Friday, September 30, 2011

Story Progress.

Hey all, don't have the name of the story I'm working on figured out yet. But, I am right now 2k words into it, and I hope to get another 2k done before I go to bed. It won't be done today. I am sorry. I had difficulty opening it up. Stories are hard to craft and the words escaped me. But, know this... This is shaping up to be my best written story so far. I just hope the art does it justice. Which it should, cos the models I've made so far look really good, so it would take an idiot to turn them into something bad. Also I talked to bill banner today. He hopes to work on bedroom wrasslin this weekend. But, I think it will take him about 2 weeks to finish it. But, it should be done for this month. I've also been working on a fmg vid. Its slow but coming along. Ok back to work.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goals for upcoming month.

No updates yet. But, I have been hard at work. My goal was to do a simple short illustrated story. But, well... As You can see I haven't finished it yet. I only got past the prep stage. It took me all day today and yesterday to make the 7 male models for the story, and the one girl one. And also the scene and misc stuff for the story. It takes time but worth it when you get it right. The story is going to be a fun little yearn. Its going to be a western written in the pulp style of yesteryear. Tomorrow I hope to start and finish writing the story. It should take me the good part of the day but if I keep it around 7-10k words I should be able to finish it, and start with making the images. However, while making the images, I realized I didn't have a clear opening for the story in mind. I was just going to have it a straight, here the hero, no need for a long orgin story. But, the opening didn't jive. Felt too forced, for the scene that I set up. Then it dawned on me, and I got a cool way to tell the story I want, and I belive it'll be better for it. Only one little snag, now I got to give the girl a new set of clothes. The clothes I spent like 3 hours tweaking for her are perfect, but only for when she becomes the "Scarlet Avenger" yeah I know the name is taken. By some comic character so I might tryy to come up with a more orginal name. But, who knows... I stink with names. But, I do want something that good ol' bob howard would like. I kinda was inspired by his Red Sonya, not the marvel sonja.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not an update update.

Ok, First I want to let you all know I sent bill banner the raw images for bedroom wrasslin, for him to make into a comic. His work with those mini comics convinced me to let him have this comic. Now, I know I shouldn't say this, as people might not want to open their wallets and subscribe to my site. But, I have failed you all this month. I am sorry, I really am. Yes, they are just words, and words are cheap. Actions, like updates speak louder than words. The last animation I made, that boxing update took a lot out of me. I am very proud of that. As I do think, its really one of the best of its kind on the web, and my next ones are only going to get better. The month isn't over, but I am running out of time to make it worth the 15 dollars that you all paid. I don't know what I will do to make it up to you all. But, I shall try. I think it will be a combination of picture, and video update. Nothing is on my plate. so I do not know. I just wanted to let you all know, for next month my goal is for bill banner to finish bedroom wrasslin, and for me to finish the beach fmg, and for me to do one more video as big as the football one. And also to finish the High School text story. And some other not as major stuff. Ok enough talk about what I want to do, I am going to try to get something done now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Boxing animation is done!!!!!!!

It took me about 10 days to  get it done, and it was a mountain. A huge learning experience making it. Without a doubt this is my best animation yet. Its 96 seconds long, so it fell at the lowest end of my expectations in terms of length, but its all quality. Not a lot of warts in this animation like some of my past efforts. Its really smooth. I'll say this opens up a new era for Mighty Female Muscle Comix... I want to do a few more animations for this month. I know its half way over, but I want to do a few more. Don't know if they will be of the same scope as this boxing one. But, they will be good. Also, I have not forgotten the name of the site, its Comix and not video's and I will still make sure there will be more comic updates for this month as well. Because, even though this boxing animation is awesome and really no other site has a video like this, its still not enough content for you guys. You deserve more content, and believe me I am working hard to give you all your moneys worth. It just takes time. Look for a sample a 10-15 second sample tomorrow. Right now sleep is calling me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Update Sent OUT!

Its not a huge update. But, its a solid update never the less. San's the preview picture. It will be an 10 page/image update. It has three, three page spinach themed fmg comics. They were a request from a frequent online correspondent of mine. And then I have 2 one page fmg sequences. The mini-comics were written by Bill Banner, and I think this is his best work yet. He really hit the ball out of the park. And I must say, I can't wait to give him more images to work his magic on.
Below you will find 2 links of two samples. One is the picture I used for the spokeswoman of the Blue Label Spinach(that will be the name of the all my future spinach themed fmg stories.), and the other is a Muscle Silk advert. Which is some of the best art I have ever done.
Enjoy the samples and the previews. The update should be up on the sight within a day or two.
And don't forget the boxing animation is coming soon. Just got 15 more hours of rendering and then its done!

