Thursday, December 19, 2013

CGMan Commission set 3 sample!

Hey all,
The new update is live. Its 12 amazing muscular pinup babes drawn by the great CGMan.
I think this is the best set yet. You'll find the full gallery at my site. This set has the typical pinups but we have two special ones in the set. There is a bicep flex chain break and a pillar topple. Those were hard for me not to choose as a sample image. But, I really love this one.
Got some exciting news. My first illustrated minicomic has been sent off to the colorist/co-artist. He will add some backgrounds, color it of course, and shore up the weird looking bits.
I'm a bit nervous and excited about having my own illustrated art on my site. It's been a long time coming. And I think this project will hopefully mark a new chapter for this site. I still have a long way to go. But, hopefully I can add a few pages and minicomics of my own each month to this site.
Anyway enough chat, its time for the sample image.
Hope you all like it, I think its one of the sexiest images that will ever grace my site. Its a bit like the old school coyote and scoundrel drawings.
Enjoy! NSFW she's wearing a see through bra that shows off a little bit of nipple.
Here is a link to a preview of the other 11 ladies.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New CGman update sent off to webmaster

Hey, all just wanted to let you know that I just sent off the next update to my webmaster.
It should be up for Friday. Its 12 images from CGMan. Some really, really awesome stuff. I can't wait to show you what he drew for us. Your jaws will hit the floor when you see the whole lot of em.
Will post a sample as soon as the set goes live.
Just wanted to let you know about the update. Also Femfortefan just sent me the final images. Just need to the cover and then I need to tweak the text and it'll be ready for you all. I think that will be the first update of the new year. The first of many.
But, again this month isn't over yet. I still have one week after this week. And I hope to have another great update for you all. That be a mighty fine Christmas present for you all wouldn't it.
Stay tuned, got lots of coolness on the way.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Super news

CGMan just completed his work on his 3rd commission for the site. It contains 12 amazing muscular pinups. Can't wait to show you them. It might be this weeks update, or I might push it back a week or two. I don't know.
Femfortefan is very near finishing up our latest project. Its a 35 page comic, and I think that will be ready in early Jan!!!! That will be amazing.
Again I don't know what this weeks update will be. I haven't had time to make 3d art so its unlikely that I will have that as an update. But, you never know. There will be an update this week though, I promise you all that.
I just had to share the good news. So anyway I will chat more later.
Much more good news to share as well.
Take care everyone.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just Desserts Samples!!!!!!

Howdy all, today is a good day. The newest comic is up and its a goodie! I'm always happy when I get to post new comics, as I think there is nothing better then just sitting down and reading a fun little tale. And I don't know about you all, but I find that the stories are even better when they include clothes tearing fmg action, and lots of displays of pure female muscle strength.
This comic has all that, coupled with my usual smattering of humor and gags, I'm sure you all will find it a delight to read. I can say that in my 3 years of making comics for this site, this is by far the most unique comic on the site to date. I've never worked with an artist with this art style. Rex Equinox comes the closest, but this was a real unique experience working with this guy. And I have great news, we're currently planning a 2nd comic together.
The comic itself is 36 pages, and has 4 intense female muscle growth sequences. Its about a group of cheerleaders who are super bummed about always cheering for a bunch of losers. To make matters worth, the guys are a bunch of jerks on top of that.
One of the girls mother bakes them a batch of brownies to cheer them up after their most recent loss. But, these brownies are not the fattening kind, they pack a wallop! And the girls soon find out the meaning of true strength and power. They take to the field and show the boys how its done. Just lots a great football action in this one. Crushing, tackling, tossing the boys aside. Super sexy stuff!
I know you all will love this comic. So please check it out.
I do want to spend a little bit of time discussing the artist of this comic.
Its powerman2000 and you can get to his DA account here
Please check out his page and also his other comics that he has for sale. In this season its always nice to share what you can. Again, I know times are tight, but when you guys purchase either memberships from my site, or purchase comics and image packs from other artists, you do a lot to keep this community alive. But, you also help out real people who have real bills, and who have real people and loved ones that depend on them.
So I want to thank you all for that.
Thank you for all your past, present and future support.
Now, on with the samples!!!!!(you've been reading so far so here is your reward)
No nudity, but fmg themes, so NSFW!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Guys, as I said lots of exciting things coming down the pipe.
Got a new comic for you all. It's pretty cool to say the very least about it, but this is me and I am verbose, so I will say more... LOTS MORE!
Anyway its entitled "Just Desserts" and its a story about how a mom cooks super strong brownies that cause her daughter and the entire cheerleader team to hulk out. Really fun stuff.
It was drawn by
Please go and check out his site. Maybe even order a few of his other comics, it really would help him out a good deal. We have a 2nd comic we are working on, but again these things take time.
Anyway, back to the comic... Counting the cover its 36 pages in length and is just a really fun read. I know you all are going to enjoy it. It's going to be up by Friday, and I'll have some samples for it tomorrow.
Again please check out Powerman's link above, and if you can think about buying something from him. We're such a small community and I know times are tight, but a purchase here and there helps so many people out. Thanks and have a nice day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas is coming a little early this year!

Great news.  I got a new comic for you all. Its I think 36 pages counting the cover and its a whole lot of fun. I will be sending that off to the webmaster soon, so it will be up for this friday. Man o' man, this is going to be a great month, and next month looks to be another good one as well.
The only bit of a bummer is I haven't gotten much work done on the super strength folio. Well I haven't did any work on it since I focused on the nude figure folio 3. However, rest assured that will be up and posted hopefully next week. That will make 3 solid updates. And I hope to get a 4th one for this month as well. That be a true Holiday bonus for all of us.
Stick around. Lots of cool stuff coming down the pipe!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Update Now UP!!!!

The problem has been fixed. So I hope you all will enjoy the new update. Now, I go back to writing and creating new art and stories for you all!

A little snafu with the new update

Howdy all...
I'm not happy about this little snafu, but it happened and it should be righted soon.
What happened is my webmaster put the update on the wrong site.
A bit scatterbrained, but hopefully they will fix that soon. I'll post as soon as I find out its fixed.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Samples from new folio

Its entitled Nude Figure Folio, and it should be up and available for you all shortly. I was told it would be up tonight, and so it should be. I just didn't want to wait around and leave off posting till later in the weekend. I wanted to get this stuff out of the way so I can focus on making art and writing stories the whole weekend.
Anyway its a 50 image folio, and the 3d model is one that I have been using a lot this past year. I really enjoy her look quite a bit, and I enjoy posing her. I hope you all enjoy this folio. Its nothing fancy, just a naked woman strutting her stuff.
However, I am quite pleased with how this turned out, some of these poses were some of the most beautiful work I have done to date.
Don't worry I got lots more planned story and comic wise. These things take time to make, but I hope to get two more stories to you shortly!
Also I got that big feats of strength folio. Should be the biggest and best one to date!
Enough typing, time for the samples.
Very, very NSFW!!!! I mean it!!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update sent off to webmaster

Howdy all!
Super pleased I got this update behind me, as I got a lot to focus on this weekend. Layouts for artists, notes and scripts as well. Also I need to finish drawing that page for the artist to color. That will be my 2d art debut for this site, and I am excited about it. It should be cool stuff for you all!
Lastly also I get to resume work on the next folios. They are the super strength one that I believe I mentioned in passing. It's turning out really good. Should be the best one yet!
As for this weeks update. I hope it will be up by Friday. It's 50 images, and they all are of that model in the nude figure folio. I really like posing her, and it really turned out great. She still hasn't gotten dressed, but you know thats part of the charm of these images. They are a bit naughty, but also very sensual, and fun! You're going to flip when you see the renders. But, I really can't wait to finish this new feats of strength folio. I'm trying to figure out how to do another Samson Pillar image. I want it to be fresh, but also the staple "Samson" image.
Stick around previews coming soon!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Over 30 images rendered today!!!

