Thursday, December 19, 2013

CGMan Commission set 3 sample!

Hey all,
The new update is live. Its 12 amazing muscular pinup babes drawn by the great CGMan.
I think this is the best set yet. You'll find the full gallery at my site. This set has the typical pinups but we have two special ones in the set. There is a bicep flex chain break and a pillar topple. Those were hard for me not to choose as a sample image. But, I really love this one.
Got some exciting news. My first illustrated minicomic has been sent off to the colorist/co-artist. He will add some backgrounds, color it of course, and shore up the weird looking bits.
I'm a bit nervous and excited about having my own illustrated art on my site. It's been a long time coming. And I think this project will hopefully mark a new chapter for this site. I still have a long way to go. But, hopefully I can add a few pages and minicomics of my own each month to this site.
Anyway enough chat, its time for the sample image.
Hope you all like it, I think its one of the sexiest images that will ever grace my site. Its a bit like the old school coyote and scoundrel drawings.
Enjoy! NSFW she's wearing a see through bra that shows off a little bit of nipple.
Here is a link to a preview of the other 11 ladies.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New CGman update sent off to webmaster

Hey, all just wanted to let you know that I just sent off the next update to my webmaster.
It should be up for Friday. Its 12 images from CGMan. Some really, really awesome stuff. I can't wait to show you what he drew for us. Your jaws will hit the floor when you see the whole lot of em.
Will post a sample as soon as the set goes live.
Just wanted to let you know about the update. Also Femfortefan just sent me the final images. Just need to the cover and then I need to tweak the text and it'll be ready for you all. I think that will be the first update of the new year. The first of many.
But, again this month isn't over yet. I still have one week after this week. And I hope to have another great update for you all. That be a mighty fine Christmas present for you all wouldn't it.
Stay tuned, got lots of coolness on the way.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Super news

CGMan just completed his work on his 3rd commission for the site. It contains 12 amazing muscular pinups. Can't wait to show you them. It might be this weeks update, or I might push it back a week or two. I don't know.
Femfortefan is very near finishing up our latest project. Its a 35 page comic, and I think that will be ready in early Jan!!!! That will be amazing.
Again I don't know what this weeks update will be. I haven't had time to make 3d art so its unlikely that I will have that as an update. But, you never know. There will be an update this week though, I promise you all that.
I just had to share the good news. So anyway I will chat more later.
Much more good news to share as well.
Take care everyone.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just Desserts Samples!!!!!!

Howdy all, today is a good day. The newest comic is up and its a goodie! I'm always happy when I get to post new comics, as I think there is nothing better then just sitting down and reading a fun little tale. And I don't know about you all, but I find that the stories are even better when they include clothes tearing fmg action, and lots of displays of pure female muscle strength.
This comic has all that, coupled with my usual smattering of humor and gags, I'm sure you all will find it a delight to read. I can say that in my 3 years of making comics for this site, this is by far the most unique comic on the site to date. I've never worked with an artist with this art style. Rex Equinox comes the closest, but this was a real unique experience working with this guy. And I have great news, we're currently planning a 2nd comic together.
The comic itself is 36 pages, and has 4 intense female muscle growth sequences. Its about a group of cheerleaders who are super bummed about always cheering for a bunch of losers. To make matters worth, the guys are a bunch of jerks on top of that.
One of the girls mother bakes them a batch of brownies to cheer them up after their most recent loss. But, these brownies are not the fattening kind, they pack a wallop! And the girls soon find out the meaning of true strength and power. They take to the field and show the boys how its done. Just lots a great football action in this one. Crushing, tackling, tossing the boys aside. Super sexy stuff!
I know you all will love this comic. So please check it out.
I do want to spend a little bit of time discussing the artist of this comic.
Its powerman2000 and you can get to his DA account here
Please check out his page and also his other comics that he has for sale. In this season its always nice to share what you can. Again, I know times are tight, but when you guys purchase either memberships from my site, or purchase comics and image packs from other artists, you do a lot to keep this community alive. But, you also help out real people who have real bills, and who have real people and loved ones that depend on them.
So I want to thank you all for that.
Thank you for all your past, present and future support.
Now, on with the samples!!!!!(you've been reading so far so here is your reward)
No nudity, but fmg themes, so NSFW!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Guys, as I said lots of exciting things coming down the pipe.
Got a new comic for you all. It's pretty cool to say the very least about it, but this is me and I am verbose, so I will say more... LOTS MORE!
Anyway its entitled "Just Desserts" and its a story about how a mom cooks super strong brownies that cause her daughter and the entire cheerleader team to hulk out. Really fun stuff.
It was drawn by
Please go and check out his site. Maybe even order a few of his other comics, it really would help him out a good deal. We have a 2nd comic we are working on, but again these things take time.
Anyway, back to the comic... Counting the cover its 36 pages in length and is just a really fun read. I know you all are going to enjoy it. It's going to be up by Friday, and I'll have some samples for it tomorrow.
Again please check out Powerman's link above, and if you can think about buying something from him. We're such a small community and I know times are tight, but a purchase here and there helps so many people out. Thanks and have a nice day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas is coming a little early this year!

