill Banner. I hope to have the comic done by the end of next week at the latest. I just spoke with Bill Banner, and he thinks he should be able to get the comic done around Friday.  The comic is about a husband who use to wrestle, but thanks to his demanding job he let his body go a soft. Meanwhile, his wife found his old weight set set, and has really bulked up. And she just love's showing him who is the dominate partner in their relationship.
Without further delay enjoy the the preview.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Image set finished!

Hey Guys, just letting you all know, I just finished the raw images for a new comic. 145 in total, not the most I've made for a comic, but still a robust number. I don't know if I will send this comic off to Bill Banner or not. It's some of my best art so far, and the comic has a lot of everything. It's a bedroom wrestling story, about an ex-college jock, and his wife. The husband has been a little to preoccupied with his work, and neglected his body. While his wife, loves to lift, that she keeps a weight set in her bedroom. Lots of wrestling, and a good deal of intimate adult content in this one as well. I know you all will like it, and I will have an update of a couple of pictures soon, but I need to edit them first. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Wrestling Images Uploaded

Hey Guys, just letting you all know that I just finished with the editing and uploading of the newest batch of images to the website. I also sent them off to Bill Banner, and he should have the Comic done for us within 2 weeks. He said sooner, but since he is doing this as a favor to me, I will not rush him. Below you will find the links to 4 of the standalone images. Think you guys will like them. They should be appearing on the sight within a day or two. Whats next is, I have 1-2 more comics that I am making for Mr. Banner. I hope to get them done and out to him within the next week. Once done with that I hope to make a couple new animations for you all. And of course, the next Illustraited Story/comic hybrid, I hope to get done by the next week. As stated its Tarzan & Jane romance story. Once I finish that, who knows. But, I can tell you all, lots of great stuff is on the way. July is going out with a bang!!!! Enjoy the links!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New images for comic finished

Hey everyone, just letting you know I just finished the raw images for my next comic. It doesn't have a working title, and the basic premise is really just an excuse to have 3 women wrestle 3 guys. I hope to have the pictures edited and sent off to both and webmaster, and Bill Banner by the end of tonight. The comic that I made was really just a lark, to help me relax from the stress in my life. I plan to finish the bedroom wrestling story sometime later this weekend, and once that is finished, I will send that to Mr. Banner as well. Also, I have another short comic, that Mr. Banner requested me to make, and should prove to be quite funny. Also, I added another 1,0000 words to the "Changing the Game" story. But, that is still months away from being complete. But, this weekend I hope to write out, the Tarzan and Jane story that I hope to make next. My goal is to have that comic/illustrated story up by the end of next week. So busy, busy, busy. Stay tuned, and soon I will post some samples from the raw image wrestling story that will appear within the next few days on the site.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hercules Comic is Posted to site!!!!

It's up, and I want you all to go and read it right away! Just kidding. But, I hope you guy's like it.
It's a little different, and yet very similar to my past comics in many ways. It's more of a comic illustrated story hybrid. My next story I will make different, and it will be more of a traditional illustrated story. But, have no fear, I will still be doing comics as well. But, comics take me 3 times longer to make. And I believe, I can make about 2 illustraited stories, like Hercules a month. And minicomics, and videos as well. So, I think this might be the future of the sight. My next story, I think I will be writing will be a classic Tarzan and Jane story, with of course a femuscle twist. I know you all will love it. Hope to get that finished soon. For now here are some previews of the Hercules story.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hercules is done!!!

Alright everyone, Hercules is finished. The format is very similar to my old comics. And really just kinda a light version, with less text bubbles, and graphics. I did add some, to liven it up. This is not the shape that my new stories will be taking, more of a transition. Fear not, I will always have tradional comic format comics on the sight. But, it saves me hours upon hours, just writing the story, and not having to fret over a comic layout.
Also, the raw images of Hercules are up. I will have the comic uploaded to the website, and it should be up, sometime around sunday night or monday.
I hope to get the next series of raw images done around Tuesday and that comic I will send out to my friend Bill Banner. Then I will begin work on a couple new video's for the site. Haven't done them in half a year. Then I shall write another story around, and make images for that one. I am thinking of a horror themed story.
Something about a cursed weight set, that drains a man of his muscles and gives it to his girlfriend. With the usual hijinks to ensue. Take care everyone. I will post a couple of samples of the completed comic soon. But, I am so bushed. Been working round the clock for 3 days to finish this for you guys. But, I know you all will love it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pictures done!!!!

Ok guys, I just finished with the editing of the pictures for the Hercules vs. The Amazons story. I might still make 3-6 more pictures for the story, or I might not. It depends on if I need them or not for the story. I am still uncertain how I will compile it. It will be different than my comics, more of an illustraited story, and I am certain it will be in PDF format. Hopefully I will get that done Saturday, so that it can be added to the site Sunday.
Good news though is, I am currently uploading the 105 raw images to the site and the story(Rough haven't proofed it yet). So those should be added by weeks end.
I still have to proof the story. I hope to do that later tonight.
As for now enjoy these 5 previews.

Hercules story on the way

Big news everyone. I just finished as of right now, the Hercules vs. the Amazons story. Its a little over 8,800 words long, and 105 pictures shall go into it. Well, a little more than that perhaps. As I think I will make a few more images for the story. No more than 5-7 though. Now, I hope to finish this by Friday, and to have it up by Saturday on the sight. No promises, because I still have a lot to do. I still have to finish editing the images, and then I need to proof the story, to remove the obvious gaffes and errors. Which at roughly 35 pages, I can only do so quickly. Also, I never made a pdf before, and I am sure that will offer some interesting challenges as well.
My idea is this, to have the raw images in the images folder, and the pdf in a different spot. Also, maybe have a section on the site to where you can read for free just my stories that I have written. As I have 3 complete so far, and one almost complete.
I also got good news as well, I am working on a new comic for Bill Banner. It's without a doubt my best work ever. I have like 60 or so images done for it so far and I am not quite halfway where I want to be. I hope to finish the renderings Around Sunday or Monday. I am tired right now. So good night everyone!

I decided to post a preview of the rough draft at amazon love forums. Here is the link. You probally need to register to view it. Bare in mind this is a rough. I will tweak the story tomorrow before I upload it to the sight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update coming soon!

Hey everyone,
Just letting you all know that I am almost done making the raw images for the latest story. Its going to be quite awesome. The plan is for me to finish the raw images tomorrow. And then I will have to edit them and fix the minor pokethroughs and what nots. Then I will send them off to both the webmaster to publish the raw images, and also my friend Bill Banner. He will make the comic for me. So far the raw images are around 100, and so it will be a formidable comic. Bigger than taking candy from a muscle babe. It's Hercules vs the amazons. You are really going to love it, some of the posing are the best so far. Also, I have an update on another front. The one story I am working on its over 22,000 words long. The story probably has another 5k left, so that's long. Once I complete the story, I will post somewhere to give everyone a free preview of the written story. Then I will start the process of making images for it. Which will be different from my other comics, but will no doubt be fun. Big things on the way. I apologize for the inconsistencies, but believe me this site is now once again my main focus.