Monday, November 28, 2011

New Comic Completed!

Hey guys I just finished Bedroom Wrasslin! And I must say, I think its one of my best! I know some of my stories can be a bit scant when it comes to sex, but not this story. This story is chock full of everything one could want in a femuscle story. Tons of humor, sex, teasing, and of course wrestling. The comic is 146 images and over 6 thousand words spread across 46 pages of pure femuscle delight. I'm sorry this one took so long to get to you all, Bill Banner has had a lot of tough breaks lately, and I had to scrap most of the comic that he gave to me, and as a result I basically wrote the whole comic, save for a few gems of his that I kept. As a result the Gitta Braun comics won't be ready until the end of next week. But, I still plan on making on last update for this month. I hope to get one more fmg animation done for you all.
Please give my webmaster a couple of days to post this.
Below are links, Yet again lets say NSFW!!!! But, it probably is cos the main girl isn't wearing pants.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mid-Week Pre-Thanksgiving update report

Hey all, I just want to fill you in on whats going on. I have the raw images for 3 Gitta Braun minicomics completed. My goal is to make 6 total, as well as a few odds and ends. Those should be ready around saturday. But, the good news is I got word from Bill Banner, and Bedroom Wrasslin is almost done. He promised to get it to me this thursday, so that means I will be able to edit it sometime around Fridayish. So that should be ready for the weekend. Also the new fmg video has been more popular than what I thought. It cracks me up, so much more work went into the armwrestling, and Domination animation, and yet its the FMG vid that is so popular. So I decided to make a few more. I'm still working on my epic fmg vid, creating the scene is what is giving me fits. I can't make it how I want imagine it to look in my head. But, I am going to make one or two more fmg videos in the same vein as the last one released. I hope you all enjoy your Holiday in good company, and look for an update this weekend. Now wouldn't that be the perfect dessert, after a whole day of gorging and fighting with your family.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New FMG Animation DONE!!!!!

Hey guys, Just letting you all know that I just finished and uploaded a new fmg animation to my website. Its really fluid, and turned out really well. It's not the epic one I am planning. More like a appetizer before the main course. But, that animation won't be forthcoming till sometime next month. As for this animation its 71 seconds of pure unadulterated femuscle goodness. I know you all are going to love it. Below are samples. Lets err on the side of caution and say NSFW. Below Is the youtube link of one unedited camera angle from the project. Enjoy everyone. And please give my webmaster a day or so to post it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

End of week status report

Ok guys, I know the week is not over yet, but I wanted to give you all a little bit of an update. I still haven't finished the raw images for the current comic I am working on. I got really depressed after I finished the domination animation, and I couldn't do anything get my head around any projects. Next week starting monday, I hope to have my head screwed on tight, and get that comic ready to be written and compiled. But, I haven't been doing nothing the last few days. I started to render one of the fmg projects I am working one. That might be ready for you all around sunday actually. Also, I finished the raw images of a new gitta braun comic. Gitta is one of my favorite characters, and even now after all these months of creating new models, I still enjoy what I made in her. My goal is to complete 5 more Gitta Braun comics, and compile them and have them ready for you all on Monday. Its a lofty goal, but reachable. The only thing I dislike about my Gitta Braun comics, are the fact of all the work I have to do, and all I get is one huge page. But, still worth it. One last note, I hope to have a mini folio to go with the Gitta Braun update. Stay tuned for more, update coming soon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Domination Animation IS FINISHED!!!!!

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that my newest animation is complete. And it comes in at 6 minutes and 25 seconds! WOW!!!! That's a lot of femuscle for you guys. This video is domination/muscle worship theme. So it has lots of goodies for everyone. Foot licking, stomping, kicking, slapping, one handed lifts, tosses, back stretches, and lots and lots of flexing!!! Could I use more exclamation points!!!! YES! I believe I can! But, in all seriousness, I am very proud of how the animation turned out. My next one will be an fmg animation, look for that to come out before the end of the month. Below are a few stills and an low quality animation preview.
Really NSFW!!!!
Please be patient and give my webmaster a day or two to post it. Next up on the horizon will be a new boxing comic. Stay tuned.
heres the animation preview!

