Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick status lowdown....

I didn't want to call the above an update... So, no I didn't send the new folio to my webmaster yet. I am not happy with the current contents of it, and I want something more grand for you all. Which means I will be delaying sending it off, till the weekend. You deserve better, and I got a couple of cool things I wanna try and do. So far the folio is turning out pretty dang cool, but with a little more time it'll be even more complete and better. More to come soon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Update on the way...

Don't get excited, its really nothing special. Partly I'm making this update because I always wanted to revisit the theme again, and partly I'm making it as I dipping my toe back into the modelling waters. The update will be a Feats of Strength themed folio. If you recall I've only ever really done the one feats of strength folio, and that really entails all of the topic for my entire art catalog. As I said, its a market that I believe no one does better than CDR. But, some of passion must have rubbed off on me, and I want to correct this shortcoming. I do have plans to make a funny little superhero comic involving trails and feats of strength. But, I want to finish up the two comics that I am working with.
As I said also, that I am slowly, and slowly getting back into modeling more stuff for my comics. At best I am a crap modeler, but some of the stuff I've made is passable. These are still tenative steps, and most people I think would be like whats the big deal. As the stuff is so basic, I don't think you would even think I modeled or did anything at all. But, baby steps.
I don't know how big the folio in question will be. I'm on render 21 and I still have a couple more ideas that I want to try. I'm bringing back the steel girder from the first folio, as I really loved the shots that I made with it, and I want to do more. Also I want to do another Samson pose, of destroying and bringing down pillars. The only samson pose I've ever done took me like 4-6 hours to make, and although I think it is one of my best images, I know I can do better. I don't think I'll make more than 1, possibly 2 samson poses. But, I have an idea for a greak Folio, or maybe comic that I might do another one in the near future.
I do want to touch briefly on new comics. I have two fun comics that I'm working on, I don't know when I will get them done. This weekend I couldn't focus, and it turned out to be a huge waste of time for me. But, my goal is to get some comic material out to you guys before the first half of next month. So even though this weekend was a total bust in terms of comic content. I did busy myself making some cool images for you all. And again that folio I am aiming to send that off to my webmaster before the month is over. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Friend CDR and Other Musings
Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know that CDR the talented and amazing 3d artist who runs Ultracharged has a new image pack(link at the top cos I get verbose and I wanted it to pop out more for your ease). For those of you not familiar with his work, he makes the absolute best femuscle animated videos. His 2d artwork is also unparallelled. He does things in his comics that amaze me, and I just love his over all aesthetic.
If you love uber powered sexy muscular heroines then you really should check out his site. That's what he is all about. I had the privilege to proof his latest image pack, and let me tell you WOW!!! It is FANTASTIC! Lots of feats of strength fmg, and sexy women. And one big robot, I'm a sucker for robot bashing. The story itself was a nice little jaunt and highly amusing. So please support the cause and check out CDR's site.
 I want to spend the last paragraph or so and extrapolate on my last sentence. Because, I believe that although CDR and I run separate sites, we are not rivals. We are both part of the femuscle community, and sadly its not a rather large community. And making art, comics, and animations take a lot of hard work, time and dedication, and yes even money. Its not about the money its about the passion.
And I know I have been blessed with many great supporters who supported me through the desert times, and for that I am thankful. I know money is tight all around, but I want you all to know, what support you give artists like myself and CDR its what keeps this community alive and flourishing. I want hundreds more femuscle comic and art sites to pop up, I'm not afraid of the loss of revenue, rather I welcome all the creativity and art it would engender and bring into this community. 
So to reiterate, please check out this link Its really one of the best image packs I've seen in a long time.
And lastly, I was mistaken about what the date was my last post. I think I can get 1 more update this month!!!!!!

Update is out on site!

Its called domination folio and its a big folio at 60 images. It really has everything fans of muscular domination could want... Most things, I guess its missing a few things.... But, what it does have is bear-hugs(of course cos I love bearhugs), back breakers, full nelsons, leg scissors, and various other crushings and smotherings.
I really like this model, I think she has a spunk and vibe to her that is intriging. I'm going to have to give her a comic story of her own. You all will definitely be seeing more of her.
Anyway, here are the links. I hope to get another update out before the week ends. So it looks like this is the last update for the month, but should be starting the next month off strong!

