Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 more pages of "A Growing Rivalry" posted to site

Howdy all, I'm tired so this will be brief. 20 more pages of "A Growing Rivalry" has just been posted to the site. you all might need to hit refresh when you load the page to see the update. Really pleased with how these pages turned out. Again I think this might be the best 3d comic I have ever written. That's not blowing smoke, I really love how this thing is turning out.
Will have more news about future plans on next updates. But, the plan for next week is to finish off this comic and post the last 21 pages of it, as well as I hope to have some other bonus content for you all. Below are the samples.
But, there is nudity as this is an FMG Tale and clothes burst off the ladies in this update.
Enjoy but NSFW!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Part 2 of Growing Rivalry sent to webmaster

I just finished the next 20 pages of "A Growing Rivalry" and let me tell you it was a slam bang finish, but I'm so jazzed that I was able to finish them in time for our usual update time slot. Its never easy writing, and comic pages always give me fits as I have to think of the best way to present the words. Not sure I have quite gotten use to that part yet. But, all in all I'm very proud of what I have written for this update. I said it last week, that I think this comic might be my best 3d comic on the site, and I this weeks update further validates that sentiment.
Its just really coming together nicely and I'm just really pleased with what Stone3d and myself accomplished. He really made some great renders. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be working with Stone3d again and soon.
Come back tomorrow for samples from this update.
Thanks for reading and good night.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Part 1 of "A Growing Rivalry" posted on site!

Hey all first let me just say I think the next few weeks are going to be really just awesome stuff. If all goes well I think I'll be able to get an update for you all for at least 6 weeks in a row. Maybe even longer!!!!!! But, more on that later.
I want to talk about this update. This is the first 20 pages of the comic. I hope to finish the full comic as soon as possible. When completed the comic will be 62 pages total. My goal is to update at least 20 pages each week until its done. But, honestly I'd like to get it all completed by next week. But, I don't think that is possible. All I can do is work the hardest I can and do my best job. Which is what I shall do.
This comic is really something special I think. Its a collaboration, as I wrote it and Stone3d did the art for it. He did an amazing job. Just really super work. He brings a style that is different from my own, and there were some images that made me downright green with envy that he made.
The story itself is about two women who are at odds with one another in regards to both of their desires to be with the local stud at the gym. Well when they find out that the hunk has a real infatuation with muscle, that really sets the rivalry GROWING! As the women are soon competing to see who can become the biggest. Its an FMG comic, and it contains plenty of female muscle growth for you all. And also fans of feats of strength and heavy lifting will be pleased. We got barbell bending, and other cool stuff coming up in the future updates.
Anyway I know you all will enjoy it and I will get this finished for you within the upcoming weeks!
Enjoy these samples. No nudity but always err on the side of caution.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Its late so this will be brief.
I just sent this weeks update off to my webmaster. Its the first 1/3 of the comic "A Growing Rivalry". All in all its 21 pages. The full comic will be 62 pages long. So its one of the bigger comics for the site. I don't know if I will do 20 pages next week and then the week after the rest of the comic. Or if I will try to finish it off and post the rest of it for next week. What I might do is just post it in increments of 10. So as soon as I finish the next 10 pages, I'd post them.
Anyway the cool thing is, this is shaping up to be one of the best comics so far for this site. It's an fmg comic and is just a lot of fun.
But, stick around for tomorrow I will post samples of it.
Take care!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More pages written but not enough

Well I got good news and bad news.
The update still will go out this week. But, I'm postponing it a day so I can write up more pages. I am only on page 12 of the comic. Again its a 60 page comic. All the pages are done I just need to write them.
I had hoped to get up to 30 by the end of today. But, I think that was too lofty. But, I will try to get to 30 by tomorrow. But, even if its just 20 or something I'll send it off to my webmaster. And I think how I will work it is. Every 10 pages I'll send them off to my webmaster regardless of the day.
That way it'll get posted and finished.
The other good news is, this might be one of the best comics for the site ever. I'm really liking the stuff I am writing. Its coming out nicely and the comic itself is awesome. I just wish I had more time to work on it and not be rushed.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New comic on its way