I was lazy for most of my vacation, but karpe diem!!!! Never too late to seize the day, and I made the most of my last vacation day and kicked out a whole bunch of renders. Most were simple, but I have a few complex ones. I do have a bit of sad news I wanted to get the newest feats of strength folio finished for this weeks update, but it is getting pushed back to next week. I want it to be big, bad ass, and just so awesome you won't know what hit ya... And it will be!!! Which is why I am pushing it back so not to rush it.
But, don't worry I'll still have an update for this week. I just made about 30 images, and I hope to make some more. I still need to edit them, for the final touch ups, but they are mostly good to go. Again I don't know what the update will consist of. So far its going to be mostly that nude pinup model that I made. Images are turning out really well, but I want to change it up and give you guys something else as well. But, important thing is there will be updates this month. At least two BIG ones!
Stay tuned for more information.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

25 pictures done for new folio

I'm working on a new Feats of Strength Folio. Its really shaping up to be something special. The girl that is featured is the model that I used for the "Bigger Trophy, or So long and thanks for all the muscles" comic.
As the title of this post says I'm 25 images into it. I don't know how many there will be. I hope to have that blonde model of mine from the 2nd feats of strength folio and the pinup one back to show off her power as well.
I'm thinking of perhaps another car destruction, and 3-6 new chain break images. Already for this folio though I have the girl bending a big barbell. Lifting said barbell of course. Her lifting massive dumbbells. And smushing the dumbbell in her hands. She also folds a thick steel plate. And then takes another steel plate and tears it in half.
I don't know how many images this will be, but I hope to make quite a bit more. I'd also love time to do a 2nd folio as well. Next week I will be posting them for you all. I don't know what it is, but these feat of strength images really turn out well. You're all going to love it and I can't wait to share some goodies with you all.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

End of streak blues, but I do have some good news...

Its a bummer that the consecutive update streak ended. I was hoping to ride it out much more. I still have 3d art to compile into comics and sooo many 2d comic pages I need to figure out how to letter. I bought a new program to letter them, but nothing is ever easy guys.
I got some cool works coming down the pipe. But, the artwork is coming in slow due to the holidays which is fine.
Speaking of the holidays. Next thursday is thanksgiving.... I don't think I will have an update for this site for thursday. But, I should have a pretty massive one next thursday. So far I'm not quite 20 images into the new feat of strength folio. I want more Chain breaking and other stuff in it. Maybe a new car crush. We'll see...
I got other news that I am excited about. I like to draw, but I am afraid by myself my skill just isn't worth charging anyone for. However, I just spoke to a friend who will ink and color my work, and I think that will give it the polish that it needs and I think you all will love it. I hope to get my first comic finished.... Maybe, if we are lucky before the end of the year... That is doubtful, but not impossible. But, I am excited about the prospect of me drawing for this site.
I just wanted to let you know about this upcoming thursday. I do hope for december that it will be a month of updates though. Maybe we can start a new streak as well and go even longer than last time.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Musclexx Pinups Now Up On Site!!!!

Howdy all,
This weeks update is now up and live for you all. Its a 10 image set drawn by the great and talented Musclexx. I think him and CGMan are two of the very best at making muscular female pinups.
The sample that I chose for the last set was the best image I've ever commissioned for my site bar none. This one is almost as good. I'm not kidding, to me just to get close I thought would be damn near impossible. A herculean task if you will. So its only fitting that the woman in this image be doing something just as impressive and she's breaking chains with her biceps just by flexing. Now, don't be fooled into thinking that these commissions by Musclexx are only just chain breaking images. Though I love those images as I am sure you all can tell from all the ones on my site and posted as samples on my DA page, there is a wide variety of themes for these images. We got a cheerleader playing football, a sexy construction gal bending a huge steel girder, light domination and sexy muscle worship, and gals lifting huge barbells.
Enjoy the sample no nudity that I can ascertain but it is a really skimpy swim suit. So lets say NSFW!!!!!

If you all are still reading I just wanted to say one last bit. I got the character sheets for the new Xen0phage story. Its looking really amazing. I thought our first story was awesome. This one will make it look like a 97 pound weakling. Its a fun concept that I had in my head for awhile now, and I'm super excited about it as I think Xen0phage is perhaps one of the few artists/writers who could bring this story into existence.
I got other stuff on the horizon, including more Ms. Liberty(slowly but surely), and a new comic by Femfortefan. I won't say much about either except they are happening and its some of the best stuff I've ever have been a part of. You'll flip your lids when you see them. The Femfortefan comic I think might be mine and his best collaboration yet. And I think that's saying something as all 3 of our comics we've made together have been pretty darn good.
Anyway enjoy the sample. Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update sent off to the webmaster

I just looked over all the images I sent to the webmaster. Its going to be another fun update. Yes, its a collection of pinups again. However, they are pretty amazing. I don't know what I am going to choose for the sample image, as their are sooo many cool ones. I just don't know which one to pick. The chain break, car crush, muscle worship, the many muscle worships, or the domination one, or the girl with the whip.
AS you can tell lots of cool images to choose from. I know you all will enjoy this gallery. I'll post a sample of it tomorrow for you all.
Don't worry I do hope to get another comic or story update for you all this month. I got 2 more weeks left to make good. But again I just want to comment, that this is the longest update streak ever for this site. I lost track of how many weeks in a row it's been. I'm going to keep this going as long as I can. I hope you've all been enjoying the updates.
Anyway I got to get back to writing. Take care.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another update coming later this week!

Don't got a lot of time to chat. But, I wanted to let you all know I got another update this week.
Making this I think the 6th week in a row with an update. I don't know what it will be. I don't have a lot of options, but what I do know, is that its going to be cool. So stick around and Wednesday I'll tell ya all more about it. I got to do some writing and send stuff off to artists. So will tell you all more about it in a few days.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Deadbad's Pinups Posted on the site.... or will be shortly

Hey all... The update is sent off to the webmaster. But, I got to go out of town for a job and I won't have access to internet. At least internet that my work won't spy on me for. So I couldn't wait till the update was posted by my webmaster.
I just uploaded the sample and the full update will be online shortly. I promise. But, I can't wait.
Anyway the update is 12 new pinups from Deadbad. I love his art, and I hope you all love it as well.
Next week I will try to get something special for you all, it might be more pinup art, but I hope to get some story stuff for you all. However, the cool news is I will defiantly have an update for you next week. So the good news is this site is on a roll. For those of you who liked Xen0phages story, I just finished reading the first draft of the next story. Its bigger and better than the first in sooooooo many ways. Its going to be a great project. I don't think that story will be ready for this month. Perhaps December, but it might take till early January.
Here is the sample image.
I'll have lots of cool stuff for you all hopefully next week, but its a long, long weekend for me, but I think I will be able to churn something special out for all you all.
No nudity but it is a woman growing out of her clothes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yet again another update sent off to webmaster

This marks the 5th straight week with an update for my site. I'm super pleased, but also a little bit saddened by this update. As this is the last of the pinup art that DeadBad has made for me. However, its a pretty cool update. Won't go into detail now about it. But, its 12 pinup images and they are pretty cool. I know you all will love them. I did want to add some of the 3d mini comics I've been making with this update, but I haven't completed enough. Sadly I got to work this weekend for my 9-5 job. Stinks that I can't work on art for this site. But, its good as I'll use the OT pay to get some cool commissions for you all. And that is how you make lemonade.... Well not really, as it involves squeezing lemons and sugar and another process, but you get the point. Its a figure of speech.
Anyway its late and I'm heading to bed. Will post samples tomorrow for all you all.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Draining Control(New Illustrated Story) Now Posted On Site!

Howdy all!
Got great news. There is a new update for you all to thumb through this weekend. Its a fun little tale and a first for this site. Can you believe it has been about 3 years and I never had an illustrated story before. I tried a bad mishmash with that hercules story. And some parts work and some parts didn't.
Anyway, this story all works. Its a fun format and I hope to do much more in the future like it. And no, don't worry I'm not abandoning the comic format. I just want to try and do different things.
This story is written and drawn by fellow 3d artist Xen0phage, and I cannot begin to tell you how great of a job he did with this story. First I think its one of the more enjoyable pieces of femuscle fiction I've read in a while. I'm biased I know, I did have a hand in creating it, as I wrote the treatment and he flushed it out. But, seriously its both a quick and fun read. I do want to make the tales a bit longer in the future, and with more pics and also action.
However, this was both our first steps in this new format, so we had some growing pains. Still the process was an enjoyable one much like the character Dani in our story had when she drained her boyfriend of his size and stature.
In a nutshell the story is about a woman who gets feed up by her over bearing and strict boyfriend and decides its time she drains some of the control he has been exerting over her. She does so by literally draining the dude. Fun and romance ensues and well enough chit chat.
I'll just share the samples and the links.
You can also read the text version of this story at my site. Its free there as well.
Enjoy and there is nudity so NSFW!!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another update sent off to the webmaster!!!!!

This will mark the 4th week in a row that MFMC will have been updated. I don't think I've ever in the history of the site done that before. Next week I'm going to scramble but I hope to continue the streak and make it 5. If we are lucky I might have another comic for this month, we shall see what fate has in store.
Anyway, the update is something new for the site. An illustrated story. It's in a PDF format and is if I recall just shy of 2,500 words. So its about 10 written pages and it has 20 images to accompany it. It's a bit crude as its the first PDF either me or the artist/writer has made.
However, its a great story and has some pretty nice images. I'm working with the writer again and some of you might recognize the artist. Xen0phage both wrote and made the images for me. I've been a big fan of his for a long time and it was nice working with him. Again I must say one thing he took the concept that I had for a story and made it into one of the best stories that is featured on my site. Its pretty dang good.
I'll have the text version of that posted for free on my site for anyone who wants to check it out. Again this is just what I hope will be the first of both the illustrated stories for my site, and working with Xen0phage. We are currently working on a bigger tale. One that will have more pictures for you. I don't know when that will get done, but hopefully before the years end.
One last note.
If you want to help this site out and can't afford a membership feel free to like my facebook page.

