Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kiss Of The Dragon Queen 4

Issue 4 of Kiss of the Dragon Queen is out and boy does she pack a mighty punch in this installment. In fact the only thing deadlier than one of her punches is one of her kisses. And she's on the prowl, as she is looking to regain the muscle mass she lost on the previous floor(see third issue). Lucky for her the floor she is on is entitled "The Iron Floor" and it's inhabited by "Ah-nold" rejects. Sadly for the residents, they'll find the mantra make love not war, might actually not be the best policy when it comes to our Sexy Dragon Queen. Their fates are sealed with a kiss, and soon the Queen is growing bigger than she's ever been before! Tons of female muscle growth in this issue, and lots of male drain in it as well, all topped off with the martial arts fury that only Jorge Garay can draw.

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No Nudity, but NSFW!