Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Deadbad Pinups Up on site!

I got great news all. The new update is live on the site.
Its 12 deadbad pinups and I think this is the best batch yet. I really think this current crop plays to Deadbad's strengths as an artist. The images have a playful sense of humor, yet also are equal parts sexy and cute. I know you all are going to enjoy this update. It was hard for me to choose the sample for this set, but I decided on the image that I thought everyone could agree is just awesome sauce.
Its safe for work cos no nudity, but its one heck of an FMG image. Lots of clothes ripped and shredded in this one. Also, for those of you who might not have seen the past samples from Deadbad's gallery I included them in this post. The newest is the top link... Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Howdy all,
I'm pleased to let you all know that I just sent off an update to my webmaster. Its a collection of Deadbad pinups and I think this is the best set of them so far!
I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and I think they compliment the other updates this week. Especially the Femfortefan comic. Deadbad and Femfortefan have a lot in common.
All in all another good month for this site and next month should continue the trend. I hope to have a big ol 55 page 3d comic for you all. I didn't make it. Stone3d did(I wrote it of course), and you can and should google him, as he does amazing work. I hope to work with him many times in the future and I think his style will be a great addition to this site. Of course I will have other updates for the site next month as well, I just wanted to let you all know about that.
And I also want to touch upon on cool development, I hope to have more of my 2d artwork for this site colored, and I think I found a couple of artists who I hope to have do so. None of the older comics will be getting colored, only newer stuff. And yes I plan on having colored Ms. Liberty.
So its an exciting time right now. I finally got my health back, and my cat is no longer sick, so I'm ready and raring to go and create some amazing art for you guys.
Stick around as I will post the samples for this week soon!!!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on the way

Sorry for the delay... I do have an update for this week. But, the last month or so hasn't been the best time for me. Family has been sick, I have been really sick, and even my cat has been sick. This compounded with the crap winter weather, and I haven't much accomplished anything. Been just a miserable time for me.
But, the good news is there will be an update this week. And I hope next week as well. I commissioned Stone3d, to make a comic for me and its really amazing stuff. That will be ready hopefully next month. Its a big one, it will be at least 50 pages. So as you can see, the wheels are turning, and stuff is getting made. Which is good.
Anyway the update for this week I think will be some Deadbad pinups. I think this is the best batch of his work yet. But, nothing is written in stone. I might be able to make some 3d art and comics still. But, its really cold in my house and that drains me.
But again there is good news, there will be an update this week!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Musclexx Commission Set 3 Sample

Howdy guys. I got the sample from this weeks update. Its 10 images drawn by the great Musclexx...
I have enjoyed working with that artist and I think so far all the sets have just been really cool. To me his women look closest to the ideal that I have in my head. So I really just enjoy working with the guy, and giving you these simple but fun images. Its hard work to make the comics and I with these I just give the artist the idea and let him do all the heavy lifting.
Anyway enjoy the sample.
And I'll see ya all in a week!
No nudity but the swim suits are really skimpy so I'd think twice if you are at work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Hey Gang,
Just wanted to let you know that this weeks update has been sent off to the webmaster. It should be all up and ready to go at the usual time. I'll post either late tomorrow or early Friday with the sample.
Its another folio from Musclexx and its amazing. I got some goodies primed for the next week. Anyway super pooped, will talk more soon, when I post the samples!!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Spell On You!" New comic now up on site!

Howdy all,
Just wanted to share with you all that there is a new comic up on the site. It's full title is "I Put A Spell On You And Now Your Strength Is Mine!" But, that is quite a mouthful, so its listed just as "Spell On You!"
The title really tells you all there is to know about it, but I'm going to go into a little detail just for fun. Its drawn by the talented Femfortefan, and this marks the 4th time we worked together, and I think its continued our streak of quality comics together. For its both an engaging read, and yet has plenty of passion, humor, action, and other zaniness. Some of you might recognize the plot of this comic as being very similar to "Changing Behavior" and that's because its the same script just retooled. But, trust me it has a completely different feel to it. I loved "Changing Behavior", but I knew Femfortefan would really hit a home run with the story, and I wasn't wrong. Without a doubt I think this is one of the best comics on my site currently.
And I just want to let you all know, I'm working with Femfortefan again on a new project. I need to hurry up and write it for him, and when I get over my sickness, I plan on doing so.
And I got other projects in the works as well, but I will discuss those later. For now enjoy these samples. There is Nudity in some of this images so NSFW!!!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sick as a dog, but I do have good news

And no, its not that I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...
First let me say happy new year to everyone, I hope this will be a productive year for my site, as well as for all my members.
I had a bit of trouble sending out the latest update to my webmaster. I think its all the bad weather messing with my internet connection. To top it off, I was/am sick as a dog. But, I finally got it sent off.
Its a great update. Its a new Femfortefan comic. I think it could be our best yet, which is saying something as I think the prior 3 are damn fine comics.
Anyway it should be up by Friday. Can't wait to share the samples with you all.
I'm too sick to type more. Will type more later, as I got a lot of cool upcoming projects.
Take care all!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Howdy all,
Just wanted to post an update and let you know I have not disappeared. I spent the holidays with my family getting fat and being lazy. However, don't fear starting next week I am going to start this new year off with a bang. I just thought it would be best to forgo the updates the last two weeks so that my webmaster could enjoy the holidays.
I got a new Femfortefan comic for you all. Its 35 pages and its I think our best comic yet. Which I think says something as the past 3 were all really amazing.
But, if I could just take a moment to reflect on the past year. Both personal and site-wise last year was a good year for me. Not great, but a solid year. I am content with the results of it. About the site it came off the almost year long hibernation and although there were still fits and misfires along the way I think it twas a productive year.
As you all know I struggle with the comic end of Mighty Female Muscle Comix. But, despite all those struggles this year I posted seven original comics and illustrated stories. And let me tell you next year I hope to double that amount maybe even triple it.
My goal for next year will be one comic or illustrated story a month. And then have both animations and folios to fill out the rest of the updates for the month. I still have some great comics that I need to add text to. As well as a whole slew of new comics currently being worked on by other artists.
And the biggest news is I got a whole bunch of Ms. Liberty stuff coming out. Its taking a long time, but its getting there. Hopefully by July I'll be able to post some new stuff. As I got lots of plans for her. Big, big plans. But, it takes time.
I would like to thank everyone who purchased a membership to my site. You have no idea how much your support means to the artists who work with me.
And I hope to repay you all in kind this new year. I know once you get a taste of what I've been cooking up, you're going to love it.
So here's looking forward to what should be a damn fine year ahead of us!