Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giant update now live on site!!!!

At 36 images in total its true its not the biggest update, but the lady that is featured in those 36 pictures is without a doubt on of the biggest models featured on my site. Big as in tall... Tall as in giant... Get it, it was a bad, bad pun! The update in question is GTS FUN, and besides myself having a lot of fun while making all the images it features a lovely lass traversing the city and just enjoying herself. I think I came up with a new term for this type of art, I'm calling it GTS Cheesecake as I wound up posing the model like she were a vintage pinup model. Really these images have a nice sense of mirth I think.
Real quick I want to discuss a few plans for the future of this site. I'm thinking of making GTS updates a once a month type thing. So comics, animations, image folios, my aim is to have one of the 4 major updates a month devoted to GTS art. Don't worry the ladies will still be packing plenty of muscle for you all.
Also, I'm thinking of having minor updates every other monday, and the theme of those would be domination. Nothing fancy just some domination images, like wrestling, spanking, leg scissors and other stuff. And of course I'll never stop making comics for you all.
Alright that's enough chit chat, now for the goodies.
It was a real pain trying to pick the samples out for you all. There were just too many awesome pictures, but in the end thats a good thing. I know you all will love these samples and the entire folio.
No nudity but come on its about a skimpy giantess destroying stuff in the city. NSFW.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GTS folio Sent Off To Webmaster

Got some cool news for you all, I just sent off this weeks update to my webmaster. I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now so I won't bore you all with a lot of text. I got quite a bit of projects in the works and sadly I had some cool projects fall through this month. Still all in all we got plenty of cool stuff on the way, and the projects that feel through I'll just find other artists to do the projects and I'll pick up more of the slack myself.
About this weeks update again its a GTS image pack, and it has some really really cool images. I even spent more time than I usually do in post to put a nice polish on the images. I know you all are going to really love this set. I also went back today and yesterday and made 5 more images for it. I realized that I spent all the time custom sculpting the models butt and making the jean shorts extra skimpy in the back, and yet I didn't make a single butt shot image. Well I made up for that and I included two real nice ones. Tomorrow I will post the samples and its going to be pretty tough for me to choose which ones to use. There are too many amazing images but that is a good problem to have. Again show drop by tomorrow for the samples.
Take care.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Big update on the way

Its going to be a very big update indeed. As it will be a 30 image GTS folio. I just need to run all the images through photoshop and polish them up for you all. So far the images are looking like some of the best 3d renders I've made in a good long time. And as you all know I've only dabbled in GTS animations and don't have any photo sets of the stuff. Well that all has changed. And I think it all will change. As I want to try to do one update a month to be GTS stuff. I think it'll be fun. But again it might come in the form of mini-gts or normal gts. And also shrunken man, not to be confused with drained man. But, don't worry these women will still pack some serious muscle. And they'll use that muscle to crush cars, topple buildings and other fun stuff. Anyway stay tuned, this month is going out on big big big note indeed.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Comic "Muscle Lust" Now On Site!

Hey gang, great news I got a new comic on the site for you all. Sorry I didn't post anything about it till today. But, I was crazy busy getting it ready for you all. The comic is "Muscle Lust" and its drawn by the legendary AOS!!!!
Again its DRAWN BY AOS!!!!!!
Let that sink in for you all, to me this was a dream project. I always dreamed of working with him.Its also a fully colored comic and it looks amazing. I hope to work with the colorist Ulics on many projects as well. That will be a big step going forward having more fully colored comics. So in many ways this little comic marks a big step forward.
And did I saw little... True it only clocks in at 14 pages, but its really packs in the goodies. Just bursting at the seams with FMG goodness as the women goes from petite sexpot to Uber Massive Muscle Goddess.
Without a doubt this comic is one of the sexiest, most sensual comics on my site. I think its also one of the hottest male drain/fmg comics you'll ever read. I had a lot of fun with the text and I think this comic makes for a nice read. You'll see there are no speech balloons just text boxes in it. I wanted to give it a more intimate feeling. And so I thought just text boxes would allow you to focus on the amazing art, and the text would serve to further suck you into the world.
Again I'm sorry if I am raving like a madman about this project. But, its some of my best work and I know you all are going to love it. And don't worry I'll be working with AOS for a long long time.
So check out the full comic on my site. And as always here are some fun samples for you all.
Note one of the samples is black and white the full comic is colored. I just wanted to include the lineart for you all to enjoy.
NSFW this comic is all about sex and so its not safe for work.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Musclexx Pinup Set 4 Sample!!!!

Hello everybody, got a great update for you all. Its another Musclexx pinup set as I mentioned before. This is the fourth time I've worked with him and like the others I am really pleased with the results. I mean I think he makes some of the very best femuscle pinup art. And again picking the sample was really, really difficult as just about every single imaged screamed "PICK ME". And no I don't need to go to a doctor when you all check out the full update you'll see what I mean, or your head might explode like in scanners from the sheer awesomeness of the pics! There was one Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe picture that I just love. As well as another amazing chain break image, definitely one of the best I've ever seen. However, I picked two already as samples and I don't want people to think he only does one type of image.
Speaking of femuscle pinups CGMan is still working on his next update and I think that should be ready to go for next month or the month after. Regardless there will be plenty of amazing updates to hold you all over until CGMan's latest. And of course another round of Musclexx's work will be arriving soon as well. But for now enjoy the sample.
No Nudity, but the women are in really skimpy bikinis. I'd caution... Well... caution... NSFW!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Weeks Update Sent Off!