Great news. I got a new 60 page comic on its way. It won't all be posted this week. I'm aiming for half this week and half next week. I got the title of it. Its called "A Growing Rivalry" and its about two women who while vying for the affections of a man, get into a weird growth one upsmanship competition. All the pages are completed and I just need to add the text to it. I currently am on the 5th page. And I hope to get up to page 30 done by tomorrow. But, I don't know how realistic that will be. But I promise to get you at least 20 pages this week. But, again my goal is 30. And we'll see how close I can get. The first page was the hardest to write as I had to figure out character names, and also just the most efficient way to present the tale. Now that the foundation has been laid it should come together a bit quicker. But, I got to get up early for work.
So sleep is a must.
Stay tuned as I will post when I send it off to my webmaster. Which should be soon!!! Again if we all are lucky the first 30 will be sent off tomorrow.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SoloFlexing update now live on site!!!

Got some great news the newest update is up on the site. Its a 42 image folio of a huge sexy woman flexing. I think you'll all agree this is some of the nicest renders I've made to date. The woman is sexy, huge, and unmistakeably feminine. She has curves on curves, muscles on muscles, and is just so damn sensual. I really think both the skin settings and lighting turned out nicely in this one. The downside was it took me like 15-22 minutes and sometimes longer to render these out for you. But, I think you all will agree on two things. I should get a faster computer, and two the images look fantastic. So it was worth it in the end.
Today I felt a bit queezy and toppled with the ER visit I had two days ago, it means another day of diminished productivity due to my stupid health. Don't worry the ER visit was much ado about nothing. Turned out to be muscle spasms.
But, what I was getting at is, I still have another 60 images that I need to edit and put out. I hope to get those done by maybe sometime saturday... And so I hope they will be up sometime this weekend. As I have plans for next weeks update and I don't want that folio to be the update.
Real quick I got two really cool projects nearing completion. The second Xenophage illustrated story should be ready sometime next month. And also my project with Stone3d should be ready in 2-3 weeks as well. A small chance it could be ready sooner.  And the legend project. That might be ready in 2 weeks time. So stay tuned I got big plans!!!!!
And of course here are this weeks samples. No nudity she is in a bikini, but it is a muscle babe so if you are at work, perhaps don't look at. Or do. Its your job.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Update on the way

Its a pretty big update. It wasn't going to be this big, but I really enjoyed making the renders. Got some images that I think you all will just really enjoy and set your hearts pounding and mouths watering.
It should be two different folios one a little over 30 images and the other 60. I still need to edit them all in photoshop and that is going to be a pain in the rear. But, I hope to get them all done by Wednesday and sent off to my webmaster.
Should be no problem. About the set its features a new batch of models a guy and girl. And they pose and compare muscles and strength by lifting various weights. And the 2nd folio is just the girl posing solo. That is the one with less images.
Its funny I didn't like these characters when I first made them almost a year ago, but working with them over the last week, I have come to like them both quite a bit.
And a cool bit of news I talked to someone interested in making these renders into a comic. Don't know when or if that will be done. But, if it is it'll make a fun one.
I'm really exhausted so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I have to start the photoshop corrections and maybe render a few more images for the solo posing.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Working on this weeks update

The new year hasn't gone off to the start I wanted. I do have a lot of stuff I am working on. Again I hope to get a cool comic to you all by I think the 3rd weekend of this month. We'll see. Its almost finished and then I just need to add text.
But, this weeks update I am about 20 images into it. Its a simple folio of a male and female bodybuilder comparing muscles with one another. I won't have it finished by this tonight to send off to my webmaster. But, I hope to get it to him either tomorrow night or friday,  that way it will be up for this weekend.
Some of the images are turning out real nice. I also have good news, I'm working on a new muscle worship 3d comic. That I will be making myself. I have the cover of it rendered and a few other images. Its going to be super sexy. You all are going to love it. I hope to finish that sometime next month. And I have great news. If you recall the legend that I contacted and got to draw a project with me.
It's almost nearing completion. Should be next month or the month after it debuts.
As you can tell I got a lot on my plate, and things are very bright for this site. Again its due to all your support. It means not just a lot to me, but all the artists as well. And believe it or not I got a ton of other projects that I haven't even mentioned. Now its back to work, as I want this to be 35-40 image update for you all, and I'm only half way there.