Thursday, October 30, 2014

Samples from updates

As promised here are this weeks samples and last weeks. One is a muscle pinup folio from regular Musclexx, and the other is a mini comic from Advanced Defense. Both are fun and cool so please check them out.
Will have another update next week so stay tuned!!!!!
A little bit of a wardrobe malfunction with  the musclexx sample(Hell she's hulking out of her clothes!!!). So NSFW!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update on status of site

Update coming tomorrow. There will be an update and it should go live tomorrow. Last week there actually was a mini comic that I updated the site with, I just was so tired and burnt out that I didn't post previews for it. I'll post this weeks samples and last weeks at the same time and I should do that tomorrow night. Still really exhausted, but the good news is I've weathered all the storms thrown at me. So I want to take a few weeks to recover and then full speed ahead soon!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kickin G Samples!!!!

Here are some cool samples from the 5th installment of "Kickin G". The art and story is done by the talented Jorge Garay and I really think he is hitting his stride in this issue. This has always been a fun series, but I think the humor and action and sexiness is in the right balance in this issue.
Really, really fun installment and I know you all will enjoy it. It's 16 pages counting the cover and just a whole lotta fun. G even gets to do some kicking in this issue, instead of being the one kicked!
Here are the samples. No nudity some strong language and lets just say NSFW!!!!

Update sent to webmaster

Update sent off to webmaster... It's the next installment of "Kickin G". I was hoping to post samples of it tonight, but its not up on my site. Tomorrow when I get home from work I'll post some of the kick ass samples for you all. But, the update should go live any moment now. Just I am exhausted from a 11 hour shift, and I got another one tomorrow, so I can't stay up and wait to post the samples for you all. Stay tuned for the update though.

Friday, September 26, 2014

One last run at DOM FUN!

Guys, got some powerful samples for you all to enjoy. Very NSFW!!! Nudity, domination, ball stomping, and foot smothering... All in all a grand ole time!!!!! This is my final update of my "Dom Fun" folio. An image set that has spanned 101 images, and I just enjoyed making it so very much. Without a doubt this is some of the best renders I have ever made and a lot of care went into it. I know domination is not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a fine brew and I think a lot of you will enjoy it.
Enjoy the samples and remember NSFW!

P.s got loads of cool stuff to come. So stick around!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update sent off to my webmaster!!!!

I know finally right!!!
As I said been busy. I'm still working overtime at work, and sadly that will happen for at least 3-4 more weeks.
Not all bad news I will use that money to fix my car so I can pass emissions. It just means I have to make better use of my free time outside of work. And I've had difficulties balancing this site in the past month.
But, I haven't been completely lax. I'm working with Stone3d on a new comic and I think its even better than our first one. Which I think is saying something as I think the first comic I did with Stone3d was one of the best 3d comics on my site.
I got a new Musclexx pinup gallery coming up. And a new installment for "Kickin' G". Plus the sequel to Mom & Daughter.
And I'm working on a really, really awesome 3d comic myself.
This weeks update is the conclusion of the "Dom Fun" folio. Its another 20 bone crunching, ball busting, manhandling, femuscle feast!
I won't lie I am a bit sad I am ending the folio. But, it was never meant to balloon to so many images. I just really liked the scene, the lighting, and of course the characters.
Look for the woman to pop up again.
Tomorrow I hope to post some samples.
Take care and stay tuned.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Update coming this week!

Got an update coming this week. I'm sorry I've been slow to update these last few months. Same ol issues of health and work being busy. Bad part is I have that dang car issue, and since OT is currently available I will be taking it. Hence the slowness in updating. It won't be like that much longer. I got a lot of cool projects coming up. Kickin' G will be back, and also got some work with Musclexx and I'm making some more 3d stuff for you all. I promise you all I will have a cool update for you this week. Don't know what, but it'll be cool. So stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Medusa Town Samples!

Howdy all got a brutal little update for you. It's a new comic from the same team that did "Mom & Daughter". Entitled "Medusa Town" its 21 pages of bone crunching delight. This comic is about a seedy part of town, and a guy with too much money, a taste for pain, and a penchant for strong powerful women. This comic isn't for the squeamish, but if you have the stomach for it I think you'll enjoy the ride. 3-d artist Zgannero did the art and layouts, based upon a tale by Lilguy. Just a fun read. So I hope you all enjoy the samples.
But, its totally NSFW!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

New comic coming this week!

Hey guys,
Sorry for my silence. I've been really swamped at work and had to work OT, and on top of that I have both been sick, and had car trouble. So not a very good last few months. The good news is I got a new comic update for you all. It's from the team that brought you the "Mom & Daughter" comic, so if you enjoyed that comic you'll love the new one. Also the sequel to "Mom & Daughter" is in the works.
Stay tuned I the new comic will be debuting around Thursday this week.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thanks for the support!!!!!

