Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting there despite the many speedbumps.

Hey all... Another update, and no its not completed. Getting there. Not making the progress on the story that I would like. But, all in all the last weeks have been my most productive in a long time. I know you all want updates and pictures. But, the stuff I've done and have learned over the course of the project will pay divet-ends for future updates. All I can do is make sure this story is the best dang story I can make. And I think it will live up to that goal. I've had some laptop trouble, and I've been making the bulk of my comic on my laptop which meant that I had to take a break from the main story. But, I finally hooked up my main computer, and whats cool is I finally have a real desk to work at. I've been working on the psuedo-epilouge pictures for the story, and because they are all short snap shots. It's been taking me a while to stage the scenes. But, its all worth it. I'm about half way through the epilouges, and I hope to get them all finished tomorrow, and I have 3 more growth sequences. I hope to get 1.5 of them finished tomorrow as well. Leaving me with thursday, to finish the rest, and start to compile the comic. So yes it means I've pulled a douglas adams on you guys again(I've already used g rr martin), but with luck the comic will be done around the weekend. Sorry, but what would you guys rather have, a lousy comic, or something much much better.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the never ending updates....

No, not finished.... YET! I will get there, and you all will love this comic. It is worth the wait. This comic has a lot of stuff that I haven't really done before. Today, I didn't get as much as I would have liked completed, but what I got done was all quality. What I did was one scene of a girl breaking a huge log over her back and another of a hulked out stripper bending her stripper poll. Still got a lot of work to do... And it never was my intention to turn this into this big of a production. It was supposed to be a simple short illustrated story. But, I love the art on this, and I think the story has a lot of potential. This is truly turning out to be an epic story. Kinda like how "Steel Kittens" turned out in terms of artwork and scope, but story wise, this is more like "Gym Owner's Wife". So I apologize, and I do ask that you all bear with me. But, please think of it this way. This story is going to be 6-8 thousand written words at the very least, and somewhere north of 80 pictures. So this alone is well worth the cost of membership. As I think the page count of this comic will be at least 40 pages. But right now who knows. All I know is that it is growing, and the artwork is coming out really awesome. And yes, the eta got pushed back, but it still should come out before the months end. Gotta go, Kong's climbing up the empire state building.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slow going....

Got a lot of work done today on the comic. Not as much as what I would like. Twice my program crashed right as I was about to render. So that was 2 hours total of work down the drain. Its not a question of saving. It takes about 5-15 minutes to save my scenes(depending on how many characters), and also I have to quit my program and relaunch after every couple renders so it won't crash. And loading takes about 10-20 minutes. But, as I said the images are looking really awesome. I'll give you guys a hint... I just finished a short 3 panel wedding sequence for the story. Its really good. This story is going to have a ton of fmg. I liken it to growing pains part 2 from lh art. Except I am aiming for 30 plus pages. I've decided worst case scenario I will upload the raw images to the site for you guys saturday, if I don't think i can get this comic down by the weeks end. I doubt I can get it ready by friday. But, there is still hope for saturday.  Its coming together, but it takes time. But, trust me its worth it. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another progress report(redux)

Ok.... Here is where I am at with the "Genie Beach Story"(not its real name), I have completed 38 images. Now these are not the typical images that accompony my comics. Most of these is not all, stand on there own as complete pictures. And they are very complex to make as generally most of the images have 5-7 people in them. As I said before I thought the genie story would be about 30-50 images. It's looking like it will be 60-90 images. It will be done this week. But, not today of course. And probally not tomorrow. But, hopefully friday. I feel like G RR martin right now, but rest assured You guys will get at least 2 more updates this month. This comic, and something else. I promise you. I am really working hard for you guys. And you will love this new comic.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Progress Report