And also I know I discussed this in the last few posts. But, CDR is a friend of mine.
If you haven't checked out his new image pack, go and check it out. Its really just fantastic stuff.
Here are the links, check it out and enjoy.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page

That's enough shameless plugs.
Thanks for reading this long and take care of yourselves!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Musclexx Pinup Set Posted On Site!

Howdy all,
The wait is finally over. The mystery artist that I commissioned for the newest update for my site is...
Drum roll please....
For those who never heard of the talented artist go ahead and browse his DA page
The guy is crazy talented, and for me he captures closest than any other artist I have worked with the idea female form. Insanely muscular and yet feminine and soft in all the right places, and the muscles do not lessen the curves, but enhance her curves.
The whole set consists of 10 pinup images, and the one I choose for a sample is without a doubt the best image I ever commissioned. And guess what guys the rest of the batch is just as amazing.
Check it out!
Again, I'm super pleased with how this whole set turned out and have plans to work more with the artist in the future.
Next month looks to be another busy month for this site. I got at least one complete illustrated story for you guys and maybe another comic. And I do hope for either another CGMan pinup pack, or another set by Musclexx.
Stay tuned.
And also I know I discussed this in the last post. But, CDR is a friend of mine.
If you haven't checked out his new image pack, go and check it out. Its really just fantastic stuff.
Here are the links, check it out and enjoy.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update sent off to webmaster

What a month!!!! Three great updates this month. First the 40 page comic, then CGMan's 12 pin up images and now I got 10 more pinup images for you all. You're going to flip when you see who it is that drew them. Like CGMan, I think he is one of the finest artists depicting the muscular female form. He has quite the following on DA and other sites. But, I'm going to wait till the update is live on my site till I let the cat out of the bag.
But, stick around for the samples that I will be sharing. Again one of the images is without a doubt the single best image I ever commissioned an artist to draw for my site. And that was the first image he drew for me. Imagine all the amazing stuff that is in that full pack of images, and also imagine how much cool stuff he has yet to draw.
Anyway I also want to share one last thing with you.
My friend CDR is an amazing 3d artist. He makes sexy uber charged women. He just released a new image pack. The girls are so strong in this one, they literally move mountains. Not joking he has a few images of the girls moving an entire mountain. They also, bend an megametal(super dense metal) steel girder, break huge boulders. Bend a metal weight while flexing their biceps. And their muscles are so hot, they turn that metal weight into molten metal.
Trust me, if any of you guys like hot and muscular superheros, or dig feats of strength. This is without a doubt one of the best image packs you'll find. It contains 41 images, and is both an fun read and super sexy. If you like busty long legged women with thick muscles and amazing strength check his stuff out.
Here is a link to his new image pack.
Here is a link to his store in general
And here is a link to his da page
One last thing. I haven't thanked you all for all your support for quite sometime. I just want to remind all you people out there, that thanks to all your generous patronage people like myself and CDR are able to make this wonderful art. We do this for the passion of it and the love of the muscular female form. So even if you don't buy anything. Check out the samples and drop us some comment love. It really helps motivate us.
Thanks and take care all!

Monday, October 21, 2013

New update coming this week!

I got some exciting news for you all. I'm not going to spill the beans just yet, but its truly exciting stuff!!!!!!
First I want to say I have a new update this week. Its going to be at least 10 images. But, maybe if I can get some free time I can expand on that. The images are from a new artist. New for the site that is, some of you might recognize his work from Deviantart or other places.
Guys work is amazing. And I'm super glad I got to work with him. Without a doubt he drew the best image I ever commissioned any artist for ever!!! And let me tell you all, I've had many amazing images commissioned over the last few years. The one image that I will be sharing is just phenomenal! Not an understatement and the other images in the set are just as cool. Its a great set and I know you all will love it.
The update will be out by this Friday. I hope you all agree this has been a pretty good month so far. This will be the last update for this month, but its going to be a good one.
And one last bit of news. I just hired a legend in the Femuscle art field. A true legend.
Won't say anymore except he worked with LHART for a pretty long time. So I'm proud to have him making art for my site. I don't know when the project will be finished. Always a chance it never will get finished, but I hope this will be just the start.
I'm super excited about the prospect of him making stuff for my small site.
You all take care and come back soon. Samples will be up and you will all just flip!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New CGMan Art up on site!!!!

Hey all just wanted to let you know that the site is updated and that it has new art featuring CGMan.
Its a really cool set and I think just as good of a batch if not better. Don't ask me how this latest batch could be better as the first batch was just so incredible, but I think he has gone and done the impossible.
I know you're all going to love the whole set. It consists of 12 amazing image that just feature some of the biggest, most ripped, gorgeous muscle girls you'll ever see.
Here is a link to a sample image. Its just so dang awesome I'll let the image do the rest of the talking.

And if anyone is interested in a small preview of what the other images look like check this link out.

Feel free to stop by both my page and CGMan's and drop us some comments. I know I love to read what you guys think.

I got another update coming next week, and next month I got a first for my site. More about it later, but I know you all will enjoy whats in store!!!!! Enjoy the update and take care!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Changing Behavior Samples!!!!!!

Hey all here are some samples from my newest comic "Changing Behavior".
Its a 40 page comic drawn by Rex-equinox. I cannot begin to state how pleased I am with how this comic turned out. This is without a doubt one of my easiest and most fun to read comics I've made so far. And in no small part due to her wonderful style and talent.
The story is about what happens when a battered woman gets a witch to put a spell of protection on her to protect her from her abusive boyfriend. That little spell brings about mighty big changes. Despite the heavy theme of abuse it really is a fun comic and I know when I first read the finished version I was engrossed throughout my entire read. Something about the style and layout just clicked with my imagination and I just had a blast with it. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.
For now enjoy the samples. No nudity and really no bad language, but still NSFW!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update sent off to webmaster

Hey all,
This weeks update has been sent off to the webmaster. I'll chat a bit about it, but I want to go into more detail about it Thursday night or Friday morning when I post the samples.
Its a 40 page FMG/ Male drain comic. As I  said before it might be my easiest comic to read.
I found myself more engrossed while reading it than any other of my comics. I think its the art style and how she utilized the text. Its also a fun read. A bit of a departure from the normal aesthetic of how my comics look and feel, but I know you all will enjoy it.
I just commissioned CGMan again, and next week you will all be seeing the latest batch from him. I think its even better than the first batch. And the first batch was some of the best images I ever commissioned. I'm super excited about working with him again. And I hope to have him become a bi-monthly or even maybe monthly artist.
Also I commissioned an as of yet unnamed mystery artist to do pinups for the site as well. And right now he drew without a doubt the best image I ever commissioned. In two weeks I will share that image with you all when I unveil who it is. Also, I will be rehiring him as soon as he completes the commission. So I hope he will become at least a bi-monthly artist as well.
I do have some somber news on the 3d art front. My eyes have been becoming very very tired. And I find it hard to focus at times and they become blurry.
I think its a combination of things. Like i need to sleep at least 7 hours maybe even 8. And I work with computers on my 9-5 job, so I think I need to find a way to get away from the glaring screen all the time.
So I will be much slower making 3d art from now one. Not abandoning it. Just write now I will focus on writing. I do hope to make some stuff this weekend, as I do enjoy making it.
But, stay tuned on cos I got some cool samples coming your way in a few days!!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Big update this week!!!!!

Sorry about the long absence, but I have not been standing still. Big things are in motion and the gears are turning. It's going to take a long while to get to where this site will be churning out comics and photo-sets consistently, but it'll get there.
First news on this update. It's a 40 page comic and it'll be released this Friday. Its a fmg/drain story about a woman in an abusive relationship with a jerk of a guy. She visits a witch, gets a spell placed on her and strange things start happening. It's drawn by a new artist, and I think she does a great job telling the story. I found I was engrossed in the story and drawn in to it more than most my comics.
So I am really happy to be sharing that with you all. The art style is a bit different, and more manga-ish and cartoony then any of my other stuff. But, again its a fun breezy read and I think you all will enjoy it. I plan on working with the artist again.
Also I got a new image set from CGMan 12 images this time. But, those will be released next week. And I got another great pinup artist drawing for me. More on who that is later, but I know you guys will flip when you see his work. Without a doubt one of the images from the set is the very best image I ever commissioned EVER!!!!!! Super stoked about sharing that with you all. That will be I think next week or the week after, we shall see.
But, this month is shaping up to be very very big.
On Ms. Liberty front, its going to be a big waiting game. But, I'm still working on new stories. One of the covers is close to being finished, and it looks like something you'd see on a big time marvel or dc comic cover.
I'm super pleased.
And believe it or not I got tons more stuff in the pipeline. I'll share more about the other stuff later as they get closer to posting. But, this month is going to be epic, and next month is shaping up to be a good one as well.
Stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Great news on the Horizon.

