Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting there

Hey All,
I just wanted to let you all know where I am at. I am slowly, ever so slowly making new art. I got a pretty cool idea for a fake magazine, that deals with the issues of men being drained by women.
Its taking a little bit longer than what I hoped for. As creating the art is only the 1st part of the process, and then I have to compile it and compose it into the comic format.
But, I wanted to keep you all abreast of my status. I do hope for an update around midmonth.
But, the real good news is I just hired 3 more artists, and two of them are all-time legends in the female muscle art field.
So, to close this blog posting out, I want to thank all the people again who have purchased memberships during the last few months. Your money hasn't gone down the drain, nor did it fatten my wallet.
It's gone to many commissions and in fact has even helped out more than a few artists who desperately needed the money.
And let me tell you, that I really apprieaciat being able to help people in my own little way like that.
Because, for the longest time, this site was the only thing that put food on my table. And with your help I can and I have repaid the favor.
Now I just need to repay you all with the artwork you deserve.