Thursday, May 29, 2014

50PercentGrey Mini-Comics now on site!!!!

This weeks update is now live on the site and boy is it a good one. Its two mini comics and they total 14 pages in total. The comics are both FMG comics and one is a GTS comic as well, so truly a big, big update for you all this week!! Just loads and loads of growth in this one, as there are 3 growth sequences in this comic. And for those of you who are familiar with 50PercentGrey's work know that he makes truly amazing growth sequences. And he did a great job coloring the pages as well as they really pop out at you.
All in all the comics are just boatload of fun. I look forward to working with him again and I know you all are going to love this update.
And a brief look into the future. Next weeks update I am planning on doing another set of images from the Dom Fun folio.
Now, enjoy the sample from this weeks update.
No Nudity but the woman hulks out and the clothes get shredded and are super tight and don't leave much to imagination. SO NSFW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update sent to webmaster

I am exhausted. The whole day I've been having extreme internet slowness issues, which meant I couldn't upload the update to the ftp site like how I always do it.
I tried and I tried and all I do was waste my time. But, I was able to manage to send the updates to my webmaster.
So  I Hope they will be posted around the same time as tomorrow.
Its a fun update by a new artist for the site. But, one I hope to work with again in the future on other such projects. Some of you may know of the artist his name is 50PercentGrey, and he did a fantastic job.
The update consists of two mini fmg and gts comics. One is 8 pages in length the other is 6. And I know you all will enjoy these comics, as they may be lil in length, but the content they pack is mighty!!!!
I'll be posting a preview of the comics when the update goes live so stay tuned.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New FMG/GTS Mini-Comics Coming SOON!

I got some cool news. I 50%Grey just finished up a commission for me. And so next week I will be updating the site with not one, but two fmg/gts mini-comics. It is 15 pages in total and both are just a whole lot of fun. I hope to commission him in the future as well. I got more comics on the way, and also tons more folios that I am working on. I finally think I am reaching the proper balance between folio and comic.
And I hope around mid-summer to release the epic comic KinkyRocket and I have been working on. It cost an arm and a leg and I fear I won't even come close to recouping the costs. But, that is out of my hands. Que sera sera... Anyway just wanted to thank you all for your patronage as you really help me help so many artists. And I got some Ms. Liberty news. If I can scrape together the money I think I found a cool artist who is interested in drawing a short Ms. Liberty comic.
We shall see how it goes.
Stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Pinup Set "Dirty Drawings" On Site!!!!!

Howdy guys, I am very pleased to present you with the first of what I hope to be many joint ventures with an incredible artist Mavruda.  Without a doubt this is one of the best image sets I've had the good fortune to be a part of. It's eclectic in its themes and both Mavruda and myself worked really hard to make it one of the most exciting and varied pinup sets around as it really has something for just about everybody. It has 3 GTS images like the sample you see before you. It has many different kinds of feats of strength images: chain breaks, car crushes, weight bends, and a lady going all Samson like on pillars. And it has cute not so lil red riding hood showing the big bad wolf whos boss. Again a really really fun set. Ten images in all and you guys can check out the sites either from my site Mighty Female Muscle Comix or from the Mavruda's site My Dirty Your support truly is appreciated as it enables us to make more of the images that you all love.
Enjoy the sample and although no nudity its a GTS muscle babe who grew out of her clothes so err on the side caution. NSFW!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Domination Folio on site!!!!

Howdy all I got a new update for you all. Its part one of what will be an ongoing folio. This update contains 20 images and every other week I will add another 20 to it until I decide its done and move on to the next folio. The new image set is entitled(smug son of bitch isn't it) "Dom Fun".
I think this is some of my best looking renders and I just really had fun with it. And I can't wait to show you all what's coming next. But, I'm going to stick to the above release schedule as that will allow me to keep adding to this folio and also focus on other projects for this site.
Heres the sample and totally NSFW. Nudity!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Kickin' G Samples

It's late and I got to be in at work early and road construction will not make that easy for me, so I will be very very brief. Which is okay as I'll let mister Jorge Garay's art speak for itself. This update is 16 new pages of the continuing saga of "Kickin' G". Mostly it amounts to a whole lot of battering, bumps, and bruises for G, who gets used as a heavy bag by cute musclebound women. This chapter we introduce a new character. I think you all will really get a kick out of her... Get it a kick.... Its late so thats the best you'll get for now.
Enjoy the samples and NSFW!!! Nudity!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Its 16 comic pages of the 3rd installment of Kickin' G. The artist introduces a new character and it should be a lot of fun this one. In a couple of months I hope to have the 4th one ready for you all.
I got at least one more update planned for this month and it should be a really really cool one.
Come back tomorrow for the samples!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Update is on the way

I got some great news. I got an update for this week on the way. Its the 3rd part of "Kickin' G" and I do plan within the next few months to get the 4th one for you all as well. I also have a new Musclexx pinup set on its way, and also in the works in a new CGMan set as well. I also got some of my 3d works on the way and I'm slowly working on some short 3d minicomics for you all.
Now I got some bad news. Its not dire, but I've been too focused on growing this site that I've neglected other interests and areas of my life. So this site will be taking a back seat to the other endeavors. It is not going away, but I won't be putting the time or focus I was into it. But, I promise you all this I will not be lining my own pockets with the money I receive from this site. All the money I get will be channeled into future updates and will go to the artists who work with me. So there is a very slim and unlikely possibility that this site could in a sense get more art and updates then ever before. But, that's not likely.
But again I do have more Miss Liberty on the way and other comics. Its just I'm scaling back so that I can enjoy the other stuff in my life. For too long I've been tethered to my computer and I am looking forward to trying new things.
But don't fear this site is not going anywhere as I still plan on updating it every other week. Take care.