I just commissioned some more artists to work with me. You would not believe how many comics I have in the pipe right now. However, some of them have been in progress for more than a few years. They'll get done, but I can't wait for them to be completed. I just hired 2 new artists and possibly 2 more on the way. Its a big cost for me as this site does not even come close to paying for just one artist. But, when you all see the comics and stories it'll be worth it.
I also need to find a program to add text to my comics. I have a whole bunch of comics that I need to add text to, but I can't as I don't want to do a half assed job. If anyone out there can reccomend a good program that would be a boon. I don't want to do it in photoshop as I find text in that clunky. I edited some of the manic's text for Ms. Liberty II and it just took a bit longer than what I thought it should.
Next month CG man should complete the 12 image pinup commission and I'm hoping to go right back and hire him for another 12. I think we all agree that CGMan's pinup art is some of the best art for my site, and its just really amazing.
Also if you liked his pinup art, I hired another artist, I'm saving his name for the reveal, but his pinup art will debut next month as well, and its just as amazing as CGMan's stuff. Different style, but just as fantastic.
As you all know I got big things planned for Ms. Liberty, and I'm hoping to find one more artist to draw her adventures for me. I'm planning on using Dracowhip as well, but he's working on a huge project for me right now. And I mean huge. Over 100 pages, which is why I need a program for comic text. I use Comic life and I might upgrade to comic life 2, but that's not good for penciled and inked pages. I only like the look of it for my 3d comics. So again if someone has a line for a program I can buy it would be a boon.
Lastly I just want to say, I have a pretty big KinkyRocket comic, that probably will finish up near the start of next year. I hope to work with that artist again, but it will depend on a few factors. Still that will be one of the best Fmg/male drain comics ever. So I know these last two months have disappointed people. I wish I could be regular like the other art sites. But, I'm just one man and I fund this out of my own pocket. All the support you all give me is well appreciated and as I said goes right back into hiring great talent. And I know the artists that I work with thank you all as well.
I got writing to do for a new comic, you all stay tuned. I'll try not to be a stranger.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

News on two new Ms. Liberty comics!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
I just thought I should tell you I just finished the script for a short 15-19 page Ms. Liberty comic that the Manic will be drawing.  That's actually going to be part of a bigger project. I got how I want to divide up the Ms. Liberty stories, and I think you all are going to agree its a good way. Hard to explain, but once you see my plan when it comes into reality, you'll all love it.
I got 2nd big news. I just finished the layouts for another ms. Liberty comic. This one will be 16-17 pages if I decide on putting a cover on it. I think I will. I haven't done a layout for the cover, but believe me the layouts for this are some of the best I've ever done. Its a great little comic.Almost all action, but it tells a good story as well.
That story too is part of a bigger group of stories that I will release all at once. Not the same group as the Manic's story.
Oh, and Ms. L has finally gotten a name. I can't tell you all it yet. But, I'm super excited, I just love how this character keeps growing and growing. I do need to find a few more artists to work with for the stories I have planned. But, right now 2 of the artists I am planning on using are working on huge projects for me. So I will be using them, it just might be a few months or longer before they can start. And I don't want grass to be growing under my feet that long. There is plenty of Ms. Liberty stories to go around, I just need both the money, and the artists to bring them into existence. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you all. Both stories are really, really good and I know you all are going to love them. But more important I know you're going to love all that I have planned for her coming up. I hope I can get the first batch of new stories released before the end of the year. And then the 2nd one a month or two after that.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Ms. Liberty Script Sent off to The Manic!!!!

No, I don't have an update for this week. I'm sorry, I've been working on making both Ms. Liberty Layouts and also the script for the next Manic comic. Well the first draft of that script has been sent out. And its pretty dang good. I still need to tighten it. But, I think its going to make a great story. Its not Ms. Liberty III, its a side story. But, trust me you're going to love it.
Also, I'm working on another side story with another artist. We're almost done with all the layouts, then she draws the comic. We got 4-6 more layouts to do. So far the comic is looking to be one of the best things I've ever done. It takes time to make great things, and I think combined the page count of those two projects is going to be 30 plus pages. So thats a full comic right there. I hope to get both done before the end of this year.
And I hope to break ground on other Ms. Liberty stuff as well!
Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sorry for lack of posting

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the lack of updates. What should have been a bad ass month has been lame ass. However, I'm going to do my best to make the end of the month worth it. I got 3 days, and  a lot of stuff to do. I don't know if  I will succeed, but I will try my best.
Right now between my 9-5 which is really, really busy for me right now. This is the busiest time of the year for me, and on top of that I have to site through road construction on my way to and from work, which nearly doubles the commute. So I don't have the time I am normally use to, and I've been super stressed.
Not all is bad news though. I'm working on a new Ms, Liberty project with The Manic. No its not Ms. Liberty 3, and I have another short comic in the work with her, from another artist. And I'm also working with CGMan again and the art is looking really amazing!
I just wish I could do this as my real full time job, but I supplement this site with my own money. So I need the job for now. But, when you see the comics that are coming up, you'd all flip.
I'll have more soon.
Oh, and one way I think you all could help my site. Go to my facebook page and like it
That won't cost anybody a thing, and it could help get my site some exposure.
I do feel really bad about months like this, where I can't get you all the content you deserve. Its not over yet I know. Just again know that all the money I get from this site, and a good portion of my own income goes into hiring artists. I'm not getting rich off you guys, but the more money I make, the more artists I hire. It all goes back to giving you guys the best art I can manage. Soon, you're going to start seeing the divet ends from all your patronage.
So thank you for all your support. Now excuse me, but the day is halfway over and its time I start making some art for you all!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Comic and New Folio now posted on SITE!!!!!!!

The comic is a 15 page piece written and drawn by JorgeGaray. I think you all will enjoy it, the spunky girl it features is really cool, and does some bone crunching and devastating moves to the hapless male of the comic. I also have another new folio. Just a small one, but I really like the two models it features. It should have been 20 images, but I lost count and so only 19 were made. Still its a fun little folio, and I think you all will like the images.
I said I had big news and  I do. The Manic has agreed to start on new Ms. Liberty Comics. This is not Ms. Liberty III we are going to be working on, that is at least 4 months off. But, rather we will be working on at least one mini comic. I hope for more. As I have soooo many ideas for Ms. L. Sooooooo many ideas. And I think the Mini-comic format is the perfect format for a lot of them.
I want to bridge some of the gaps in her timeline, and also expand on a few things. Like basic training, and just how did she get her outfit. I got plans for all that. Also what does she do with her free time? You're all going to find out, sooner hopefully than later. But, be patient, these things take time.
But, for now, enjoy the images.
These do have some nudity Soooooo NSFW!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

another new update sent out to webmaster

Its not a big update. But, its not a small update either. Its 34 images total and consists of one 15 page comic and one 19 image folio. I think you all are going to enjoy this update. Again, its something just to hold you all over for the next weeks update. I hope to finish one of the comics I have to add text to.
Don't know which one I'll try to get done, but all are really awesome so whichever one it is, its going to be great.
I'm pooped though, had a 14 hour shift at work. Which will be cool for the OT, but I had a lot of work to do today and I didn't do any of it, cept for sending out the update and editing the 19 image folio. Still more than I thought possible. I needed to send out layouts to 3 different artists, but I'm just too drained. I hate to make them wait, but tomorrow I think would be best to go about making the layouts. I'll be fresher and more artistically inclined and creative.
Lastly I got huge news. Trust me, you're going to want to hear about this news. When I post samples of the update, I'll spill the beans. Till then, stay frosty!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sorry for hiatus... I got an update this week!!!

