Thursday, December 7, 2017


It's been awhile since I've had an update, but this is a big, big, big one. It's 45 pages and it features many different artists. This is the first of what I hope will become a recurring series. This comic contains short mini comics and pinup artwork based on the theme female muscle growth. There are 4 complete mini comics and 10 amazing pinups. A whole lot of clothes tearing and sleeve bursting rippage to be found in this issue. If you all like FMG comics, then you're going to love this one.

The comic can be purchased here:

Here are the samples. No nudity, but lots of clothes tearing. So NFSW!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ms Liberty: The Longest Day

Tonight's release is an epic one. I have a new Ms. Liberty comic for you all to enjoy. Lot's of feats of strength in this one as Ms Liberty does some tank busting, building smashing, missile launching, bullet stopping, fighter jet crushing, and rifle snapping action. This is just an action packed comic, but I think you'll like the story too. In fact in this issue you'll find out the limitation of Ms. Liberty's power and strength... That is, if there are any. 
The comic can be purchased here:
Below are some samples. No nudity just some pictures of Ms. Liberty looking strong and beautiful in her star spangled garb. Still since it's muscle ladies... NSFW!


Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Put A Spell On You COLOR!!!

I was lucky enough this year to have a couple of my classic comics colored by the talented Fasola! This is the last comic he colored for me this year, and I'm really pleased to present it to you. I Put A Spell On You And Now Your Strength Is Mine! has always been not just one of my favorite comics Femfortefan drew for me, but also one of my all time favorite FMG/Male Drain stories. The comic is a morality tale and in it a young woman gets a spell put on her to protect her from her abusive boyfriend. Every time he hits her, he shrinks and she grows. Will the boyfriend learn to control his rage, and what will the young woman do with her newfound size and strength. The only thing bigger than the woman in this comic is the page count, this comic is a gigantic 36 pages. As you all know I love big page counts as you get to explore more character growth(not just the muscle kind, but there is plenty of that!), and you get to see more of them reacting and adjusting to the changes. Just a terrific comic and I know you all will enjoy it. I also hope to work with Femfortefan again.
The colored version of this comic is only available at my shopify page.

Here is the link to purchase it:

Here are some samples: No nudity, but a woman is hulking out of her clothes and they are shredded and tiny indeed on her. So NSFW!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Throwback Tuesday Muscle Lust

Hey everyone it's time for another Throwback Tuesday! The comic for this week is "Muscle Lust" and it's truly special comic for me. This comic was the first time I've ever worked with AOS and I hope to work with him again. AOS is a true legend in the femuscle field and he did not disappoint with this comic.Also this was one of the first times if not the first I worked with Uli as the colorist.I think it's one of the best FMG/Male Drain comics you'll ever read. AOS drew it in a way that really brought you into the scene with the characters so you can see each sinew lost and gained. I'm also pleased with the text that I wrote for the story, I believe it really enhances and doesn't overpower the art and but rather further helps to engross the reader into the comic.Just a really titillating read!

The comic can be purchased here:

Below are samples. These can be a bit mature... No nudity but there is a woman on top of a man and she is wearing a sheer outfit. So really this one could be NSFW!! So don't click if you're at work!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lady of the Jungle 5 the final chapter!

This weeks release concludes the epic 5 month long saga of Lady of the Jungle. This series has everything you femuscle fans could ever want: feats of strength, mixed fighting, fem dom, a dash of female muscle growth, cat fights, romance, and muscle worship. In this issue Jane and the Evil Jungle Queen duke it out in an epic all out brawl, with the ladies pitting their strength against each other in the ultimate test. This last issue also includes some of the best feats of strength I've ever had in a comic and one of them will literally bring the house down. This is one of my best comics and its a personal favorite of mine. I know a lot of you still have yet to discover this series. So lace up your boots and prepare to embark on an epic adventure.

Here is the link to purchase:

And here are the samples. No nudity, but femuscle awesomeness and one of the best lady Samson poses you'll ever see.... So NSFW!!

