Thursday, October 31, 2013

Draining Control(New Illustrated Story) Now Posted On Site!

Howdy all!
Got great news. There is a new update for you all to thumb through this weekend. Its a fun little tale and a first for this site. Can you believe it has been about 3 years and I never had an illustrated story before. I tried a bad mishmash with that hercules story. And some parts work and some parts didn't.
Anyway, this story all works. Its a fun format and I hope to do much more in the future like it. And no, don't worry I'm not abandoning the comic format. I just want to try and do different things.
This story is written and drawn by fellow 3d artist Xen0phage, and I cannot begin to tell you how great of a job he did with this story. First I think its one of the more enjoyable pieces of femuscle fiction I've read in a while. I'm biased I know, I did have a hand in creating it, as I wrote the treatment and he flushed it out. But, seriously its both a quick and fun read. I do want to make the tales a bit longer in the future, and with more pics and also action.
However, this was both our first steps in this new format, so we had some growing pains. Still the process was an enjoyable one much like the character Dani in our story had when she drained her boyfriend of his size and stature.
In a nutshell the story is about a woman who gets feed up by her over bearing and strict boyfriend and decides its time she drains some of the control he has been exerting over her. She does so by literally draining the dude. Fun and romance ensues and well enough chit chat.
I'll just share the samples and the links.
You can also read the text version of this story at my site. Its free there as well.
Enjoy and there is nudity so NSFW!!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another update sent off to the webmaster!!!!!

This will mark the 4th week in a row that MFMC will have been updated. I don't think I've ever in the history of the site done that before. Next week I'm going to scramble but I hope to continue the streak and make it 5. If we are lucky I might have another comic for this month, we shall see what fate has in store.
Anyway, the update is something new for the site. An illustrated story. It's in a PDF format and is if I recall just shy of 2,500 words. So its about 10 written pages and it has 20 images to accompany it. It's a bit crude as its the first PDF either me or the artist/writer has made.
However, its a great story and has some pretty nice images. I'm working with the writer again and some of you might recognize the artist. Xen0phage both wrote and made the images for me. I've been a big fan of his for a long time and it was nice working with him. Again I must say one thing he took the concept that I had for a story and made it into one of the best stories that is featured on my site. Its pretty dang good.
I'll have the text version of that posted for free on my site for anyone who wants to check it out. Again this is just what I hope will be the first of both the illustrated stories for my site, and working with Xen0phage. We are currently working on a bigger tale. One that will have more pictures for you. I don't know when that will get done, but hopefully before the years end.
One last note.
If you want to help this site out and can't afford a membership feel free to like my facebook page.

And also I know I discussed this in the last few posts. But, CDR is a friend of mine.
If you haven't checked out his new image pack, go and check it out. Its really just fantastic stuff.
Here are the links, check it out and enjoy.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page

That's enough shameless plugs.
Thanks for reading this long and take care of yourselves!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Musclexx Pinup Set Posted On Site!

Howdy all,
The wait is finally over. The mystery artist that I commissioned for the newest update for my site is...
Drum roll please....
For those who never heard of the talented artist go ahead and browse his DA page
The guy is crazy talented, and for me he captures closest than any other artist I have worked with the idea female form. Insanely muscular and yet feminine and soft in all the right places, and the muscles do not lessen the curves, but enhance her curves.
The whole set consists of 10 pinup images, and the one I choose for a sample is without a doubt the best image I ever commissioned. And guess what guys the rest of the batch is just as amazing.
Check it out!
Again, I'm super pleased with how this whole set turned out and have plans to work more with the artist in the future.
Next month looks to be another busy month for this site. I got at least one complete illustrated story for you guys and maybe another comic. And I do hope for either another CGMan pinup pack, or another set by Musclexx.
Stay tuned.
And also I know I discussed this in the last post. But, CDR is a friend of mine.
If you haven't checked out his new image pack, go and check it out. Its really just fantastic stuff.
Here are the links, check it out and enjoy.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update sent off to webmaster

What a month!!!! Three great updates this month. First the 40 page comic, then CGMan's 12 pin up images and now I got 10 more pinup images for you all. You're going to flip when you see who it is that drew them. Like CGMan, I think he is one of the finest artists depicting the muscular female form. He has quite the following on DA and other sites. But, I'm going to wait till the update is live on my site till I let the cat out of the bag.
But, stick around for the samples that I will be sharing. Again one of the images is without a doubt the single best image I ever commissioned an artist to draw for my site. And that was the first image he drew for me. Imagine all the amazing stuff that is in that full pack of images, and also imagine how much cool stuff he has yet to draw.
Anyway I also want to share one last thing with you.
My friend CDR is an amazing 3d artist. He makes sexy uber charged women. He just released a new image pack. The girls are so strong in this one, they literally move mountains. Not joking he has a few images of the girls moving an entire mountain. They also, bend an megametal(super dense metal) steel girder, break huge boulders. Bend a metal weight while flexing their biceps. And their muscles are so hot, they turn that metal weight into molten metal.
Trust me, if any of you guys like hot and muscular superheros, or dig feats of strength. This is without a doubt one of the best image packs you'll find. It contains 41 images, and is both an fun read and super sexy. If you like busty long legged women with thick muscles and amazing strength check his stuff out.
Here is a link to his new image pack.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page
One last thing. I haven't thanked you all for all your support for quite sometime. I just want to remind all you people out there, that thanks to all your generous patronage people like myself and CDR are able to make this wonderful art. We do this for the passion of it and the love of the muscular female form. So even if you don't buy anything. Check out the samples and drop us some comment love. It really helps motivate us.
Thanks and take care all!

Monday, October 21, 2013

New update coming this week!

