Monday, November 29, 2010

Animation Previews

Hello everybody, I just want to give some of my prospective members a preview at some of the animations that my site offer. Here's 2 short samples of the type of animation on my website. The beach fmg video is 50 seconds long, as the sample vid is only a tiny tiny fraction.
Copy and paste these links and they will take you to the video. NSFW!!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Wishes is UP!

As I said I think you guys will really like this one.  Here are two frames from the comic as free samples for you guys. Enjoy!
Oh, FYI to get to the 2nd image just hit next once your at imagevenue.
And I just want to add. Defiantly NSFW. But, I think that goes without saying. But I'll try to remember to say it just in case.

First Update Has Arrived!

Two new Video clips have been posted in the members section. Hope you all like them. I especially like the Foggy FMG video. It took forever to render, but I think you'll all agree it was worth it in the end. The comic should be posted in a day or two. Its entitled "Big Wishes", and its 36 pages of awesome. It has 3, incredible awesome growth sequences in it. Don't worry, I'll have another update for you guys in the upcoming week. If any of you members out there has an idea for a short video that they would perhaps like to see, please drop me a line. Just want to say thanks again to all my members, I really do appreciate your patronage.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Update coming soon.

Hello everyone, I just want to let all my members know that an update is on the way. I would have prefered for it to have been updated by now, but I had some setbacks with the rendering. But, I can tell you its going be well worth the wait. Its easily the best video I have made so far, and looks fantastic. Also I am finishing up another comic for the site, should be 35-45 pages long, and features not just one FMG sequence, but a whole whopping THREE! Think you guys will really enjoy that story as well. Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, look for the update to happen friday or sat. Check back soon for preview pics of up and coming stories.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I just want to thank the people who have joined my site already. Just letting you guys know, updates are on the way. Hopefully, by the middle of next week. Should be one full 30ish page comic and a couple of animations. For all the members or even prospective members, drop me a line and tell me what kind of comix or animation you would like to see more of. Thanks again, and please feel free to comment.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi, and Welcome to my Blog.

This blog will serve as a conduit for me to keep in touch with the custumers for my paysite

I will post traditional website update notifications. But, my real purpose and function of this blog will be so that I can communicate with my members, and improve the content of my site. I want my site to be more interactive than most pay sites, and give the members a chance to put in their two sense. Please feel free to post any suggestions or constructive criticism. And if you are looking for a certain type of story, that fits into the Muscle Girl theme, please don't hesitate to speak up. I'll do my very best to cater to all what my membership base wants. Its my goal to make my website the best 3d female muscle art comic site on the web!