Monday, October 31, 2011

Western Story is finished(next up the images)

Alright everyone. End of month update time. It's true I have not updated this site with as much material as what I had hoped. But, I am quite happy both the quanity and quality of the art that I have released. The folio's that I released this month,they are without a doubt my best art ever!!!! So far at least, because my plans and ideas for this site just keeper getting grander and grander. I do have 3 comics that are near completion. My goal is to finish at least two of them for next month. I know I jump around a lot, but I go where creativity takes me, which is why sometimes I talk about a project and deliver a different one.
Also, an update on the videos. I am at almost the 4 minute mark for the current video. I want it to be 6 minutes. It should be released in about a weeks time. Trust me it'll be worth the wait. Also today I just finished the western pulp story I was working on. Its one of my favorite stories I've ever written. You all are going to love it. I'm adding a new section for the site. A paid stories section. Once I illustrate a story, I will post the story free, but till then it'll be for members only.I think that's fair, this story that I finished is 14 k long. That's almost a novella guys. That's long and its quite good.
All in all I think October was a good month, but I know it will pale before September, and trust me you all will have more femuscle goodness than what you will be able to handle. Your minds will explode from all the awesomeness. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Folio is finished, next up the comic.

Alright, a family emergency slowed my work for this week. But, what can you do, except the right thing and be there for you family. But, I hunkered down and I finished off the folio. Its 45 images, and is quite eclectic. The main bulk of it at 23 images is a intergender bodybuilding comp. I like the concept so much, I might do a comic on the idea. But the girls vein map is the best I have made so far. Really itching to us it in an fmg anination, and the one I am working on right now might just be the perfect one. Speaking of animations, I am at about the 3 minute mark for the current one. Won't know until I edit it down a bit, but its turning out to be the best one yet. I still hope I can finish the current comic I am working on before months end, I am about half to 2/3's of the way complete with the image making. Also last before I give you the image links, Bill Banner told me he will try to get the comic out to me sometime this weekend. Alright without further ado, here are the previews. Enjoy and although no nudity, lets say NSFW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plan for week.

Ok, I have about 20 images done for a new folio, and some of them are really, really awesome. But, I want to add to it, and I hope to add about 10-20 more tomorrow. So that it will be ready for Friday. Also, I am about 2-3's of the way through making the images for what will be my newest comic. I'm editing the photos as I go along, and its my best work ever. I hope to have the comic written by the end of this week, but worst case scenario I will post the raw un-compiled images to the site for you all. And I am still chugging away on the animation. Hopefully I can have it ready by next Monday. So much stuff, so little time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

End of week progress report.

Ok, so I wasn't able to get an update out this week. But, trust me, I've been working my butt off. Next week I should more than make up for no update. You guys are going to love it. Also, I am 98 seconds edited into my newest animation. No, its far from being ready, really I think its not even halfway finished. Nothing real spicy yet happens. But, trust me, if you liked the boxing animation you're going to love this. I hope to make it 4-5 minutes long, but it will be as long as it is.I hope I will be able to get that posted as a halloween treat for you all, but we shall see. I'm not going to rush it out at the cost of quality. Theres one more week left in this month, and I think it will be our best week so far.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Worked all day, and got nothing done.

All I can say is I;m getting there guys. But its one step forward 3 steps back. On the bright side, my art that I am making has never been better. I keep improving steadily. But, I want to get back to the true core and soul of this site, which is the writing aspect. Regrettably, the update shall be delayed. There is a small chance that it will come sunday this week. I do have enough odds and ends to put out a small 20 image folio, but the quality is not all there yet. If I do another folio, I want the art to justify it. Got good news and bad news on the animation front. I messed up and had to rerender about 6 hours worth of rendering, cos of a stupid mistake on my behalf. But, the animation is coming along. Haven't gotten to the good stuff yet, but it'll be there. This one is going to be something special. I got ten more days to make this month special for you all, and with luck I think I might be just able to do that. Stay tuned, cos once the dam breaks, You guess are going to be flooded with tons of femuscle awesomeness.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update nearing completion.

Ok guys its 2 am and the gun is still warm... Ok so its not, but I love golden earring twilight zone. Great song... And its not just about 2 am where i am, so i thought it fitting. Alright, I was on a roll today and made about 10 pictures for this weeks folio. But, then I got into a slump and it took me the rest of the day to finish the next image. Its tough, all this pictures are just prep work for the story, and so I have to make them from scratch. But, they are fun and rewarding. So the folio will consist of a eclectic mix of stuff, not all the images will be in the story. But, since I put so much work into making just one image, I thought why not make a few more for you guys. Tomorrow, I will abandon the story prep and focus on completing the folio. My goal is to make it about a 40 image folio. Then after the folio, I will focus on finishing the prep for the story. I hope to have the next animation done at the end of the month. I have big plans for it, and it should be good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress Report..