The last two months have left me feeling burnt out and exhausted and my 9-5 job is crazy busy right now. I will be busy for about 2 more weeks at least at my 9-5 job, but it should subside after that. I got some projects I'm working on, and I think you all are going to enjoy them. But, about this weeks update. I don't have it all planned out yet. 
I haven't sent it out to the webmaster. I will be sending it out tomorrow. But, what I can tell you is I have a 15 page comic story that will be going up. Its drawn by Jorge Garay. He's just a fantastic artist and the art is amazing. I had nothing to do with the story, he wrote it himself, and although I'm not keen on having comics I don't write on my site, I'm very keen on having Mr. Garay's art on my site.
Also, Jorge Garay and myself are working on a comic together. Its going to be pretty dang cool when it gets finished. It still has a long way to go, so consider this 15 page comic as a sampler till we get ours finished. Also, I hope Garay and myself will be able to work on many future projects together. I know we got plans, lets just hope fate agrees. Anyway as always stay tuned for more info and goodies. But, I do think this weeks update could be a good update for you all. I got some more art I've been working on and it could be ready for this weekend. So art and comics, that's what you all come here to see and this weekend I will be able to deliver.
Stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two new folios posted to site 90 TOTAL IMAGES!!!!!

Its a big update, and I got a ton of samples of you. Its definatly NSFW!!!
I have two new folios one is a 60 image pinup posing type folio where the girls pose in various states of clothing and undress. Seeing their nude muscular bodies will give new meaning to the term, in the buff. I know that was bad and cheesy, but its midnight and what do you expect at this hour.
The other folio is 30 images and is all about feats of strength. It has lifting of impossibly huge weights, bending barbells, crushing dumbbells, folding plates of weights in half, and numerous creative ways you can break a metal chain. 
Here are the links for you all. Again sorry to sound like a broken record but NSFW!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Update sent off to the webmaster

Its 2 folios, featuring 2 women, clocking in at a whooping 90 images. You've seen both of these models before. I used one of them on the feats of strength 2 folio, and pinup folio, and I've used the other one on the nude figure study folio.
At the moment they are two of my favorite models that I have in my runtime. This update is really quite cool, it has a lot of the things that I like in my images. A lot of these images were more tricky than I think any of you could imagine, but they all turned out most excellently. I did wish that it was 30 image bigger the folio, as the blonde girl didn't get in on the feats of strength this time. But, I'm going to fix that. More folios with her are going to follow, and a comic with her. Probably a mini comic. I'm going to see if I can make a series for her to star in. Just an idea, who knows if it will hold water....
More about these will follow, but some hints at what they contain. Barbell bending, weight plate folding, dumbbell crushing, chain breaking, and more!!!!!! Oh and the chain break images, they are some of the best I've made yet. And I got 6 of them in this folio. That's the most I've ever had in one folio. Trust me you guys are going to love this set. And I got comics coming for next weeks update!!!!
Stay tuned for more goodies, soon as they get posted to my site I'll post the samples here.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working on upcoming weeks update!!!!

Its going to be a big one. At least I hope so. I got 3 days to put it together and send it off to my webmaster. That might not be enough time, as I want to get 36 more images done for it. So far its going to be 2 folios. And they are really something special. I wanted to include them in last weeks update, but I couldn't get them done and I don't want to rush them, as I rather have them be the best I can make them.
Its two types of folios one for the fan of sexy muscles I got another pin up and nude figure study of my 2 recent 3d models.
Then I got a super strength folio, and its shaping up to be really cool. I'm talking about bending 45 pound bench plates. Crushing dumbells between her hands. And I just completed 2 really cool chain breaks, and I hope to make a few more of those as well.
I don't know what else I'm going to add to the super strength bit. As I don't want to merely retread old images. Both the chain break images are new concepts, and I know everyone is going to love those. But, I want more epic feats of strength. So I hope a good nights sleep, will allow me to dream up cool ideas, and tomorrow when I get home from my 9-5 job, I will start plugging away!
Stay tuned for updates and goodies!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Pinup Muscle Gallery Posted To Site!!!!!

Hey All,
I got great news. There is a new update on the site, its the Mighty Female Muscle Comix version of Pinups!!!! I just love pinup art, and so this project was a dream come true for me. CGMan was the artist and you can visit his deviantart account by clicking this link He has tons and tons of freebies and his art is just amazing.
It is a small update, but don't worry the quality of it more than makes up for the lack of quantity. If these aren't some of the best female muscle art images you've ever seen, then I think you might not like women with muscles. Anyway I do hope to get another update next week for you all. I'm still finalizing some images I am working on. More about that later. For now, enjoy this sample from the newest folio. Oh, and some of the other girls that we hulked out include Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Betty Grable, Raquel Welch, Elle Macpherson, Ursula Andress, and Bettie Page, amongst a few others. Enjoy!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Miss Liberty II is up on site!!!!!!!!

So this is really a great update, but what is a great update without a minor snafu. When I woke up this morning and checked my site to see if the comic was posted I discovered to my horror that we were missing a page. Its page 6, and I have the finalized by sans text version of it. I sent out both an email to The Manic, to see if he could send me the text version of it, and I sent out the textless version to my webmaster so that you will have at least something till we get that replaced. I apologize for this. But, this is a big undertaking this comic and its really only 2 people that made this, and so regrettably these mistakes happen. I'm not happy about it, but I hope you all understand. I hope the text-less page 7 will be up and available by the end of the day. And I hope to replace that within at least a week at the longest.
Anyway, enough talk of the minor speed bump. I want to talk about this comic. It is 43 pages(will be after we get the missing pages) and is the sequel to Ms. Liberty. The action this time is set in the pacific, and I think its a fun and original little comic. The art by The Manic is just simply amazing. It really fits the tone and character to a T. I'm so pleased that he was the one that I had draw the first Ms. Liberty comic, as I think together we made something a bit better than most of the femuscle comics.
It has a ton of FMG sequences in this comic. A few full sequences and a few partials. This is due to a FMG/ male drain bomb. Don't want to give too much away, but I think its a pretty cool concept and I know you all will enjoy it. And yes for the male drain fans there is quite a bit of that, but for those who don't like that kind of stuff, I think everyone will enjoy how its handled. Like the first one, this comic has a healthy sense of humor, and it very fun to read. And the opening action sequence, all I can say is woweee!!! Its one of the coolest I've ever been a part of.
I have tons of plans for Miss Liberty in the future. And I'll say if you like Miss Liberty and want to see more of her let me know.Below you will find links to the comics. No real foul language or nudity, but I still wouldn't view at work.
Please stop on by DA and leave me a message. I like to hear what people think about this stuff. Oh, and stop by the manic's page and blog and give him a big thank you. Without him this comic wouldn't have happened.
Here are the links to the samples of Ms. Liberty II

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miss Liberty II DONE & Sent off to webmaster!!!!

As usual I got good news and I got bad news. The good news is actually rather great news!!!!!!!!!
As Miss Liberty II is finally finished. I just completed the final spit polish of the text and its without a doubt one of the best femuscle comics ever. Manic and I have crafted a pretty dang froody comic that I know you all are going to love it. Me and Manic have more Miss Liberty planned, but I will discuss that later. Once its available on my site, I'll post some samples of the comic for you all. Trust me its going to be pretty dang epic.
  The bad news is, once again I have run out of time. I have 100 images that were parts of a new feats of strength folio, and a pinup folio, but I don't have time to put the finishing touches and edit the pictures. I hope to get them done and uploaded by late friday. But, they won't be available with the miss liberty update. I really wanted the Miss Liberty update to be the biggest and one best update ever. I'll just have to settle for it to be one of the best updates ever.
The good news is, I got a whole bunch of cool stuff on the way. And that I think is the best news of all.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update is coming along, but please be patiant

I crashed and burned hard last week and I am only now getting back to some semblance of normality. The good news is I have all the renders I need for what should be easily a 2 minute animation completed, and it should be one of my better animations yet. I just need to edit some of the frames and then edit the whole movie and it should be good for you all...
Now about Miss Liberty, I still need to finish editing the text. I'm sorry its taken me this long to do so. But, after 10 hour work days and 2-3 hours in the car. Coming back to a hot room isn't the best way to crank out pages.
I'll find a way to make the next update special. But, I'm going to need a bit more time with it. I apologize, but again once this comic gets posted its basically finished for all time and I want to make it the best I can. Stay tuned more updates to follow.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exciting news!!!!!

This is truly amazing news and I know you all are just going to be ecstatic when you hear it... So I will just go right into it; I have just commissioned FemForteFan for another comic. And we have tentative plans for future comics as well. He is a very busy person so their is no timeframe for when this will get done. But as soon as it does, you can bet you'll hear about it, and I'll be posting it pronto!!!!! The comic that he will be drawing is going to be a goodie. Thats all I can say for now.
But, while I am updating I just want to fill you in on the new animation. I had a slight setback in regards to it. I lost I think about 6 hours of time with it today. However, I fixed what was wrong and the animation will be the better for it.
It still needs me to render more camera angles and perhaps maybe even make a little bit of supplemental animation to bolster it and smooth it out. And on top of that I need to go through the rendered still and fix some of the more noticable poke throughs.
I still hope that I will get this animation finished for this next weeks update. As I have like 5 other ideas for animations I want to get started on.
Speaking of updates.... Miss Liberty II is still on deck for this week. Stay tuned for more. Its one of my best comics ever!!!!!!!!!

