Thursday, August 25, 2016

Skinny Dipping!

What happens when a college sorority purchases a special lotion, that when applied to men can drain them of their strength and size, and they throw a pool party: Can you say shrinkage... Only this time it's not because the waters cold.  What transpires gives new meaning to the term "Skinny Dipping" as the girls go about draining all the muscle hunks and studs present at the pool, all while growing to become huge, sexy, musclebound knockouts! Beautifully drawn by DracoWhip... You can expect to see a lot more of his art coming soon!!!!
I also included a second 3d mini comic called Suns Out Guns Out! About a woman with a ray gun that drains men... Nuff said really!
The comic can be purchased at my shopify page.

Below are samples.
Enjoy but as always no nudity... But, muscle ladies and shrinking men so NSFW!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kiss Of The Dragon Queen 8!!!!

"Big" new issue of Dragon Queen is out. She is on the giant floor and she takes on one heck of angry giantess in this issue. And as you can tell by the samples our Dragon Queen falls right into her "Booby" Trap... This is a real fun issue, with the typical martial arts action and mayhem, but topped off with a nice GTS Growth sequence, and a sexy cat fight. And like all issues its just sexy and fun.
The comic can be bought here.
Below are samples, but two of them are a normal sized Dragon Queen being smashed by giant breasts, I'd say NSFW!!!