Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kiss of the Dragon Queen #9!!!!

I'm pleased to present to you the newest issue of Kiss Of The Dragon Queen. We're on issue 9 and so far the Dragon Queen has defeated all the challengers the tower put before her, but could this newest challenge be the end of her? They say your toughest opponent is yourself, well thanks to a magic mirror the Dragon Queen finds that in this instance its more than pure hyperbole. Her very life is at stake and to make matters worse the opponent seems to know her moves before she makes them, how can she survive such a battle. Like all Kiss of the Dragon Queen stories, this has ample martial arts mayhem, and also the fun sense of humor you've come to expect from the series... As well a nice cat fight in this issue! And of course what kind of an issue would it be without a few Female Muscle Growth sequences. All in all just fun crazy mayhem!
 Here is the link to purchase it!

Below are samples no nudity, but muscle babes fighting and being all sexy so NSFW!