As always thanks for the support and enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl

Got a great new release for you all. This has been one I've been saving up for a long, long, long time and it's finally seen the light of day! To me this comic is just about everything I want from a femuscle comic. It's about a small and weak nerdy girl who wishes to become an athletic trainer. She gets humiliated and belittled by a group of arrogant jocks who bully and harass everyone at the university. Well, they bullied the wrong woman, because she resolves to herself that she will show the jocks the error of their ways and that they'll wish they had taken her seriously. So she begins to build up her body and her strength. Day by day she gets stronger and it doesn't take long for the other female students at the university to notice her change. She decides to help out the other female students and soon the entire female student body at the university become muscular powerhouses. Strong enough to put those jocks in their place and teach them a lesson in female superiority. The comic is 31 pages and has multiple female muscle growth sequences, mixed fighting and mixed contests of strength, and an epic cheerleader vs football player football contest. Just a whole lot of fun. I know you all will enjoy this comic.

Here is the link to purchase it:

And here are the samples. No nudity, but some sleeve bursting fmg and cheerleader squashing football action. NSFW!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kickin G Vs Kiss of the Dragon Queen #2

The crossover continues in Kickin G Vs Kiss of the Dragon Queen. It's a clash of Mighty Female Muscle TITANS in this issue as Mina takes on the mighty Dragon Queen. This issue is just a lot of fun and its one of my favorite Dragon Queen stories. It has a bit of fmg and male muscle drain, the nice sense of humor you've come to expect from the series, a whole lot of sexy, and one HECK OF A CAT FIGHT! I know you all will love this comic it's just bristling with femuscle action and excitement and no one draws cute and sexy muscle bound martial arts ladies like Jorge does. Just fantastic art. And as always thank you for your support.

Here is the link to purchase:

Here are the samples no nudity. But Sexy muscle babes standing chest to chest... NSFW!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lady of the Jungle #4

It's time for another exciting installment of Lady of the Jungle! This issue our two intrepid heroes take on the evil jungle Queen and she proves to be more than a match for the both of them combined. The evil queen looks to crush both the heroes rebellion and their bodies all at the same time. Just a fantastic and exciting comic. This issue has one of the best fights I've ever drafted. Its two verses one, male vs female, and powerful woman vs powerful woman. You're going to want to read this one! 

You can purchase it here:

Below are the samples. No nudity, but buff and tall women kicking butt and taking names... So NSFW!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Throwback Tuesday!

Time for another Throwback Tuesday!! And this is a big one for you all. I just released three classic Mighty Female Muscle Comix tales to my shopify page. They're a mix of female muscle growth and male drain, muscle worship and mixed wrestling, and classic b horror movies!!! 
Here's the link to all three:
Samples below no nudity, but plenty of hot femuscle action!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

kickin g issue 8!

Here is tonight's new release. It's issue 8 of Kickin' G! Fans of the series will remember it's about a guy named G and a cute musclebound martial arts gal named Mina. Each issue is jammed pack with action and this one is no different. In fact Mina fights a lady with huge muscular quads, and it turns out the lady more than holds her own against Mina. Also we introduce a new character in this comic and she is possibly the biggest most muscular lady Jorge has ever drawn. She is MEGA!!! That's actually her name, because she's so big, and her entrance is sleeveburstin good ol' fun!

The comic is available exclusively at my shopify page and you can purchase it via this link:

Below are the samples. No nudity but some girl on girl fighting!!

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Totally Super Spies #2

I present to you Totally Super Spies issue 2... And this is a "Giant" sized issue... And by that I mean the ladies in this issue grow to incredible heights. Mad scientists, elaborate death traps and even giant kaijus are no match for this trio. Lot's of fmg, a splash of gts fun, and tons of action and humor abound. I know you'll all love this comic.

You can purchase it here:

Below are the samples. No nudity, but ripped clothes and lots of sexy femuscle goodness.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Schoolgirls Vs The Horrible Thunder Beast COLORED!!!