YEAH!!!! Update is ready.

Hey everyone. Bill Banner just sent me the finished fmg mini-comics. They are pretty funny. You all are going to love em. We also discussed about him taking on about 10-15 images a week. So that would mean more comics and updates from him and for the site. As I will not stop making comics, but it will allow me to pursue other ventures for this site. Like more animations. The update will be 11 pages of pure fmg goodness. I need to polish up the pages, and tomorrow I will send them out to the webmaster. Which means they should be up for the weekend.
Ok... Now about the animation. Almost done with it. I messed up an entire render sequence. This was my fault. Not my computers... I had to rerender it, and that was about 8 hours wasted. Still have one last sequence to animate and then render. But, it should be finished tomorrow. So that animation will be up for the site, around sat or sunday.
Now, my plans for the rest of this month is to get another image series out to Mr. Banner. And also to focus on animations. I want to do a few short ones, like the throat lift. But, I got a couple of bigger ones planned that I would like to do. As well as the fmg short I am working on. I want it to be the mother of all fmg animations.
And also I will let you in on a long term goal of mine, really more akin to an eugene o'neil sized pipe dream. But, I am planning on doing a vid that is inspired off of my very first comic. Alley's of Peril. Changes will be made to the models and such. But, the story and some of the chorography will be kept. I figure it would be about a 3-6 minute animated vid. But, at this time its still quite lofty. But, I hope to break ground on it by the end of this month. Heres, to dreaming, and stay tuned for some previews.... Cos tomorrow they will be coming.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laptop still giving me fits.

Hey guys, no update on the beach genie story. My laptop is not doing so great and work has completely stopped. But, I have not given up on the story. Give me a few more days to work past my frustration and I will begin work anew on it. But, I should have an awesome update for you all tomorrow. Remember the talk about the animations that I was working on. Well... I am almost done with the rendering. Next is the editing. No, they won't have sound. But, it will sure be cool. My best one yet. Its a boxing animation, and I doubt there is any on any femuscle site like this. It should be around 1-3 minutes long. I am working out the ending as I type this. My plan is then to make a couple of other videos, not as laborious as the boxing animation to get released this weekend. Thinking about revisiting the girl from the throat lift vid. But, I got a football/cheerleader animation that I would love to do for this weekend. Trust me though this boxing animation is awesome!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New vid for the site sample link below.

I know this isn't the update you all wanted. That is coming. I decided to cut a couple of planned scenes out of the comic, but don't worry, the ideas are bound to resurface in a different comic. Also, a heads up I am working on 2 video projects. The first is a fmg vid with a bit more of a story. The second is a boxing match. My goal is to animate and render about 5 seconds a day of usable footage. And to make a cool 2-4 minute video. But, this won't really delay my work on the one comic, as I have different workstations. It does slow my work down, but in a sense, it will lead to more updates in the long run.
About the vid, I normally don't like using the clothes I used, as they flicker too much, and I initially had plans on editing out the flickering and breaks, but with well over 10,000 frames, its not worth the time to fix. But, my next fmg vid, I am try to make it slick and really awesome. The boxing vid is shaping up to be my best animation so far as well. Sorry about the ramblings. Sample link below, full vid will be up on site soon and is 42 seconds of pure fmg awesomeness.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


No comic is not done. Between today, and yesterday, program crashes and glitches have cost me a total of 12 hours of work. And let me tell u guys that really takes the wind out of me. So let me regroup. Got a lot of awesome pictures. But, really really dragged out and tired.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

nearing completion

Another done, and more images done as well. Made a couple of really awesome ones today. I did 3 cool growth sequences. And I just have one more gs to do for the main story arc, and then I can wrap up the story with couple of zany aftermath pictures. But, I do have about 5 or so intricate pseudo epilogue pictures that I need to complete as well. Those will take some time, as I have to construct whole scenes, for just one or two frames. But, they are soooooo worth it. They are some of the best work I've ever done, and I know you all will agree once I get this out to you all. I know the going is slow, but as I said the work I do for this story shall pay great divet-ends in the future.