I got some exciting news for you all. I'm not going to spill the beans just yet, but its truly exciting stuff!!!!!!
First I want to say I have a new update this week. Its going to be at least 10 images. But, maybe if I can get some free time I can expand on that. The images are from a new artist. New for the site that is, some of you might recognize his work from Deviantart or other places.
Guys work is amazing. And I'm super glad I got to work with him. Without a doubt he drew the best image I ever commissioned any artist for ever!!! And let me tell you all, I've had many amazing images commissioned over the last few years. The one image that I will be sharing is just phenomenal! Not an understatement and the other images in the set are just as cool. Its a great set and I know you all will love it.
The update will be out by this Friday. I hope you all agree this has been a pretty good month so far. This will be the last update for this month, but its going to be a good one.
And one last bit of news. I just hired a legend in the Femuscle art field. A true legend.
Won't say anymore except he worked with LHART for a pretty long time. So I'm proud to have him making art for my site. I don't know when the project will be finished. Always a chance it never will get finished, but I hope this will be just the start.
I'm super excited about the prospect of him making stuff for my small site.
You all take care and come back soon. Samples will be up and you will all just flip!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New CGMan Art up on site!!!!

Hey all just wanted to let you know that the site is updated and that it has new art featuring CGMan.
Its a really cool set and I think just as good of a batch if not better. Don't ask me how this latest batch could be better as the first batch was just so incredible, but I think he has gone and done the impossible.
I know you're all going to love the whole set. It consists of 12 amazing image that just feature some of the biggest, most ripped, gorgeous muscle girls you'll ever see.
Here is a link to a sample image. Its just so dang awesome I'll let the image do the rest of the talking.

And if anyone is interested in a small preview of what the other images look like check this link out.

Feel free to stop by both my page and CGMan's and drop us some comments. I know I love to read what you guys think.

I got another update coming next week, and next month I got a first for my site. More about it later, but I know you all will enjoy whats in store!!!!! Enjoy the update and take care!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Changing Behavior Samples!!!!!!

Hey all here are some samples from my newest comic "Changing Behavior".
Its a 40 page comic drawn by Rex-equinox. I cannot begin to state how pleased I am with how this comic turned out. This is without a doubt one of my easiest and most fun to read comics I've made so far. And in no small part due to her wonderful style and talent.
The story is about what happens when a battered woman gets a witch to put a spell of protection on her to protect her from her abusive boyfriend. That little spell brings about mighty big changes. Despite the heavy theme of abuse it really is a fun comic and I know when I first read the finished version I was engrossed throughout my entire read. Something about the style and layout just clicked with my imagination and I just had a blast with it. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.
For now enjoy the samples. No nudity and really no bad language, but still NSFW!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update sent off to webmaster

Hey all,
This weeks update has been sent off to the webmaster. I'll chat a bit about it, but I want to go into more detail about it Thursday night or Friday morning when I post the samples.
Its a 40 page FMG/ Male drain comic. As I  said before it might be my easiest comic to read.
I found myself more engrossed while reading it than any other of my comics. I think its the art style and how she utilized the text. Its also a fun read. A bit of a departure from the normal aesthetic of how my comics look and feel, but I know you all will enjoy it.
I just commissioned CGMan again, and next week you will all be seeing the latest batch from him. I think its even better than the first batch. And the first batch was some of the best images I ever commissioned. I'm super excited about working with him again. And I hope to have him become a bi-monthly or even maybe monthly artist.
Also I commissioned an as of yet unnamed mystery artist to do pinups for the site as well. And right now he drew without a doubt the best image I ever commissioned. In two weeks I will share that image with you all when I unveil who it is. Also, I will be rehiring him as soon as he completes the commission. So I hope he will become at least a bi-monthly artist as well.
I do have some somber news on the 3d art front. My eyes have been becoming very very tired. And I find it hard to focus at times and they become blurry.
I think its a combination of things. Like i need to sleep at least 7 hours maybe even 8. And I work with computers on my 9-5 job, so I think I need to find a way to get away from the glaring screen all the time.
So I will be much slower making 3d art from now one. Not abandoning it. Just write now I will focus on writing. I do hope to make some stuff this weekend, as I do enjoy making it.
But, stay tuned on cos I got some cool samples coming your way in a few days!!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Big update this week!!!!!

Sorry about the long absence, but I have not been standing still. Big things are in motion and the gears are turning. It's going to take a long while to get to where this site will be churning out comics and photo-sets consistently, but it'll get there.
First news on this update. It's a 40 page comic and it'll be released this Friday. Its a fmg/drain story about a woman in an abusive relationship with a jerk of a guy. She visits a witch, gets a spell placed on her and strange things start happening. It's drawn by a new artist, and I think she does a great job telling the story. I found I was engrossed in the story and drawn in to it more than most my comics.
So I am really happy to be sharing that with you all. The art style is a bit different, and more manga-ish and cartoony then any of my other stuff. But, again its a fun breezy read and I think you all will enjoy it. I plan on working with the artist again.
Also I got a new image set from CGMan 12 images this time. But, those will be released next week. And I got another great pinup artist drawing for me. More on who that is later, but I know you guys will flip when you see his work. Without a doubt one of the images from the set is the very best image I ever commissioned EVER!!!!!! Super stoked about sharing that with you all. That will be I think next week or the week after, we shall see.
But, this month is shaping up to be very very big.
On Ms. Liberty front, its going to be a big waiting game. But, I'm still working on new stories. One of the covers is close to being finished, and it looks like something you'd see on a big time marvel or dc comic cover.
I'm super pleased.
And believe it or not I got tons more stuff in the pipeline. I'll share more about the other stuff later as they get closer to posting. But, this month is going to be epic, and next month is shaping up to be a good one as well.
Stay tuned!!!!!