Really pleased to present you all the colored version of my classic Mighty Female Muscle Comix tale Schoolgirls vs the Horrible Thunder Beast. It's 25 pages fully colored and it's illustrated by the legendary Femfortefan. The comic also has the original black and white version included as a bonus. This comic has some really amazing fmg sequences, and a lot of really cool feats of strength, and it was my first GTS comic to boot! I also think that this is hands down one of my funniest comics ever. Whenever Femfortefan and I collaborated it seems like we always made something special and this comic was no exception. And I hope with all your support past, present, and future that I might be once again fortunate enough to work with that legendary artist. This comic is only available via my shopify page.
Here is the link to purchase it:

Here are the samples. No nudity, but clothes rippage and lots of sexy and skimpy clothed muscle babes.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lady of the Jungle #3

Here is this weeks new release: Lady of the Jungle #3 and at 27 pages its a big issue!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, this whole series is not just my favorite series, but I also consider it some of my best work. This issue is all wall to wall action and Jane fights savage animals, male domina slaves, and the dominas themselves. She proves to be more than an equal for all the challengers, but Darsoom has some lady problems with the dominas. They're just as strong as he is, if not stronger and like Jane, they too might be too much woman for him to handle. Just a real fun issue. 

The comic can be purchased here:

Below are the samples... No nudity, but sexy muscular jungle babe fighting man, beast and woman! NSFW!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Big Shots 2

Here is this weeks release Big Shots 2!!! I must admit I never thought there would be a sequel to the first one, but you all seemed to really enjoy the comic and I know you all will enjoy this one. This has FMG and lots of feats of strength and a couple of really cool male/female muscle size comparisons where the women make the men look soooo small and weak. All in all good fun. Enjoy the samples and as always thanks for the support! You guys made this sequel happen!!

Here is the link to purchase the comic:

Here are the samples. No nudity, but sexy muscle ladies lifting and bending huge weights.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Totally Super Spies

As always I am pleased and excited to present to you my newest comic. This is Totally Super Spies issue 1... And yes that does mean there is more of this series coming in the very near future. This series has it all action, feats of strength, sexy ladies, and fmg... DID I MENTION FMG... Yes there is a lot of female muscle growth sequences in this issue. 4 of them... There is also a pretty nifty scene where a girl turns into a giantess and battles a giant robot. Lots of fun... Here is the link where you can purchase.  And as always thanks for the support.

Below are the samples. No nudity but sexy ladies in skimpy clothing destroying robots and beating up men.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Battle Blaze

Prepare for battle with BATTLE BLAZE. This is the Mighty Female Muscle take on super powered martial arts manga's like Dragonball Z. This issue is all about a young woman who is stands up to an evil super powered gang of alien conquerors. At first she doesn't look like much. But, then she powers up and her body erupts with muscles and power. A spoiler that isn't her final form and she's not done growing. This comic has multiple FMG sequences and is just a whole lot of fun and action in all 21 pages. 

You can buy the comic here: 

As always thanks for the support and enjoy the samples!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lady of the Jungle issue 2!!!!

The Lady of the Jungle series returns for another exciting installment. Darsoom foolishly challenges Jane to a wrestling contest, and he finds that she is way too much woman for him to handle. This is one beast that he cannot tame. In fact it's Jane who does the taming as during the match things really heat up between the two. Their fun is interrupted by a war party that is out for blood. It turns out that they are warriors from an evil jungle kingdom ruled over by a mighty tyrant Queen and now it's up to Darsoom and Jane to stand up to their evil reign.  Hands down this this is one of my favorite comic series I've ever created and I know you all are going to LOVE IT!
The link to purchase the comic can be found here:

Below are the samples. No nudity, but girls outmuscling and out wrestling men so... NSFW!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Ms. Liberty Comic!!!!!!!

