Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Great news on the Horizon.

I just commissioned some more artists to work with me. You would not believe how many comics I have in the pipe right now. However, some of them have been in progress for more than a few years. They'll get done, but I can't wait for them to be completed. I just hired 2 new artists and possibly 2 more on the way. Its a big cost for me as this site does not even come close to paying for just one artist. But, when you all see the comics and stories it'll be worth it.
I also need to find a program to add text to my comics. I have a whole bunch of comics that I need to add text to, but I can't as I don't want to do a half assed job. If anyone out there can reccomend a good program that would be a boon. I don't want to do it in photoshop as I find text in that clunky. I edited some of the manic's text for Ms. Liberty II and it just took a bit longer than what I thought it should.
Next month CG man should complete the 12 image pinup commission and I'm hoping to go right back and hire him for another 12. I think we all agree that CGMan's pinup art is some of the best art for my site, and its just really amazing.
Also if you liked his pinup art, I hired another artist, I'm saving his name for the reveal, but his pinup art will debut next month as well, and its just as amazing as CGMan's stuff. Different style, but just as fantastic.
As you all know I got big things planned for Ms. Liberty, and I'm hoping to find one more artist to draw her adventures for me. I'm planning on using Dracowhip as well, but he's working on a huge project for me right now. And I mean huge. Over 100 pages, which is why I need a program for comic text. I use Comic life and I might upgrade to comic life 2, but that's not good for penciled and inked pages. I only like the look of it for my 3d comics. So again if someone has a line for a program I can buy it would be a boon.
Lastly I just want to say, I have a pretty big KinkyRocket comic, that probably will finish up near the start of next year. I hope to work with that artist again, but it will depend on a few factors. Still that will be one of the best Fmg/male drain comics ever. So I know these last two months have disappointed people. I wish I could be regular like the other art sites. But, I'm just one man and I fund this out of my own pocket. All the support you all give me is well appreciated and as I said goes right back into hiring great talent. And I know the artists that I work with thank you all as well.
I got writing to do for a new comic, you all stay tuned. I'll try not to be a stranger.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

News on two new Ms. Liberty comics!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
I just thought I should tell you I just finished the script for a short 15-19 page Ms. Liberty comic that the Manic will be drawing.  That's actually going to be part of a bigger project. I got how I want to divide up the Ms. Liberty stories, and I think you all are going to agree its a good way. Hard to explain, but once you see my plan when it comes into reality, you'll all love it.
I got 2nd big news. I just finished the layouts for another ms. Liberty comic. This one will be 16-17 pages if I decide on putting a cover on it. I think I will. I haven't done a layout for the cover, but believe me the layouts for this are some of the best I've ever done. Its a great little comic.Almost all action, but it tells a good story as well.
That story too is part of a bigger group of stories that I will release all at once. Not the same group as the Manic's story.
Oh, and Ms. L has finally gotten a name. I can't tell you all it yet. But, I'm super excited, I just love how this character keeps growing and growing. I do need to find a few more artists to work with for the stories I have planned. But, right now 2 of the artists I am planning on using are working on huge projects for me. So I will be using them, it just might be a few months or longer before they can start. And I don't want grass to be growing under my feet that long. There is plenty of Ms. Liberty stories to go around, I just need both the money, and the artists to bring them into existence. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you all. Both stories are really, really good and I know you all are going to love them. But more important I know you're going to love all that I have planned for her coming up. I hope I can get the first batch of new stories released before the end of the year. And then the 2nd one a month or two after that.