Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not dead, and an update is on the way.

I am soo sorry guys. I have not forgotten about you nor this site. Believe it or not I am actually hard at work. I got over 80 images done for my newest comic, I want to do another 60-80 more. I hope to get the images done by sunday this week. Tonight I will be finishing the renders of my latest fmg animation. I hope to do one more fmg animation, and when that one is finished I also hope that my newest wrestling animation will be finished as well. The wrestling animation is without a doubt some of the best animating I have done to date. Its really solid, and I know you all will just love it. I got the idea for the simple animation while I was making the images for the new comic. Its going to be a lot like that boxing animation that I made a few months back, but with much better animation. I do have a comic, that I hope will be released this month. I was hoping it would be finished over a week ago. Sadly it seems luck is not on my side this month.
Regardless, I shall do my very best to make this month end on a strong positive note. Which I know I can do.
Thanks again to all you guys out there supporting me and this website.
Because of your patronage, I am able to go out and hire other artists. Its just they too have a life, and well it can be a long waiting game.
But head over to "The Manics" blog and you can check out a ministrip of Ms. Liberty. I just want to point out, this is not the sequel to it, he just drew that for fun. He is currently underway drawing the sequel to Ms. Liberty, and I should tell you if it turns out half as good as expected, it will blow the first one out of the water!
Enjoy and stay tuned for lots of updates.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Comic and Animations on there way!

Hey guys, I just wanted to update you that I am in fact working tirelessly to get an update for you all. As of now I am rendering an fmg animation of the 4th Logo Girl Character, and it will be hands down one of the best fmg animations I've made to date. I also just finished the key framing for another animation, and this one is my most technical animation that I've made to date. The animation is a girl and a guy locked arms in a clinch and the girl forces the guy down. I spent all night keyframing it, and I know it will look awesome. Tomorrow when I wake up, I shall ready an animation with it. I also am working on a new comic. It's called Gitta Braun's How To Train Your Man, or something to that extent. I'm having a fun time making it and so far I have 90 images made for it. My goal is to get something like 160-200 images for it. Also, when I find some time, I have to resume work on the Beach Genie Comic, and start compiling the comic for that boxing story. Its tough, and I swear there is not enough time in the day. Still I got a lot of cool things planned for you all, so the end of this month is going to be something special.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New folio and 2 new animations for the website!!!!

Hey guys, just letting u all know that I got a new update for you. Its a 46 image folio and 2 GTS animations. The folio is features my newest custom model that I made. She is by far the most muscular model I have made. I know you all will love it. Like the others I can't wait to put her in comics and animations. Now, speaking of animations, my newest animation is a gts animation, where a girl grows and rips her clothes in the city. Lot and lots of cool stuff in this animation. She grows out of her shoes, her shirt and jeans rip, she breaks a street lamp, and smashes a car. This is without a doubt the best animation I have made so far.
No nudity, but her clothes do rip so NSFW!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New update almost finished!

Hey guys. Real life caught up with me at the end of last month. As of right now I am close to completing the first update for this month. If all goes well it will be finished tomorrow. Which means by Friday or Saturday it'll be on the site for you all. Its a folio of my 4th custom zbrush creation, and also I hope to have my newest animation done as well. Its a gts fmg animation, and its actually might be my best animation so far. Its really solid. But, it might be too short. So I might want to add one more sequence to it, to make it a bit longer. As the setup really took a long time, and I don't want it to be just 60 seconds long.
If all goes well, I should have a commissioned comic for you all sometime this month. Its not Ms. Lib II, but its a good one.
One top of that I hope to finally finish up my beach genie story. I don't know how I will finish it(as several necessary files are no longer opening), but one way or the other I will this month.
My overall goal for this month will be get back to doing some comics, for you all and give you all a couple of short fmg animations.
Anyway,  come back tomorrow for the samples.