Ok, guys.... No the current Beach Genie Wish story is not yet complete. But, I got almost all the hard stuff done with. I just finished the main FMG component of the comic. There will be more fmg in the story, a lot more. But, I got the main big fmg for the story done. The others won't be as detailed and as such time consuming. I hope this means that I can get the images done by tomorrow. Which means that I should get the story done around Monday or Tuesday. Which is about 2-3 days off my planned debut. But, that just means I will have to work all the harder to get Bedroom Wrassling done by this upcoming Friday. Which should still be possible. On another side topic. I have been sitting on a couple of short unfinished fmg sequences that need to be turned into a comic. I decided to send them off to Bill Banner and see what he can do with them. Thats it for the update. Now I gotta go back to work.
P.S. The Fmg looks really good so far! You guys are going to love it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress report

Haven't gotten as much work done on the new Genie/beach story as what I would have liked. But, I am about 1/3 of the way done making the images for it. And I am at the fun part, so hopefully things will get rolling. As a favor to my brother I babysat his sick kid for him, so as a result I wasn't able to work on the story. But, the free time i had I got to tinker, and I came up with these images. These are just test renders. But, they are my most favorite models I have designed so far. Love how big and yet curvy the girl in the black is. The girl in the white, I love her arms, especially her neck and shoulders. The clothes as well is completely customized. I got tired of the never having the type of clothes I want my girls to wear so I made them myself. Don't have a story for these girls yet, but I think I will figure something out. Whatever story I make for them, I think I will give to Bill Banner. Think his sense of humor would fit these girls. Enjoy the links.
P.S. Wonder if you guys can recognize which celebs they are supposed to be.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Wrestling With Issues" FINISHED!!!!!

Finally, got a comic for this month for you all. But, I don't plan on stopping at just one for this month my goal is, to do 2 more. The Bedroom Wrassling I hope to get done and ready for the weekend. And the new story/comic I hope to get up sometime before this weeks end. Busy Busy Busy!
Bill Banner wrote and compiled this comic for me, and he did a great job. Regrettably, I messed up one page in my proof, and thats page 8. The only problem with it, is I have a text bubble obstructing the girls bicep. The HORROR!!!! This normally would be a simple fix, but some reason, my save got corrupted and so I will have to go back and fix it all over again. No big deal, but my internet is really really slow. Still comic should be up in a day or two. It's really funny. Enjoy the previews, cos there is more on the way.

Monday, August 15, 2011

update on the way

I just spoke with Bill Banner, and he should have the comic done by the end of tonight. Regardless, I plan on having a good update for you all by the weeks end. But, I need your help. Yes, I need you guys to help me brainstorm a title for my newest story. Its not going to be a comic, but more along the lines of an illustraited story. Probally something like 30-50 images. Image count will be what it is though. Still learning the ropes of the illustraited story comic hybrid. Probally be easier if I wrote the story out first. Anyway follow the link to the deviant art page. This will be the cover of the story. Right now its sans title cos I don't have one.
The story is about a woman, who gets spurned at a beach, and stumbles upon a magic lamp. Well, she wants to get back at all the dumb floozies, and muscle bound meat heads, that recently mocked her. So she wishes for the best body on the beach. Well she gets it, and more. This story will have plenty of fmg action. And hopefully a good dose of humor. Just need a title. So please chime in and help.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

where did the month go?

I am so sorry to everyone. I have been under a lot of stress, and its not from the move. Its the underlying factors that caused the move. No excuse. I promised a bad ass month for august and the month is halfway over. But, I plan on delivering. So this upcoming week, I do hope to have bill banners comic ready. He promised me it by friday, but he didn't deliver. No excuse on my part. I will have an big update this week. Look for bedroom wrassling to be next week. And then after that who knows. But it will be awesome. No excuses. This month just got away from me and I didn't notice till now how far into the month it was.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Completed the drive

Hey all, just a status update. Sorry this whole week has been crazy. Thought I had a solution to where I didn't have to move. But, I ended up with only heartache and pain. So I didn't leave when I thought. As a result, I just now finished my drive, but have to still unpack my car. So give me a few days to unwind from the drama, and I shall focus hard on the site for you all.