Happy days everyone. I got a cool update for you all this Friday, new Musclexx pinups!!! He just keeps getting better and better and I know you all are going to love them. I can't wait to show you all the sample I have picked out. He has yet another really cool chain break image as is the tradition of each set I've commissioned so far, but that won't be the sample. You'll all love the sample though.
Also I just finished the renders of another folio of my 3d art. Its a 31 image gts folio. And I love it so far.  I still have to edit it and add some postwork to it. But you all will flip when you see the images. And also I got two stories coming for you all soon. So stick around. Tomorrow I hope to post the samples from the update.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A look back and forward

Well, this has been a great last few weeks for the site. Just wrapped up the 62 page comic "A Growing Rivalry" and looking forward in the future I got plenty of updates for you all. I think this weeks update will be the 4th Musclexx pinup commission. And I must say this batch is just as good as all the other ones. Lots of super amazing images in there. And I got good news he's currently working on a 5th set of images for the site.
But, that won't be released until next month or later. I also have 22 amazing GTS images rendered. I want to add more to them. As well as I still have another 60 image folio that features the solo flexing model. I need to edit all 60 of those images however and that will take some time. Even at 5 minutes per image it adds up. I also have a new artist who I hope to be commissioning both pinup art from and comic art from. His pinups I hope to debut perhaps early next month. And of course CGMan is about halfway through our next pinup set as well. Again next month or the month after for that.
That's a lot of pinups and folios. We'll be plenty stocked for those goodies. But, good old comic art we got a healthy supply of that as well. I still need to write the text in that legends comic but don't worry. I'll get that done. And I got an illustrated story from Xenophage coming up.  And I have some mini-comics that I can compile and make, as well as some 3d stories I am slowly working on getting done. And on top of all of that I am currently writing stories to send off to other artists like Femfortefan and Powerman. So as you can tell busy busy busy. Which is good. So back to work. And stay tuned to hear more about this weeks update and samples!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Growing Rivalry Fully posted on site!!!!

Great news the comic "A Growing Rivalry" is completed and is up on my site. Its such a big comic it takes up two galleries. Well only 2 images in the last gallery, but still make sure you all read the full comic. Writing the 62 pages in around 3 weeks time was a challenge but I'm glad I met the challenge and I think it turned out nicely. Can't stress this enough, I think this is one of the best 3d comics on my site.
Now real quick about the future. I'm starting another Ms. Liberty mini-comic, but regrettably a lot of the artists working for me have met with bad luck and a lot of the projects have hit delays. But, that is life. Just have to make the best of it.
For the rest of this month I think A musclexx pinup update will be next week. And then I should be able to post that "Legends" comic I was talking to you about. It turned out really amazing so far. I Just need to add text to it.
And then I got some pretty cool 3d work of my own to close out the month. Along with a cool GTS project I am working on. Lots of potential coming your way. So stay tuned. But, for now enjoy the samples. There is nudity, so NSFW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A growing Rivarly completed!!!

Good news everyone "A Growing Rivalry" is fully completed and I just sent it off to my webmaster. Again I feel this is without a doubt one of my best 3d comics I've ever made and  I look forward to working with stone3d again. I got one more update I aim to get off to my webmaster for this weekend sometime. Its a GTS folio, and its turning out really well. Just a whole lot of fun. But, its not ready yet. But, I won't lie I am pretty pooped, after all that writing. Believe it or not a comic writer for marvel I doubt would find the pace and the pages I've produced over the last few weeks to be arduous at best and insane at worst.
Anyway, this weekend I got to get more writing done as I have artists waiting for stories. But, I'm looking forward to crafting some fine ones for them.
Stay tuned for samples and other musings. Also got some cool news on the Ms. Liberty front. But, more on that later.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Making GTS bonus images

I needed a break from writing. I got so much writing to do, and I've been doing nothing but writing the past few weeks that I needed a break from it. The final update will still go out as planned. So don't worry. I just wanted to do something different. So I'm making a couple of GTS and maybe mini-gts images. My goal is to have them finished and to be a bonus update for next weeks update. They won't be no more than 10-15 images most likely but my aim is to make them high quality images. Again just as a bonus for all you guys who have been waiting patiently for the comic to be completed. I can't wait to finish it. As I got a backlog of writing and stories I need to get out to artists. Femfortefan is waiting on the script for our next project. But, as you know its tough to do all that needs to be done. But, you can't rush quality. And I rather have it be good and take a lil bit longer than it to be not as good and rushed.
Take care and look for this weeks update soon. Its going to be a goodie!