Ms. Liberty is BACK!!! This is a fun and exciting issue. 28 pages total, lots of FMG and clothes being ripped and shredded by sexy bulging muscle. A truly well done fighter jet bombing sequence with Ms. Liberty in top form, and she even takes on a hulking massive woman who overdosed on the top secret booster serum Ms. Liberty was supposed to protect. I'm sorry for the long wait for a new Ms. Liberty comic, but I wanted to make sure that it lived up to the original comics, and I think this new installment is a worthy addition indeed. It's already hands down one of my all time personal favorites and I know you all will love it too. As always thanks for the support and enjoy the samples.

You can purchase the comic here:

Here are the samples. No nudity, but Clothes getting ripped and just overall sexy muscle goodness!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ms. Liberty Returns

It's been a long, long, long time since I've released a new Ms. Liberty comic. Today the new comic will not be released, you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer... But, only until this Thursday night. But, for now to celebrate her return I just released her first two comics via my Shopify Page. I know for my long time fans you already have those comics, but for my new fans I thought you all would like this series. Without a doubt its not just one of my favorite series, but I also believe its some of the best comics I've ever had a hand in making. I'm really proud of the series, and I'm super excited to be bringing it back. I have big plans for her, and I hope to never go with such a long drought ever again. As always thanks for the support and I hope you all enjoy these comics.
Here are the links to purchase the comics directly:

Here are some samples for you all in case you don't know who Mighty Ms. Liberty is! No Nudity but totally NSFW!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just Desserts Fully Colored!!!!

This weeks release is a colorized version of a classic comic. Just Desserts is a 36 page fully colored female muscle growth comic. It has tons of FMG action as a group of cheerleaders eat some special brownies to cheer up and become empowered. They decide to take to the football field and just lay waste to all the boys foolish enough to be in their path. This is a really, really fun comic and I'm really just pleased at how well the colors have turned out for it. I wanted to get it colored for a long time. And you can bet, that more colorization of classic work will be forthcoming. But for now enjoy the samples and as always thank you for all the support!!!

The comic is only available via my shopify page and can be purchased here:

Here are the samples, no nudity, but cute girls hulking out and shredding sleeves with their muscles and rampaging on football field... So... NSFW!!!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dog on a Leash!

Really pleased to be sharing with you all this new comic. It's a morality tale at it's core. What does it take to curb a no good cheating horn-dog of his philandering ways? Well, obviously you got to keep such men on a real short leash, and that is what happens in this comic. Brian was always use to being Top Dog, but that is about to change, for Lori just convinced him to put on a dog collar during their tryst. But, this isn't a normal dog collar this is a strange device that drains Brian's prodigious size and strength and siphons its into Lori. Growing the once petite woman into a sexy hulking mass of female empowerment. This is not going to be a gentle affair, tough times lay ahead for Brian. The total comic is 35 pages of 3d rendered artwork done by the amazing Stone3d. It has multiple female muscle growth and male muscle drain sequences, lots of size comparisons, domination, and clothes rippage! Fair warning... This is one of my more extreme comics, but it still is a lot of fun!

The comic can be purchased here:

Here are the samples. No nudity, but woman is hulking out of clothes and a guy is on a leash... So NSFW!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kickin G' Vs Kiss of the Dragon Queen

I got a new comic for you all and it's a fun one. It's a crossover between two of my series drawn by the talented Jorge Garay. And as you all should know by now no one draws martial arts sequences and cute muscle girls like Jorge does. This comic is a crossover between the Kickin G and the Dragon Queen series and it has the mighty Dragon Queen taking on G in an epic brawl. Really sexy fight in this issue, and it also features the sense of humor you've come to expect from aMighty Female Muscle Comix. Lastly it has some really cool fmg in this issue. I know you'll all enjoy it.
Here is a link to purchase the comic:

Below are samples. No nudity, but sexy muscle lady... So NSFW!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lady Of The Jungle Issue 1

I got a really special comic for you all. This is the first issue of a five part miniseries. For all you action adventure fans, I think you're going to love this one. This takes the whole jungle man trope pastiche and gives it a Mighty Female Muscle Comix makeover. The result is a musclebound Jane who is more than an equal for the mighty savage jungle man, and she proves to him who the really rules the jungle.Tons of action in this issue, from the main character going from a skinny girl, to building up her body and becoming a true muscle woman. Features brawls, animal fights, feats of strength and armwrestling. Also, it has a nice love story and I think a nice sense of humor to boot. I know you all will love this series.

