Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Put A Spell On You COLOR!!!

I was lucky enough this year to have a couple of my classic comics colored by the talented Fasola! This is the last comic he colored for me this year, and I'm really pleased to present it to you. I Put A Spell On You And Now Your Strength Is Mine! has always been not just one of my favorite comics Femfortefan drew for me, but also one of my all time favorite FMG/Male Drain stories. The comic is a morality tale and in it a young woman gets a spell put on her to protect her from her abusive boyfriend. Every time he hits her, he shrinks and she grows. Will the boyfriend learn to control his rage, and what will the young woman do with her newfound size and strength. The only thing bigger than the woman in this comic is the page count, this comic is a gigantic 36 pages. As you all know I love big page counts as you get to explore more character growth(not just the muscle kind, but there is plenty of that!), and you get to see more of them reacting and adjusting to the changes. Just a terrific comic and I know you all will enjoy it. I also hope to work with Femfortefan again.
The colored version of this comic is only available at my shopify page.

Here is the link to purchase it:

Here are some samples: No nudity, but a woman is hulking out of her clothes and they are shredded and tiny indeed on her. So NSFW!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Throwback Tuesday Muscle Lust

Hey everyone it's time for another Throwback Tuesday! The comic for this week is "Muscle Lust" and it's truly special comic for me. This comic was the first time I've ever worked with AOS and I hope to work with him again. AOS is a true legend in the femuscle field and he did not disappoint with this comic.Also this was one of the first times if not the first I worked with Uli as the colorist.I think it's one of the best FMG/Male Drain comics you'll ever read. AOS drew it in a way that really brought you into the scene with the characters so you can see each sinew lost and gained. I'm also pleased with the text that I wrote for the story, I believe it really enhances and doesn't overpower the art and but rather further helps to engross the reader into the comic.Just a really titillating read!

The comic can be purchased here:

Below are samples. These can be a bit mature... No nudity but there is a woman on top of a man and she is wearing a sheer outfit. So really this one could be NSFW!! So don't click if you're at work!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lady of the Jungle 5 the final chapter!

This weeks release concludes the epic 5 month long saga of Lady of the Jungle. This series has everything you femuscle fans could ever want: feats of strength, mixed fighting, fem dom, a dash of female muscle growth, cat fights, romance, and muscle worship. In this issue Jane and the Evil Jungle Queen duke it out in an epic all out brawl, with the ladies pitting their strength against each other in the ultimate test. This last issue also includes some of the best feats of strength I've ever had in a comic and one of them will literally bring the house down. This is one of my best comics and its a personal favorite of mine. I know a lot of you still have yet to discover this series. So lace up your boots and prepare to embark on an epic adventure.

Here is the link to purchase:

And here are the samples. No nudity, but femuscle awesomeness and one of the best lady Samson poses you'll ever see.... So NSFW!!

As always thanks for the support and enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl

Got a great new release for you all. This has been one I've been saving up for a long, long, long time and it's finally seen the light of day! To me this comic is just about everything I want from a femuscle comic. It's about a small and weak nerdy girl who wishes to become an athletic trainer. She gets humiliated and belittled by a group of arrogant jocks who bully and harass everyone at the university. Well, they bullied the wrong woman, because she resolves to herself that she will show the jocks the error of their ways and that they'll wish they had taken her seriously. So she begins to build up her body and her strength. Day by day she gets stronger and it doesn't take long for the other female students at the university to notice her change. She decides to help out the other female students and soon the entire female student body at the university become muscular powerhouses. Strong enough to put those jocks in their place and teach them a lesson in female superiority. The comic is 31 pages and has multiple female muscle growth sequences, mixed fighting and mixed contests of strength, and an epic cheerleader vs football player football contest. Just a whole lot of fun. I know you all will enjoy this comic.

Here is the link to purchase it:

And here are the samples. No nudity, but some sleeve bursting fmg and cheerleader squashing football action. NSFW!