Monday, April 9, 2012

Laptop conked out on me

Hey guys my laptop conked out on me. Which is a bummer. I did backup 90% of my stuff. But I'd like to get the other 10% as it does have my last 2 3d animations on it. I do believe I will be able to get the information off my computer. But it'll take me a few days. Also in the interim, I won't have the same type of internet access. But, that will just be a hassle for me to figure out, and might entail me buying a 50 foot data cord to connect my desktop to the internet. Which I am not jazzed about doing. Oh well. Such is life.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Status Update

First I want to say, my brother is doing much better. He is back at home, and seems to be behaving like his old self.
Now I want to update you all on the site. I currently have 6 commissions in development. Some will take a year or so to be completed, and 2 I hope will be finished within a month.
I just saw the roughs for a horror themed comic, that I am working on with an artist, and I must say I was wowed by them. It should be a nice change of pace from the more traditional femuscle comics this site has.
Speaking of the more traditional comics, Zanfandar is not quite half way through drawing his latest comic for this site. You may remember him as the guy who drew the "Arms Race" comic for me. This comic is shaping up to be even better than that one. Its a Superman parody where Lois Lane becomes bigger and stronger than sups. And I must saw it has one heck of a sex scene, where its so awesome it literally brings down the house!
And while we are on the topic of destruction and destroyed buildings. Today I just got the roughs of my newest collaboration with Femmefortefan. Its a godzilla parody. And it could very well be the best comic me and him have done together to this date. So I am very excited with how that comic is shapping up.
Lastly of course I want to remind you, that Ms Liberty 2 is still in the works. But, that will be taking a while to get completed. Hopefully by the end of the year. But, trust me it'll be worth the wait.
One my front. My life finally seems to be settling down. So I think I can finally focus again on my art for you all.