If at first you don't suceed.....

Try, try, try, try, try, try, and f-ing try again!!!!!
That has been my mantra for the last day or so. If you all might recall I was working on a 40 second unedited animation and it was giving me fits when it came to draping all the dynamic clothes in the scene. Well, I had to make a whole lot of tweaks and adjustments and a lot of stuff many times....
BUT, I got it all ready to where  I am rendering it now. I'm super excited because I can't wait to see how this puppy turns out. I hope to be able to get this animation done by tuesday sometime. So it will totally be ready for next weeks update.
Which will HAVE MISS LIBERTY II!!!!!! So no matter what next week you don't want to miss out on a fantastic update. I'm going to do my best and see if I can sweeten it even more by adding yet another animation into the update. Only time will tell, and time can be very unforgiving. But, I am just happy that this animation is going to get finished. Now its time for me to sleep while it renders. I stayed up all night figuring this problem out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Update and Samples

Hey Guys the new update should be posted sometime around tomorrow. But, I went ahead and posted samples of it today for you all. I ran out of time and didn't get all the stuff that I would have liked in this update. But, that just means more for future updates.
Still, this update is pretty sweet and you're all going to like it. I have two folios combined of which is 32 images total. The first folio is 2d art by Deadbad. If you like his art feel free to check out his DA site and commission him, he has a sale going on. I might be commissioning him for more as well. So if you like him don't hesitate. Here is a link to his DA account
Below you find samples of this folio.
The second folio that is part of this update is a nude photo set. I had a lot of fun making this and I think I want to make another similar one but where the woman crushes the weights and really shows off her strength. Samples Below.
And lastly is my newest animation. I got a ton more in Que that I  working on. But for now this is a juicy sample from my latest animation. Its a GTS animation, and you will see more giantess stuff on this site. But, I was a dunderhead again, and forgot to add a cool breast enhancement in it. That would have put it over the top. But, you're all going to love this animation.
Its 2 animations the edited clip is 2 minutes long and I got a 2nd one that has the unedited camera angles that I think is fun to view as well. Thats just a smidge over a minute.
Here is the sample both youtube and Deviantart.
And some stills...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prepping the next update

Hey guys and perhaps maybe the occasional lady.... Whats UP!!!!
Just letting you all know I am in the midst of figuring out just what I am going to post for this weekends update.
I got 3 minutes of animation for you guys all primed and ready, and I might have some more for you as well. That will be super exciting. I would love to be able to give you all 5 minutes of FMG and GTS action. Their a bit of a caveat to this however, as the really cool and long(40 seconds unedited) fmg/male drain animation that I was making has hit a few snags. I think it has to do with the length of it and the type of clothes I am using. Not the end of the world. And I hope to crack that nut this weekend, but I want to shore up this weeks update.
I also have I think 17 really cool images drawn by Deadbad. Some of you may have heard of him, and others this will be your first introduction to his delightful art. He has a fun and playful style and some of the pieces are really just fantastic.
And thats not all for this weekly update. I do plan on adding some more stuff. I have a beach folio of two of my models that I am thinking about adding. But, I want to add something with a little bit more red meat. Something that will get all your blood pumping and whatnot. I'm working on a new domination folio. I spoke with a few people and they requested it, and I was happy to oblige(FYI, chatting with me, leaving msgs and comments on my work is a great way to see more of what you like).
So the good news is this week we'll have an update and its going to be pretty dang good. The bad news is, time goes by so quickly. I really thought I would have had more time. But, thats my problem and it just means I have to get more done over the weekend. Stay tuned for some samples and news...
Miss Liberty II will be next WEEK!!!
Which coincidentally is the fourth of july. A serendipitous occurrence but not one I planned. That would have been too smart of me. Take care all!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Wow, this last weekend was without a doubt one of my best weekends in terms of membership signups. And I told you all to wait!!!!! It's still a bit too early to start. But, I'll make it worth it for all the people that did sign up. I've just finished a new GTS animation. Its a minute long giantess growth animation. No fmg or be in it. Just a hot lady growing to about 50 feet in height or so. Trust me its really good. I hope to make one more animation for this weekends update...
Speaking of this upcoming update, I've been kicking around just what I should post for you all. I got some real hard decisions to make. I don't know what I will be posting but I promise you, you all will love it. I got some Deadbad art that I could post, and I got some of my un-compiled 3d art that I could whip up into shape.  And I got a bevy of other choices. And yes don't worry Miss Liberty II will be coming shortly. I promise! I think its going to be not this upcoming week but the week after. I have to tweak some of the text and I don't want to rush it. I want it to be perfect.
Thanks again to everyone, and stay tuned. I got a whole slew of goodies and samples that I will be posting soon. And as always, please post and give me feedback. Even if you are upset with me and think I am a hack. Your feedback will only make this site better, and I think with all your support we can make one of the best femuscle comic sites on the web.
Thanks again and take it easy you all!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

School Girls Verses The Horrible Thunder Beast! is now POSTED!!!!!

Here you guys go its on my site and ready for you all to dig through and enjoy. Its 25 pages of fantastic femuscle action. It has 2 fmg sequences, and a great all out brawl where the girls battle the Thunder Beast. Tons of mayhem and carnage as the monster and the girls lay waste to the city. This is one of my absolute favorite comics that I've ever made. I truly believe its one of the funniest things I've ever written. And to top it off the it the two fmg sequences are pretty intense. Also I think you GTS fans will get a kick out of the comic. It doesn't have as much height comparison with the gals and the buildings as what I would have liked, but I think the fight in the city is sure to please.
I've included imageshack links as well as my DA links. Please feel free to go to deviantart and leave me a comment or fav. I really enjoy getting them. I love hearing back from you all I truly do.
And lastly this is just the first of what I hope will be at least 4 months of quality posts. I don't expect you all to sign up over this comic. Feel free to wait a few weeks or months. But, do know that none of this money goes to lining my pockets. It all goes back into the femuscle community. And thanks to all fantastic members I've had I've been able to help out a lot of amazing artists. In the next few weeks and months you're going to start seeing what those artists have been up to. And you all can start the countdown to the new Miss Liberty!!!!
It's coming, very soon!!! For now enjoy some of the sample for this comic!( I know enough with the exclamation points already!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comic sent to webmaster

I just sent a new comic to my webmaster, its the one I mentioned in a prior blog post entitled Schoolgirls Versus The Terrible Thunderbeast. Not sure if Thunderbeast is one or two words, doesn't really matter. I just want to give you all a plan on what I am going to attempt to do in the ensuing weeks and months.
I think I have enough material right now for like 4 months of steady updates, and if I get lucky and unlazy I might have even more material. Miss Liberty II will be getting posted soon.
I did suffer a little bad break with a accident lately. Powerlines fell on my car while I was driving. Nobody was harmed, but it means I will be out 500 dollars. And thats 500 dollars I wish I could use hiring artists. Still its not the worst outcome.
And as I said I have a good chunk of art. And I plan on more coming in. You're going to love this Schoolgirls comic, as its the best comic me and Femmeforte fan have made together. And I think it is quite possibly the funniest comic I've ever written.
Anyway, more on that later. The comic should be posted around Friday. And I will have some previews and samples for you all shortly.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Miss Liberty II is finished and other update news.

Hello all,
Its been a long time since I posted on this blog and even longer since I posted an update on my site.
No, I have not forgotten you all. I finally am ready to get things moving again for this site. I plan to have an update out next friday, and actually the next 2 weeks after that.
I have big news. BIG, BIG NEWS!!!!!!
Miss Liberty II is finished!
Let me say that again MISS LIBERTY II IS FINISHED!
Its a big comic clocking in at over 40 pages. If you liked the first one you're going to love this one.
Also I have a new story by FEMMEFORTE FAN that is entitled "School Girls Verses The Mighty Thunder Beast". Its a really wild story and gts fans and fmg fans should love it. Its about a group of school girls who hulk out, and then get zapped by a growth ray to defeat a huge goddzilla like monster. That one clocks in at 25 pages. That's the story I hope to post next Friday.
Miss Liberty will come on the heels of that one, but I need to spruce up some of the text.
Lastly I have 2 completed comics by Zanfador. You might recall him from the comic "The Arms Race" or his work with Hunter S Creek. Trust me his stuff that he just drew for me is some of the most amazing artwork in femuscle comix history. I need to add text to all his stories, but I hope to get the first one finished soon. That one is 30 plus pages and its a superman parody and its just really awesome. It has 2 fmg scenes, and tons of carnage.
However its the 2nd comic that he completed for me that is really amazing. Its a jungle girl/tarzan story, and its 110 pages. Not joking 110 pages, and that is the best comic I have ever done. I need to add text to all those pages, but I will start that after the superman comic is done. Also the lady of the jungle I probably will release in parts. I'm thinking something like 15-20 pages a week. So that comic would take about 2 months to release it all.
But, thats not all everyone. I got some really big news. KinkyRocket is drawing a fmg comic for me. We're a little over 10 pages into the process of what will be about 25 pages. Its going to be an epic comic. Male drain and fmg; cheerleaders and football players.. All mixed up to create one insane comic! Its going to have tons of fmg in it and also some really cool scenes and depictions of strength.
And believe it or not, I still have more comics that are being worked on that I haven't even told you about yet. And I'm still making 3d art, but it takes time. It really does.
You all have a take of yourself. I'm sorry about the delay, but I have been hard at work creating what I think are some of the best femuscle comix you'll find anywhere on the net. On the net, or in THE WORLD!!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making lemonade(figuratively)!

