Thursday, October 30, 2014

Samples from updates

As promised here are this weeks samples and last weeks. One is a muscle pinup folio from regular Musclexx, and the other is a mini comic from Advanced Defense. Both are fun and cool so please check them out.
Will have another update next week so stay tuned!!!!!
A little bit of a wardrobe malfunction with  the musclexx sample(Hell she's hulking out of her clothes!!!). So NSFW!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update on status of site

Update coming tomorrow. There will be an update and it should go live tomorrow. Last week there actually was a mini comic that I updated the site with, I just was so tired and burnt out that I didn't post previews for it. I'll post this weeks samples and last weeks at the same time and I should do that tomorrow night. Still really exhausted, but the good news is I've weathered all the storms thrown at me. So I want to take a few weeks to recover and then full speed ahead soon!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kickin G Samples!!!!

Here are some cool samples from the 5th installment of "Kickin G". The art and story is done by the talented Jorge Garay and I really think he is hitting his stride in this issue. This has always been a fun series, but I think the humor and action and sexiness is in the right balance in this issue.
Really, really fun installment and I know you all will enjoy it. It's 16 pages counting the cover and just a whole lotta fun. G even gets to do some kicking in this issue, instead of being the one kicked!
Here are the samples. No nudity some strong language and lets just say NSFW!!!!

Update sent to webmaster

Update sent off to webmaster... It's the next installment of "Kickin G". I was hoping to post samples of it tonight, but its not up on my site. Tomorrow when I get home from work I'll post some of the kick ass samples for you all. But, the update should go live any moment now. Just I am exhausted from a 11 hour shift, and I got another one tomorrow, so I can't stay up and wait to post the samples for you all. Stay tuned for the update though.