Here is the link to purchase:

Here are the samples. No nudity... But musclebound woman fighting animals and ripping off clothes... So NSFW!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

That Shrinking Feeling

Tonight is very special for me, because I just released one of my all time favorite comics I've ever written. The comic is 35 pages and drawn by the talented Dracowhip and Philip Lawson did the text for me. Philip as you all should know is just amazing with dialogue and text! The comic is about a cursed weight set, that steals the people who use it muscles and gains and gives it to the proper owner of the set... Unlucky for the guy in this tale, but he left his wallet at home and his girlfriend bought it with her own money!!! This is a female muscle growth and male drain comic and it has plenty of FMG and male drain sequences in it. It's really a whole lot of fun and I gave it a kind of classic old school horror vibe to it. I know you all will love it. 
Comic can be purchased at the link below.

Enjoy the samples!! No nudity, but buff muscle women in skimpy clothes and boob crushing a guy... So NSFW!

As always guys. Thanks for the support!!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gym Love

Here's this weeks new release it's an FMG love story. Has plenty of muscle growth in it as a young woman joins a gym and transforms her body from dumpy to a massive muscular musclebound knockout. Also contains a good amount of muscle worship in it as well. Really fun and steamy comic.
The full comic can be purchased here at my shopify page:

Here are some samples. Hope you all enjoy and as always thanks for the support!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

New comic: The Zoo!

Here is this weeks release it's a bare knuckled, slam bang, beat em up of a comic. It's about a Bunny and a Fox, both lady police officers who patrol the mean streets known as "The Zoo". It has tons of action and explosions, female muscle growth, and just about every cliche' from an 80s cop film we could think of. It's a whole lot of fun.

Here is the link to where you can purchase it:

Below are the samples. No nudity, but it is about a buff bunny and muscular fox lady... So NSFW!

Enjoy, this is a really, really fun comic!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kickin G issue 7!

Kickin G is back. Last time we left off G was kidnapped, and so it's up to Mina and Charlotte to rescue him, and nobody better get in their way. They level a whole bar in a really fun brawl in their search for G, let's just hope the place has insurance. This is a fun comic and those familiar with Jorge's art will find that he brings that same zaniness with him into this series. 

Here is a link to purchase.

Here are the samples. No nudity, but it does have buff and cute muscle babes beating the tar out of thugs... So NSFW! 

Hope you enjoy the samples and as always thanks for the support!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Invinicible Challenge

I present to you my newest release. This is a bit of a different comic from the type I normally make, but it's still a whole lot of fun... But, it's not for everyone. This comic is a bit gory, and can be a bit extreme at times. It's about a trio of extremely massive and powerful muscle women, who compete against a group of convicted felons in a series of various tests of strength. It has weight lifting, steel bending, a punch contest, and tug of war against cars!!! If the men win they get freedom and a briefcase full of money... If they lose, they get dispatched by the women in various methods, all of which are brutal. The comic is 55 pages and was made by my good friend Zgannero, with text by Phillip Lawson. Phillip is such a talented writer and really brings a nice sense of humor into the comic. As always thanks for the support and I hope you all enjoy the samples.

Here is the link to purchase the comic:

Here are the samples... No Nudity, but NSFW!!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Not So Super... Man

Pleased to present to you all my newest comic. It's the very first super hero comic I've ever done and released. Its truly a super issue, with a page count of 33 pages, with an epic cat fight at the end of the comic. That finds poor Supra-Man caught in the middle of two massive titanesses of power. The formerly worlds most powerful super hero is tossed about like a rag doll, and it's up to his now super powered girlfriend to rescue him! This comic has FMG, arm-wrestling, feats of strength, size and strength comparisons, and so much action that it brings down the house... Literally, two buildings collapse in this comic and the first one you'll have to see to believe.
Here is the link to purchase it:
Enjoy the samples! No nudity... But, super powerful and massive women to be found wearing skimpy clothing!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

What A Drain Volume 2!

