Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on the Way

Hello everyone. I have not forgotten about you all. But, between my new job, learning how to draw and animate in 2d, and corresponding with the artists for the new comics, I have been exhausted. I do have good news. Femmefortefan, finished inking the Godzilla Parody comic, and I just need to get the text out to him and then he needs to add that, and that comic is done. Its, just I hit a creative wall, and I haven't been able to go over it, but I hope to get the text out to him by tomorrow. It looks great by the way. I have another comic that is all finished and I just need to add the text. Thats by Zanfadar, and honestly, its going to be one of the best comics for this site. Both comics are really.
And I do have some other stuff in the works as well.
One of which I am really happy with is my first 2d animation. Its not great, but it was a learning experience. This is going to be both free and in the members area. Link to it will be at the end of this update.
One last note, I just rehired Zanfadar to draw my next comic for me. Its a beast so it probably will take 3-4 months to complete, as its a 50 page comic. Its a Tarzan and Jane comic, and I am really excited about it. I just saw the cover, and this one should be great as well.  I do want to thank all the members that have stuck with me through this readustment period. Its not over yet. But, because of your support, it enables me to spend a little bit more on commissions. Right now I want to save up and get a commission from Kinky Rocket, but he costs 4 times what I normally pay people. So right now that's on my wishlist, but it is something I hope to get done.
Youtube link, but I like the deviantart link better, cos it repeats.
Enjoy all.