If you recall my last post, I lost a character that I spent a lot of time making. Well, I got good news. I was so enraged that I swore off sleep and got to work. I recreated her, and I made her even better than she was.
And I learned my lesson and I have many saves. It wasn't the file that got corrupted its just a glitch with my 3d program, and so I have many different versions of her on my computer with different levels of clothing and shaders applied. This way I won't lose her again.
I just completed my first render, and its an armwrestling scene, and its one of my best renders ever. It took me around 7 hours to make. But, it looks great!!!! I have big plans for this series. Will be a bit different. I know you all will like it. I hope to get the first part of this series up soon. Not saying when, but soon!!!!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Really Cheesed off right now!!!!!

I hate my 3d program. Sometimes I want to bite the bullet and switch over to poser. Daz has alienated me many times, and continues to do so. For the last 4 days, I was prepping a scene I want to make. I've been getting closer to making it, and it be something new and different. A sword and sorcery type story, and I made one killer barbarian babe. But, when I go to load the model of the woman, sadly it won't load cos daz is a pos if you use shaders or dynamic cloth. Really cheesed. I only had the one save file, and I should have saved her with no clothes and just the morphs I used, and skin settings. Alas I didn't. I can try to make a new one. But, its late and I am upset. And making a new figure will take at least 1 hour to get right. Probally 2... Really upset right now. As this is just another setback and I don't need it. Oh well!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two new folios Added

Hey All, as of writing this my site has been updated with two new folios. One is a cool little pinup folio and the other is a really cool Feats of Strength Folio. All together its 100 new images for you. So it should keep you all busy for a little bit. I'm really proud of this folio and I think you all are going to just love it. The model of both of them is one of the best I've yet created, and I'm sure you all will agree. I can't wait to get her into a comic. Speaking of comic, I'm working on a lot of new ones for you all. Lots of irons on the fire and as soon as I finish them you'll all be the first to know.
There is one minor snafu. There was a mistake while uploading the new folio and some of the older Feats of Strength Folio seemed to have gotten deleted. I am working with my webmaster to restore the files. As the older Folio like the newer is some of my best work, and I'm really proud of it. So if you are a first time subscriber, please bear with me while we address and correct this issue. If you are a returning it shouldn't be too horrible of an inconvenience.  Remember all best laid plans of mice.
Anyway below are some previews for you all. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another update sent out to my webmaster

Hey all,
I just sent out 2 new and complete folios to my webmaster!!!!!!
Despite my rather loose use of exclamation marks, this really isn't an update to get uber excited over.
To be fair, I love one of these new folios and I think its some of my best work. I just finished another Feats of strength themed picture set, and its even better than the first one. Without a doubt it has some of the best images I've ever made up to this point. It has 4 pictures of a woman flexing out and breaking chains with her mighty muscles. And I have a couple images of her bending a steel bar, and then I brought back that girder I made a long, long time ago. And I know you all are going to love what she does with that girder. Its really no match for her. And to top it all off, I have this cool little sequence where the model poses with a sports car, and destroys it piece by piece.
Its not a complete destruction, but the owner is going to be upset when he sees it. A complete inverse reaction from what you guys will have no doubt. I really want to work with a 2d artist and do some images along a similar line and really go for break.
So I know, why if I am so happy and pleased with the aforementioned images, do I ask for you all to temper your excitement. Well, again its Mighty Female Muscle Comix, and my greatest strength is in story telling and writing. And I really want to get more stories out to you all. Which they are coming along, but they take time. I hope to get some stories out to you by the next weekend.
And lastly, and I know my order of speaking is a bit convoluted and scatterbrained, but the last folio is a simple pinup gallery. Its the model from the new feats of strength its her just posing and flexing. Nothing to get too excited about. But, I do like a lot of the images, and she is really fastly becoming one of my new favs. I'm going to totally make a comic for her.
As soon as my webmaster posts the update to the site, I'll post here with some goodies for you all.
See ya soon!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finalizing latest update

Hey All,
I just finished rendering the last image for the newest update. It's going to be a big update. But, its really not a big thing. I think the update will be 2 different Folios, but both feature the same woman. Its a nice character that I made, and I really like her. She has a cool look to her. About 40 of the images will be just her flexing and posing. I was experimenting with lighting and her textures. You will notice that midway through the first folio her skin texture changes, and I think we can all agree its for the better. As I said it was an experiment, with me getting to know the model, and the textures.
I really like the veins that she has, I'm using a new vein set, and it really adds a lot of realism to the renders. I can't wait to modify it, and make some new ones of my one from it.
And the 2nd of the folios is the cooler of the two. Its a feet of strength themed folio. And its 60 full images. I will have chain breaking, bar bending, girder bending. And lastly a fun little sequence at the end where the model poses on a car and destroys it bit by bit. Its not total destruction of the car. But, its still fun, and I think you all will like it. I had a lot of fun making images for it. It gave me a lot of ideas that I want to try to get done in the future. Anyway, thats enough ramblings for now. I'll post more about it when I send it off to my webmaster. I still need to edit the images. But, this is going to be so much fun, I know you all are going to like these images.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick status lowdown....

I didn't want to call the above an update... So, no I didn't send the new folio to my webmaster yet. I am not happy with the current contents of it, and I want something more grand for you all. Which means I will be delaying sending it off, till the weekend. You deserve better, and I got a couple of cool things I wanna try and do. So far the folio is turning out pretty dang cool, but with a little more time it'll be even more complete and better. More to come soon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Update on the way...

Don't get excited, its really nothing special. Partly I'm making this update because I always wanted to revisit the theme again, and partly I'm making it as I dipping my toe back into the modelling waters. The update will be a Feats of Strength themed folio. If you recall I've only ever really done the one feats of strength folio, and that really entails all of the topic for my entire art catalog. As I said, its a market that I believe no one does better than CDR. But, some of passion must have rubbed off on me, and I want to correct this shortcoming. I do have plans to make a funny little superhero comic involving trails and feats of strength. But, I want to finish up the two comics that I am working with.
As I said also, that I am slowly, and slowly getting back into modeling more stuff for my comics. At best I am a crap modeler, but some of the stuff I've made is passable. These are still tenative steps, and most people I think would be like whats the big deal. As the stuff is so basic, I don't think you would even think I modeled or did anything at all. But, baby steps.
I don't know how big the folio in question will be. I'm on render 21 and I still have a couple more ideas that I want to try. I'm bringing back the steel girder from the first folio, as I really loved the shots that I made with it, and I want to do more. Also I want to do another Samson pose, of destroying and bringing down pillars. The only samson pose I've ever done took me like 4-6 hours to make, and although I think it is one of my best images, I know I can do better. I don't think I'll make more than 1, possibly 2 samson poses. But, I have an idea for a greak Folio, or maybe comic that I might do another one in the near future.
I do want to touch briefly on new comics. I have two fun comics that I'm working on, I don't know when I will get them done. This weekend I couldn't focus, and it turned out to be a huge waste of time for me. But, my goal is to get some comic material out to you guys before the first half of next month. So even though this weekend was a total bust in terms of comic content. I did busy myself making some cool images for you all. And again that folio I am aiming to send that off to my webmaster before the month is over. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Friend CDR and Other Musings
Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know that CDR the talented and amazing 3d artist who runs Ultracharged has a new image pack(link at the top cos I get verbose and I wanted it to pop out more for your ease). For those of you not familiar with his work, he makes the absolute best femuscle animated videos. His 2d artwork is also unparallelled. He does things in his comics that amaze me, and I just love his over all aesthetic.
If you love uber powered sexy muscular heroines then you really should check out his site. That's what he is all about. I had the privilege to proof his latest image pack, and let me tell you WOW!!! It is FANTASTIC! Lots of feats of strength fmg, and sexy women. And one big robot, I'm a sucker for robot bashing. The story itself was a nice little jaunt and highly amusing. So please support the cause and check out CDR's site.
 I want to spend the last paragraph or so and extrapolate on my last sentence. Because, I believe that although CDR and I run separate sites, we are not rivals. We are both part of the femuscle community, and sadly its not a rather large community. And making art, comics, and animations take a lot of hard work, time and dedication, and yes even money. Its not about the money its about the passion.
And I know I have been blessed with many great supporters who supported me through the desert times, and for that I am thankful. I know money is tight all around, but I want you all to know, what support you give artists like myself and CDR its what keeps this community alive and flourishing. I want hundreds more femuscle comic and art sites to pop up, I'm not afraid of the loss of revenue, rather I welcome all the creativity and art it would engender and bring into this community. 
So to reiterate, please check out this link Its really one of the best image packs I've seen in a long time.
And lastly, I was mistaken about what the date was my last post. I think I can get 1 more update this month!!!!!!