Hello everybody, as usual I'm super excited to be able to present to you my latest comic What A Drain Volume 2. This is a big, big issue coming in at 42 pages and featuring a total of 8 different stories featuring female muscle growth and male muscle drain. There is a whole lot of FMG in this issue, and that means there is a whole lot of clothes ripping and shredding, and sleeves bursting as biceps explode out of them. And then for you drain fans, you will also find that the clothes on the men becomes loose and baggy. Lots of wonderful size comparisons to be found, and lots of focus is on the actual growing and shrinking sequences. No filler here, this is all about the growth and all about the DRAIN!

Here is the link where you can purchase it:

And here are the samples. Clothes rippage, tight bikinis, and massive muscular ladies... So NSFW!

Thanks for your support and enjoy the samples!!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Strongest Yard!!!

I got a fun new comic for you guys. It about about a group of super buff and muscular cheerleaders who take on their schools football team.As you all know by now Cheerleaders VS Football players is one of my absolute all time favorite themes to cover in my comics, and this comic has the most football action ever in any of my stories. Lots of bone crunching, helmet jarring, and teeth rattling action in this comic, as the girls prove to the boys, that the phrase "you hit like a girl" is not some insult or joke, but rather a phrase that should instill fear into someone. For not only do the jocks wish that they could hit like the girls, but they also wish the girls wouldn't quite hit so dang hard. This is a 20 page fully colored comic. And as a bonus I've included 5 complete female muscle growth pinups as well. Those are some of my very best work and I had a lot of fun making them.
I know you all will enjoy the comic. Here is a link to purchase it.

Below are the samples. NSFW Extremely muscular women and also one woman bursting out of her clothes with lots of rippage!!!!

Enjoy and thanks for your support.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

No Man's Angel Issue 2!

I'm pleased to present to you all the second installment of my newest ongoing series. In this issue of No Man's Angel, the two youths that were rescued from certain death, now face the difficulties and danger of navigating through the barren desert wasteland. How can these two kids hope to survive when they are surrounded by hoards of cannibals and gangs of murderers. It's just lucky for them they have their very own guardian angel, but to the dregs of the wasteland she's more like an angel of death. Get in her way and she'll grind you to dust. This issue is chock-full of action and is 20 full pages of beautiful black and white artwork. I must warn you all this is a brutal, brutal comic, but it's also a lot of fun. If you like Fist of the North Star, you'll enjoy this.
 Here is the link to purchase.

Here are the samples. Lots of gore and violence no nudity, but NSFW!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

His and Hers Vitamins A-Z

I got a brand new comic for you all to enjoy. This is for fans of female muscle growth and also male and female size comparisons. It's about a woman who grows tired of being the beta in the relationship and decides to change up the whole dynamic. Lucky for her she has His and Hers Vitamins A-Z to help her. With them she grows into a towering uber sexy musclebound amazon, who by herself clearly is the alpha in any relationship. But, she's not content there she tricks her husband into taking the pills and in less than 10 minutes he finds himself going from alpha to beta and all the way down to zeta male. I really had a fun time making this comic and I know you all will enjoy it. It has tons of fmg sequences and some male shrinking sequences as well, and it has a bit of fem dom and playful teasing. Along with some muscle worship and a whole boatload of size and muscle comparisons.
The comic can be purchased here:

Here are the samples, but as always. No nudity but really NSFW!!!


