Thursday, November 29, 2018

FMG Overload Vol. 3

The year is almost over, and this will be one of my last releases for this year, but its a BIG ONE... A VERY, VERY, BIG ONE! So prepare to overload once again on female muscle growth in the newest installment of FMG OVERLOAD Vol. 3!!! 48 pages and over 10 fmg sequences in this comic, with plenty of biceps bursting, clothes ripping and seam popping action. There is a really nice comic sequence of a woman crushing a hapless guys car, and another comic where a cheerleader takes on an entire football team by herself... Yeah... They don't stand a chance. And as always just want to thank you all so much for your support. Your support is what makes Mighty Female Muscle Comix grow big and strong just like the ladies in our comics.
You can buy the full comic here:
NSFW... No Nudity, but a lot of clothes shredded, and skimpy muscle babes.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Totally Super Spies #3

Hey everyone got a super fun release for you all tonight. The Super Spies are back and bigger than ever... No, like literally the effects of the growth ray and fmg serum still haven't worn off yet, and they're going to need all the size and strength they got. Lots of action, feats of strength, and of course female muscle growth, along with a nice splash of giantess fun. This is just a fun series as its a bit of a throwback to the original adventure films with a dash of the 60-70s spy film craze. Dracowhip as always does an amazing job with the art, and really this is just a fast moving comic, that doesn't slow down to take a breath, lots of jokes, lots of action, and just a lot of fun. And as always I just want to say thank you all for all your wonderful support. It's your support that keep Mighty Female Muscle Comix strong. Strong and growing just like all the sexy women in our comics. So thank you all so very much.

You can purchase the full comic here:

Below you will find the samples. No nudity, but fmg and clothes rippage so NSFW.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Arms Race AOS Remake

I am very excited to share with you all a truly special comic to me. This is a remake of the very first comic I ever commissioned and its also drawn by a very good friend of mine and an amazing artist. AOS illustrates this comic and he is in top form as he draws the women in this comic even bigger and stronger than in the original Arms Race comic. The original comic will always hold a special place in my heart, but this new one truly is bigger and better. Not only did we make the women bigger in it, but we also added 3 more pages to the story, making that bigger and better as well. More FMG, more feats of strength, more muscle worshiping and more all out male vs female brawling. For those of you unfamiliar with the original comic "The Arms Race" is about a group of young college women who decide to take up weight lifting and bodybuilding. As their bodies grow bigger and stronger more and more girls join them in the gym, and it isn't long before they start muscling in on the guys in the gym. Only in this case, out-muscling the guys in the gym would be more apt, and as the girls biceps keep growing the guys start to fear that they might be losing an "Arms Race" to the girls.

You can purchase the comic here:

And as always a big thank you for all the support you all have given to Mighty Female Muscle Comix over the years. It really means the world to all of us and its what helps make MFMC grow big and strong just like the women in our comics. So thank you all once again. Below you'll find the samples. No nudity, but scantily clad huge and powerful muscle babes. So... NSFW!!!