Really super NSFW!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

New update should be up tomorrow

Hey all, I just got an email from my webmaster telling me the update should be ready for you all tomorrow. As soon as I notice it is up, I will post the samples right here. As I said you all are going to like the update. Right now I am hard at work making some new images, and other stuff. I have some vacation days coming up as well, and I hope to get a new comic to you all soon! Stay tuned for some cool stuff!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New update almost all finished

No need to get excited. But, I actually got more of a membership bump than what I thought I would with my last update. In fact I got a whole lot of positive response from it. Its that kind of response that really sustains me and drives me to create art and craft stories for you all.
Now, as I said this update is nothing to get excited about. Its just an image folio, and not a comic. But, its a big image folio and I do feel that sometimes with folios more so than comics I make more interesting images. So I think although their is not a story, there is a lot of red meat for fans of muscular domination, so in a way I think folios allow me to do things and make images that might not be so simple or easy to pull off in a comic.Its 60 images in total. And as I said before its domination themed. And it has about 11 leg scissor pics which as you guys know, I don't really have a lot of them in my comics.I was thinking about making a comic series out of it. As I like the characters I made for the folio. But, I really couldn't think of a story to sustain it, at least a story that I want to explore and invest my time in. But, I do think you'll be seeing more of them around. But, its late, and tomorrow I want to edit the images, and then send them off to my webmaster. I'll talk more about the update soon, and I'll be back with samples.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Update status

Well, its been a few weeks since my last update. And regretably I was more burned out than what I wanted. I've been dragging my feet to make art since then. I did set up the prep work and the first 10 images of a new comic, I am excited about. Called fun with potions. It should be really cool. But, its been super cold in my house, and so I haven't spent a lot of time at my desk.
But, I do have some good news, I just finished loading daz onto my new laptop. So, I hope to be able to work more again. I don't want to really make my laptop the beast of burden rendering stuff like I use to. No animations I will make, as those take hours and can really bog down and heat up my machine. But, I do hope to be able to make some fun stories with it. I hope to get an update sent out to my webmaster this weekend. How extensive it will be I don't know. I will do my best to make it worthy of you all. I do have a few vacation days I will be taking this month, so I hope to get work done then. Anyway stick around.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Site Finally Updated!

The comic is up!!!!!! I know its about time. The good news is I have a lot of material and I actually have even more ideas. I want to do a GTS comic next. But, who knows where my creativity will take me. The only thing I will say is I hope to have at least 1 more update this month, and not a small one either. At least the size of this update.
Below are some sample images of this comic. I don't expect anybody who is on the fence about joining my site to be swayed or even to purchase a membership. This update is a long overdue thank you to all my supporters. Because of you, I've been able to hire great artists. Miss Liberty 2 is on the way. Miss Liberty 3 will be started right after 2 is done.
Without your patronage none of that is possible. This is just the first of what I hope will be many future updates. But, words are cheap, and I hope to prove it to you with UPDATES!
Now back to the comic, its called "Bigger Trophy or So Long And Thanks For All The Muscles!"
Its 26 pages counting the cover, and I do some things that I've never done in a comic before. Like shrinking a male to the extent that I did. The woman is also one of the biggest muscle wise that I've ever made. You might recognize her from one of my folios. But, she is a tad bit more muscular here than in that folio.
Enough Chat enjoy the preview pics.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Update sent out to webmaster

I just sent out the email to my webmaster, and I just uploaded my stuff to the ftp server. Its not a big update. But, its a comic, and I do think its a good one. Its a bit different and yet very much the same of all my comics before. If you guys like Goth Girls Revenge, you should like this one. I like the sense of humor that came out in the comic writing aspect. I tried to channel the ghost of Douglas Adams, and since he was an atheist, I'm not sure if I was too successful. Regardless, I think its a funny little jaunt. I'm not going to post the previews tonight. As again its a work night and its late. But, I'll probably post the previews of it tomorrow. But, I'll give you all a little bit of info to hold you over. Its a 26 page comic counting the cover. Which means its one of my shorter comics to be fair. And its comprised of 60 odd images. And it contains a little over 2,500 words. Its not as wordy as my other comics but its still a bit more verbose than most comics.
As I said its not much this update. But, its a start. The good news is although compiling this comic and writing it was both tiring and draining, it also was fun for me. This was one of the first times I've had fun doing this sort of thing in a long time. I want to keep this feeling, and not get burnt out. I do have some more material that I hope to compile and off course I have ideas of some comics I want to make. I aim to have at least 1 more update for this month. But, because of how it goes, there is a possibility of I think 2 more updates for this month. But, as Douglas Adams would say, "Best laid plans of mice." Take care everyone, and come back soon for the previews of the new comic!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good news and bad news...

Okay guys, here is the good news.....
I got finished making a new comic for the site....
Now the bad news. Since I literally just finished making it, and its after midnight and I have work tomorrow. I won't be able to send this off to my webmaster. There are still a few things I wanna do, like make a cover for it, and to proofread it. All those things I shall accomplish tomorrow. Along with sending it off to my webmaster. Counting the cover it be a 26 page comic. So it be one of my shortest comics. But, I think you all are going to really like this. This turned out really good. It actually surprised me with both how fast it came together and how well it turned out.
Now, if you all will excuse me I am tired. All I did this weekend was work on this site and comic. I'm going to check to see who won the superbowl, and then I am going to bed.
I apologize again for the delay, but hey at least things are getting done finally.