Thursday, February 9, 2017

1001 Amazonian Nights

I'm very pleased to present to you a new comic. I really hope you all like it as I'm super proud of the story and concept and I think Philip Lawson who I entrusted the text to, did an incredible job. The comic is called 1001 Amazonian Nights and its 32 fully colored pages that contain 5 separate and complete short stories. If you are familiar with 1001 Arabian Nights, then you should be familiar with this concept... Except this version has tons of huge and sexy musclebound amazon women in it. Tons of female muscle growth and FMG sequences in this comic, along with a good amount of male drain too. It's just a really fun and silly comic. I know you all are going to like it, and I hope one day to tell more tales from the 1001 Amazonian Tales book. But for now sit back and let me spin you a tale of Amazonian wonderment!
The comic can be purchased here:

Here are some samples. No Nudity. But some FMG and light violence so NSFW!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Big Shots New FMG comic!!!!!

Hey everyone, I got a fun new comic for you all to check out!
It's called Big Shots, and its about what happens when a group of fitness girls are insulted by a bunch of so called "Big Shot" male bodybuilders at a competition. The girls all hatch a plan to put those jerks in their places. They hit the weight room and grow bigger and stronger but that still wasn't enough. Luckily their nerdy friend creates a specially formulated FMG serum, and just one shot of that is all they need to grow bigger and more massively muscular. Growing big enough to show those jerky male bodybuilders who the real Big Shots are! This comic is 20 pages and has 4 instant FMG sequences and muscle growth via working out with weights as well. Super fun and has some surprise cameos from some of Jorge's past comics. Below are samples and link to purchase the comic. Enjoy!

Samples. No nudity, but sexy ladies growing muscles in tight skimpy bikinis.. NSFW!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Muscle Tease! A Brand New FMG Comic!

I am pleased to present to you my newest 3d comic. And I must say this is one of my best if not my very best 3d comics I've ever made!!! Just imagine you're home after a long hard day of work ready to relax. Then your cute petite little wife walks in front out in front of you as you lounge in your favorite chair. She is holding a bottle of Muscle Silk FMG pills, and she takes one. Just imagine all the fun you'd have... Well now you don't have to, because all you have to do is read this comic.Muscle Tease tells its story from a first person POV, and it contains 47 beautifully rendered pages of sexy, sensual femuscle growth excitement.This comic is choke full of FMG sequences and also plenty of steamy muscle worship scenes. Below is the link to purchase.

Here are the sample images. No nudity, but warning sexy woman growing in tight and skimpy lingerie... So NSFW!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Tumblr page

Hey guys I created a tumblr page.
I figured its a great way to display all my samples past, present and future!!! I'll still be using this blog, but the tumblr page is a great way to just view the samples easily. So feel free to check it out.
and if you have your own tumblr feel free to link and share my posts.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Comic!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!

I am very excited to present to you my newest release. It's about a race of evil Alien Amazons who wish to drain every man on earth and harvest their strength for their own nefarious needs. The only thing that can stop them is a Jock, a Cheerleader, a Book Worm, and an Alien Princess. It's safe to say it's "Just an Abnormal Saturday Night Date!" The comic is 31 fully colored pages and has plenty of female muscle growth... Duh... It's a MFMC production, you got to have FMG!!! And of course it has both action and humor abound. I had a lot of fun writing this comic and I know you all will enjoy reading it!
Here is the link to purchase.
Here are the samples... No nudity in the samples but it is an adult comic.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Comic Series!!!!

It's a new year and I'm so pleased and proud to present to you a new comic series!!!! Prepare to enter a barren world, where the devastation of every bullet and bomb ever fired is counted by the corpses that litter the streets of the empty and crumbling cities of yesteryear. The world is ravaged and a complete wasteland where there are no morals and the only law, is that the strong can do as they please. This is not a world for the weak or the meek. This is not a kind world, but a brutal world and the main character in this comic is "No Man's Angel". She's cold as ice and hard as stone, and the only thing more deadly than her stare is one of her brutal punches. This is just the start of her journey, you can expect many more comics to come. And in each one she'll be leaving a pile of bodies in her wake... This is a really brutal comic. Lots of gore from the mixed martial arts fighting. This is a darker comic than Dragon Queen and Not So Lil' Red, but it has the same great action you can expect from those series.
The comic can be purchased at my Mighty Female Muscle Comix shopify page

Below are samples.Very gory so NSFW!