Great news.  I got a new comic for you all. Its I think 36 pages counting the cover and its a whole lot of fun. I will be sending that off to the webmaster soon, so it will be up for this friday. Man o' man, this is going to be a great month, and next month looks to be another good one as well.
The only bit of a bummer is I haven't gotten much work done on the super strength folio. Well I haven't did any work on it since I focused on the nude figure folio 3. However, rest assured that will be up and posted hopefully next week. That will make 3 solid updates. And I hope to get a 4th one for this month as well. That be a true Holiday bonus for all of us.
Stick around. Lots of cool stuff coming down the pipe!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Update Now UP!!!!

The problem has been fixed. So I hope you all will enjoy the new update. Now, I go back to writing and creating new art and stories for you all!

A little snafu with the new update

Howdy all...
I'm not happy about this little snafu, but it happened and it should be righted soon.
What happened is my webmaster put the update on the wrong site.
A bit scatterbrained, but hopefully they will fix that soon. I'll post as soon as I find out its fixed.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Samples from new folio

Its entitled Nude Figure Folio, and it should be up and available for you all shortly. I was told it would be up tonight, and so it should be. I just didn't want to wait around and leave off posting till later in the weekend. I wanted to get this stuff out of the way so I can focus on making art and writing stories the whole weekend.
Anyway its a 50 image folio, and the 3d model is one that I have been using a lot this past year. I really enjoy her look quite a bit, and I enjoy posing her. I hope you all enjoy this folio. Its nothing fancy, just a naked woman strutting her stuff.
However, I am quite pleased with how this turned out, some of these poses were some of the most beautiful work I have done to date.
Don't worry I got lots more planned story and comic wise. These things take time to make, but I hope to get two more stories to you shortly!
Also I got that big feats of strength folio. Should be the biggest and best one to date!
Enough typing, time for the samples.
Very, very NSFW!!!! I mean it!!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update sent off to webmaster

Howdy all!
Super pleased I got this update behind me, as I got a lot to focus on this weekend. Layouts for artists, notes and scripts as well. Also I need to finish drawing that page for the artist to color. That will be my 2d art debut for this site, and I am excited about it. It should be cool stuff for you all!
Lastly also I get to resume work on the next folios. They are the super strength one that I believe I mentioned in passing. It's turning out really good. Should be the best one yet!
As for this weeks update. I hope it will be up by Friday. It's 50 images, and they all are of that model in the nude figure folio. I really like posing her, and it really turned out great. She still hasn't gotten dressed, but you know thats part of the charm of these images. They are a bit naughty, but also very sensual, and fun! You're going to flip when you see the renders. But, I really can't wait to finish this new feats of strength folio. I'm trying to figure out how to do another Samson Pillar image. I want it to be fresh, but also the staple "Samson" image.
Stick around previews coming soon!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Over 30 images rendered today!!!

I was lazy for most of my vacation, but karpe diem!!!! Never too late to seize the day, and I made the most of my last vacation day and kicked out a whole bunch of renders. Most were simple, but I have a few complex ones. I do have a bit of sad news I wanted to get the newest feats of strength folio finished for this weeks update, but it is getting pushed back to next week. I want it to be big, bad ass, and just so awesome you won't know what hit ya... And it will be!!! Which is why I am pushing it back so not to rush it.
But, don't worry I'll still have an update for this week. I just made about 30 images, and I hope to make some more. I still need to edit them, for the final touch ups, but they are mostly good to go. Again I don't know what the update will consist of. So far its going to be mostly that nude pinup model that I made. Images are turning out really well, but I want to change it up and give you guys something else as well. But, important thing is there will be updates this month. At least two BIG ones!
Stay tuned for more information.