On the comic and story front its slow news. But, I just began another animation, and I have lofty expectations for it. Also, I am finishing the prep work for a new comic. I know, I have like 5 comics in prep and almost finished stages. Those will get done in time. I doubt I will have a comic for you guys by the end of this week, but I will have another folio for you guys. And trust me, if you liked the last folio you will love this one. I have one image of armwrestling that is my best ever!!!! These are really turning out as some of my best images ever, and the funny thing is, they are just background images, and won't even be featured in the story. Well the armwrestling one, just might be.
So, all in all, stay tuned, cos you're going to like what you will see.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Folio is DONE!!!!!!

The theme of the folio is Feats of Strength, and it turned out really good. Some of my best images yet. At 20 images it's a bit lighter in number than what I would have preferred, but the images took me a long time to edit, and was a real learning experience for me. I have plans to continue it, as the 3 girls I made for it look fantastic. But, right now, I am at a loss for just what kind of images to make.I have chain breaks, pillar toppling, and girder bending. All in all, I am happy with how these ended up. I know you guys will like them. Half of the month is over, and the next half I want to focus on finishing those two stories. Getting a comic or 2 out for you guys, and making 1-2 quality animations. Samples below. Lets say NSFW. just to err on the side of caution.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Folio on the Way!

I'm about halfway through a new folio. The theme is feats of strength. So far I've made 3 bicep flexing chain busting pictures. A few girder lifts and bending. And some misc pictures. I've only made 13 images, and I want to make at least 12 more. I hope to finish the images tomorrow. So they should be out for the weekend. You're going to love these images! Samples will follow soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Folio done and uploaded to the site!

Hey all. Just finished folio number 2. I have one more I would like to complete this weekend, and I also want to revisit the first femdom folio and add to it. I stopped making the images right when things were getting steamy. So the next pics would be more adult fare. This new folio turned out fantastic. It's 45 images, and it was difficult for me to pic out which 3 sample images I wanted to share with everyone. No chaff here, only the creme da la creme. I know I mixed metaphors, but u know what I am driving at. These folios have taken me longer than what I would like to have, but everything else is coming along nicely. Besides the work I do in folio's pays great divet ends for future stories. Next week I should be able to get you guys a comic as well. Man, I tell you all this is really turning out to be a good month. Cos I have lots more planned!!!
Enjoy these samples. Not safe for work, but really that should be obvious.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Site Updated(Finally)!!!!!!!

Give it a day or two for my webmaster to have up, but I just sent him a 26 image folio. Now, the folio will not be everyone's bag, or cup of tea. But, I really like how it turned out. I had gotten a request for some fem-dom ,cross dressing stuff and I while learning a new program that will make my pictures better. I came up with these images. As well as a new story for a comic. The comic is all mapped out and will be made side by side my western comic/illustraited story. Update on that, its not finished, I wrote another 1,500 words for it. About 2/3 of the way done. It will be done before weeks end. I plan on doing another 1-2 folios for this week, while working on the new comic idea, and the western story. So if all goes well, I will have 2 comics for you in a little over a week. Once I finish the planned folio's and the 2 comics, I plan on doing another video or 2. But till then enjoy these two samples from the folio. Should have at least one more folio done around Friday. Take care everyone.
Warning NSFW

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ok felt like sharing.

In case you guys don't know I am quite verbose. And I was writing today,, as I said I would. And well to put it as succinct as possible. I wrote a passage about a climb up a mountaintop that took me a little over 1600 k words to write. I hoped it would have taken less, and I might trim it in the edit, but it won't be overhauled that much. But, I really like what I did. This is going to be great guys. Very balanced and natural story. If you guys like good old pulps, you should all like this. The rest of the story should be a little more straight forward. A big fight is coming up. Should have 3-4 more big ones. The epilogue will have a little action as well. I really love this character. And I am enjoying writing this for you guys. Can't wait to share it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update or progress report u chose.

Ok so another day, and more progress is made. Not as much as what I was hoping. But, I went bowling today. First day of somewhat fun I've had in months. I needed it.... But, I only wrote 1,700 words today. Which means the story right now is 4,700 words long, and it should be about halfway done. I have the whole story mapped out, and I think it will be around 10k words in length. But, it winds up being what it winds up being. But, I do want to say this. This is my best story so far. Hands down. The beach wish story, which is not yet written, I know will be a great comic/illustrated story, when I finish it later this month. But, this current story, is my best story. If you guy's like hercules verses the amazons, or whatever I called it, you're going to love this. I'm having a real blast writing this, and I would keep writing it, but its late, and I need sleep. I hope to finish it tomorrow. But, there is a chance that it won't be done till monday. I will not update till I finish the story. Once the story is finished, I will begin immediately with the making of images. My goal is to do an image of one per 150-200 words. Make it one image per page, and the rest text. Which means we'd be looking at about 50-60 images if the story is to be 10k long. These are my plans, but we know how things are subject to change.