6 minute animation is almost done!

As I am typing this, I am busy rendering the last bit of the huge animation I've been working on for the past month. Tomorrow when I wake up, I shall finish editing it, and send it off to my webmaster so it will be up on the site. I'm also almost finished with the raw images of the current comic. It ballooned up on me. I wish they wouldn't, but aside from the fact that it will take longer to finish then hoped, the comic will be all the better for it. My plan is to hunker down tomorrow, and get all the remaining images I need to compile the comic finished.
With about half the month over, I think we are still on a good pace for content. In fact I think this will be the best month in like 5 months content wise. Which will make it a difficult, but fun challenge to top in December. Enough typing I am tired, and sleep awaits. Check back here tomorrow, for samples of the new animation. You're all going to love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok guys, weeks almost over, and I feel like I should give you all a report. I still need to finish the raw images for the current comic. I'm at 60 images for the story so far, and I think another 10 will finish it off. Problem is, the last 10 are 3 different sets, so it takes time to set up everything. What I need to make is both the Prologue and Epilogue for the comic. I don't want to release the raw images for this comic, but I probably will, just to give you all an update. But, trust me, the images are worth it. They are without a doubt my best. So barring a miracle, there will be no comic update this week. But, next week there will definitely be one, cos Bill Banner should be finished with Bedroom Wrasslin.
Update on the animation front. It should come out this weekend. But, probably around Sunday. Right now I have 2 sequences left to animate and render, and it should be done. The cool news is the animation should be a little over 6 minutes. And its really, really good. So thats the update guys. Stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

End/Beginning of the week report

Ok, Last week saw the release of a new animation. I think my best one so far, so I was happy with that. But, lets not forget this is mighty female muscle COMIX!!! And so you all are do for a comic. Bill Banners should be ready this weekend, but by the time I edit it, it'll probably be showing up the the following week around the middle. But, I am finishing up the raw images of a new comic. I hope to get them done around Tuesday, so that I can get the comic written and ready by this Friday. Its a lofty goal, because I generally can only get around 6-7 pages of a comic written and laid out a day. But, I hope that maybe the god of inspiration and writing will shine down on me, and grant me Hermes sandals, so I might fly through this comic. Regardless that's my goal, is to get a comic out to you around Friday. The goals for the month are as follows, 2 comics for you all, and 2 folios, and 2 more animations. One of which shall be an fmg, the other is the domination animation that I am working on. I just reached the 5 minute mark. My goal is to make it 6 minutes long, but I am not going to end it at the six minute mark. I shall end it in a manner that makes sense and is epic. So far I have no clue how I am going to end it(there's still so much I want to include in it).
Alright enough rambling for now. Take care everyone and thanks for visiting.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Animation Finished!!!!

This is not the big one I've been working on. That one is currently around 4 minutes  and 20 seconds. So I have quite a bit of animating to get done before it reaches my 6 minute goal. But, at 89 seconds long it is currently my 3rd longest complete animation(soon to be 4th). I had a blast making it, and without a doubt this is my best animation yet. A vast improvement over the boxing animation. I know you all are going to love it. The animation is about a dude who challenges Delila to an armwrestling match. Well lets just say she's more than up to the challenge. You all might remember Delila from my most recent folio, she will get her own comic, I'm still plugging away at that. As well as I have plans for more animations with her. Youtube link is below. Please give my webmaster a day or two to post the video. And although no nudity, I'd say NSFW!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Text Story is up!

Hey guys, just letting you all know my site has been updated with the text story. I got 2 more on the way, that I want to proof. Also, I am finishing up a new animation for this site, and I next week Bedroom wraslling should be completed. As well as by the end of next week I should have the epic animation I've been working on completed as well. After that, I have a boxing comic that I am about half way through making, and I hope to finish up the Beach/Genie/FMG comic I've been working on.All in All, this month is going to be special. Check back soon for a preview of the animation.