Update is out on site!

Its called domination folio and its a big folio at 60 images. It really has everything fans of muscular domination could want... Most things, I guess its missing a few things.... But, what it does have is bear-hugs(of course cos I love bearhugs), back breakers, full nelsons, leg scissors, and various other crushings and smotherings.
I really like this model, I think she has a spunk and vibe to her that is intriging. I'm going to have to give her a comic story of her own. You all will definitely be seeing more of her.
Anyway, here are the links. I hope to get another update out before the week ends. So it looks like this is the last update for the month, but should be starting the next month off strong!

Really super NSFW!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

New update should be up tomorrow

Hey all, I just got an email from my webmaster telling me the update should be ready for you all tomorrow. As soon as I notice it is up, I will post the samples right here. As I said you all are going to like the update. Right now I am hard at work making some new images, and other stuff. I have some vacation days coming up as well, and I hope to get a new comic to you all soon! Stay tuned for some cool stuff!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New update almost all finished

No need to get excited. But, I actually got more of a membership bump than what I thought I would with my last update. In fact I got a whole lot of positive response from it. Its that kind of response that really sustains me and drives me to create art and craft stories for you all.
Now, as I said this update is nothing to get excited about. Its just an image folio, and not a comic. But, its a big image folio and I do feel that sometimes with folios more so than comics I make more interesting images. So I think although their is not a story, there is a lot of red meat for fans of muscular domination, so in a way I think folios allow me to do things and make images that might not be so simple or easy to pull off in a comic.Its 60 images in total. And as I said before its domination themed. And it has about 11 leg scissor pics which as you guys know, I don't really have a lot of them in my comics.I was thinking about making a comic series out of it. As I like the characters I made for the folio. But, I really couldn't think of a story to sustain it, at least a story that I want to explore and invest my time in. But, I do think you'll be seeing more of them around. But, its late, and tomorrow I want to edit the images, and then send them off to my webmaster. I'll talk more about the update soon, and I'll be back with samples.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Update status

Well, its been a few weeks since my last update. And regretably I was more burned out than what I wanted. I've been dragging my feet to make art since then. I did set up the prep work and the first 10 images of a new comic, I am excited about. Called fun with potions. It should be really cool. But, its been super cold in my house, and so I haven't spent a lot of time at my desk.
But, I do have some good news, I just finished loading daz onto my new laptop. So, I hope to be able to work more again. I don't want to really make my laptop the beast of burden rendering stuff like I use to. No animations I will make, as those take hours and can really bog down and heat up my machine. But, I do hope to be able to make some fun stories with it. I hope to get an update sent out to my webmaster this weekend. How extensive it will be I don't know. I will do my best to make it worthy of you all. I do have a few vacation days I will be taking this month, so I hope to get work done then. Anyway stick around.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Site Finally Updated!

The comic is up!!!!!! I know its about time. The good news is I have a lot of material and I actually have even more ideas. I want to do a GTS comic next. But, who knows where my creativity will take me. The only thing I will say is I hope to have at least 1 more update this month, and not a small one either. At least the size of this update.
Below are some sample images of this comic. I don't expect anybody who is on the fence about joining my site to be swayed or even to purchase a membership. This update is a long overdue thank you to all my supporters. Because of you, I've been able to hire great artists. Miss Liberty 2 is on the way. Miss Liberty 3 will be started right after 2 is done.
Without your patronage none of that is possible. This is just the first of what I hope will be many future updates. But, words are cheap, and I hope to prove it to you with UPDATES!
Now back to the comic, its called "Bigger Trophy or So Long And Thanks For All The Muscles!"
Its 26 pages counting the cover, and I do some things that I've never done in a comic before. Like shrinking a male to the extent that I did. The woman is also one of the biggest muscle wise that I've ever made. You might recognize her from one of my folios. But, she is a tad bit more muscular here than in that folio.
Enough Chat enjoy the preview pics.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Update sent out to webmaster

I just sent out the email to my webmaster, and I just uploaded my stuff to the ftp server. Its not a big update. But, its a comic, and I do think its a good one. Its a bit different and yet very much the same of all my comics before. If you guys like Goth Girls Revenge, you should like this one. I like the sense of humor that came out in the comic writing aspect. I tried to channel the ghost of Douglas Adams, and since he was an atheist, I'm not sure if I was too successful. Regardless, I think its a funny little jaunt. I'm not going to post the previews tonight. As again its a work night and its late. But, I'll probably post the previews of it tomorrow. But, I'll give you all a little bit of info to hold you over. Its a 26 page comic counting the cover. Which means its one of my shorter comics to be fair. And its comprised of 60 odd images. And it contains a little over 2,500 words. Its not as wordy as my other comics but its still a bit more verbose than most comics.
As I said its not much this update. But, its a start. The good news is although compiling this comic and writing it was both tiring and draining, it also was fun for me. This was one of the first times I've had fun doing this sort of thing in a long time. I want to keep this feeling, and not get burnt out. I do have some more material that I hope to compile and off course I have ideas of some comics I want to make. I aim to have at least 1 more update for this month. But, because of how it goes, there is a possibility of I think 2 more updates for this month. But, as Douglas Adams would say, "Best laid plans of mice." Take care everyone, and come back soon for the previews of the new comic!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good news and bad news...

Okay guys, here is the good news.....
I got finished making a new comic for the site....
Now the bad news. Since I literally just finished making it, and its after midnight and I have work tomorrow. I won't be able to send this off to my webmaster. There are still a few things I wanna do, like make a cover for it, and to proofread it. All those things I shall accomplish tomorrow. Along with sending it off to my webmaster. Counting the cover it be a 26 page comic. So it be one of my shortest comics. But, I think you all are going to really like this. This turned out really good. It actually surprised me with both how fast it came together and how well it turned out.
Now, if you all will excuse me I am tired. All I did this weekend was work on this site and comic. I'm going to check to see who won the superbowl, and then I am going to bed.
I apologize again for the delay, but hey at least things are getting done finally.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Status on update.

No, I am not dragging my feet. But, as Douglas Adams would say, the best laid plans of mice...
As I did mental tabulations on whether or not I could get the big comic completed by the end of this month, I came to the conclusion that I could not. So I decided that I would make some small and quick comics. But, those took me longer to make. Which means no, I won't be able to get an update this month. But, this weekend I will defiantly be able to get an update out for you all.And it will be all the better for the delay.
And I am hoping that once I do start updating this site, that I will be able to keep it going. You all deserve better. I just wanted to keep you all in the loop and explain what was happening. With the work week over, I'll be able to soley dedicate my time to updating the site.
I understand your patience., you've all been so good with your patronage. And as I said before I have a lot to make up to all of you. Thanks again.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update really soon, not joking!!!!

Hey guys,
I am super close to having an update ready for you all. First I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me through the downtime. No I have not gotten rich off your dollar, and I plan on repaying all your kindness with interest, by making the best damn comics I can make. The new comics I've been making have that MFMC flair to them, but I'm doing something different. Something that I hope will mean, that I will be able to make these comics faster and offer updates at least 1 per month.
I have currently 3 minicomics finished. But, they are only a page each. But, don't worry they are big pages. When you see the comics you'll know what I mean. As I said I'm trying a new format. So far I like it. I have the material for more minicomics to be made. I just need to compile them. But, it took me 9 hours so far today to make the ones I've made.
Also I got one bigger comic made. I think it will consist of 60-70 images when finished. My goal is to make 1-2 more minicomics tonight and tomorrow. And then hopefully by Wednesday I'll have the bigger comic ready for you guys. My plan is to get an update before this month is out. I don't know if I can make that goal, but I'm sure going to try my best to do so.
Please stay tuned for the real updates.