The comic "The Drain Team" has been a pretty resounding success all things considered. Not only was it a dream for me to work with KinkyRocket, and was just a great learning experience working on it as well, but a lot of people already have snatched it up. I just want to thank all the people who have bought it so far. THANKS!!!!!!
However, every comic or subscription sold really does go a long way to funding the next installment. So if you haven't bought it yet, get off the fence and get it. It's really an amazing comic, and just a smorgasboard of femuscle delight! I can't wait to work with Mr. Rocket again on a new comic. I'm thinking something more intimate and just gonzo FMG in it. I mean lots and lots of FMG sequences.
But, that is the future, and speaking of the future I think this week I'll finally finish off that "DOM FUN" folio.
Here is the link to KinkyRocket's website you can buy the comic there
Or at my site, but you all should know the address for that one!

And lastly heres the samples from the comic in case you haven't seen em.
Totally NSFW!!! It has nudity and women growing out of clothes.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"The Drain Team" now up on site!!!!!!

This is without a doubt one of my all time highs for my website. "The Drain Team" is an epic comic where the girls are big and sexy and leading there team all the way to the championship game. But, its how they get there that is the fun part. They decide to drain the other teams star players of their muscles to make it easier for their team to win. This comes with one not so little side effect and soon the competition is shrinking away from their team, while the girls are loving their new found strength and sexy muscular bods. This comic is 32 pages in total, and has more FMG sequences than you can count on with your hands. Illustrated by a true legend in the field the great and talented KinkyRocket. I wrote the story and both of us had a hand in the text. This comic is available at both our websites. Mine of course is and his is Again I know times are rough, but if you happen to have the money to spare, please think about supporting this project. Your patronage goes a long way to financing and making future projects possible. If there ever was a comic worth your time and money, I believe this is one of those comics.
Please forgive that little sales pitch, and now enjoy a whole gob of sexy femuscle goodness.
Totally NSFW!!! It has nudity and women growing out of clothes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Epic KinkyRocket comic sent off to webmaster!!!!

Trust me when I say this comic is EPIC. I can say hands down its one of the best FMG comics out there, and I think I can unequivocally say its the best damn FMG/Male Drain comic EVER. As you know my site probably has the most male drain via transference to a female host content on the whole web, but this comic blows all of my past efforts out of the water.
The art is by KinkyRocket and he is a legend in this field and his art is just beyond amazing. The story is sexy, funny, and it moves along at a brisk pace. I know you all will love it.
And in the past I have tried my best to never sound like a carnival barker as I find such actions deplorable. And there is nothing I detest in life as a snakes oil salesmen. However, I will make this statement. Please, if you have the money to spare and you love femuscle and all its genres, please think about supporting this project. Your support really matters and it will help fund future projects, and that money goes right back to helping the artists and their families. Also, if you do support us please don't share this on any forum. That can really be a kiss of death for these small indie comics.
I know there are hard times for people out there, but all your patronage past, present, and future is never unappreciated. It's been one of my life's great pleasures running this site and working with all these amazing artists. So lets keep that train going.
Stay tuned as late tomorrow the update should go live, and I'll have some EPIC samples for you all to enjoy!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Epic update coming this week!!!

KinkyRocket is still finishing up the cover, but if all goes well we should be releasing our comic late this week. Trust me its one of the best FMG/Male Drain comics ever!!!!! A lot of work went into this comic, and I hope to be able to continue in this vein going forward. I do have a Ms. Liberty comic to add text to and I hope to finish that up before the end of summer. So this summer should be going out on a high note. And one last update. I am up to 27 images for my newest 3d comic. Its another FMG/Male Drain comic, and its shaping up to be one of the best 3d comics I've ever done. I promise you all I have other types of comics being made besides the FMG/Male Drain stuff. I got a fun FMG comic that takes place on a beach that is shaping up nicely. That's only about half way through so if we are lucky it'll be finished by the end of the year.
Anyway, that's a good state of the site for this week. Stick around for more news and samples from the upcoming EPIC release. Should hear more about it come Wednesday.
Take care.

Friday, July 18, 2014

More Musclexx on site!!!

More is better and I'm pleased to announce that 11 new Musclexx pinups are now up on the site. They are found in the Musclexx Pinups folder on my site Mighty Female Muscle Comix. Might have to refresh your browser to see them. This batch of pictures is a really good one. You got lots of huge and sexy babes in it, babes bending steel girders with their hands and breasts, babes lifting huge weights as if it was nothing, and a babe lifting a huge wrecking ball as if it was just a beach ball, as well as a nifty domination image. The sample image that I chose from this batch is just really cool. Now there are over 70 images total in the Musclexx Pinup folder. And for those of you who are new to this site, I decided to post the links to the older samples as well.
Real quick next week Thursday will be the day my newest comic will debut. Its going to be EPIC! So please stay tuned for it, its a big FMG./Male Drain comic and it's drawn by the amazing KinkyRocket. Trust me, its one of the best things I've ever had a hand in ever!!!
For now enjoy this update and the samples from Musclexx's Pinups.
New Sample

The ones from the past!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great news

Well I had a splash of inspiration, and I'm 19 renderings into a new comic. Might not sound like much to you, but this comic will be one panel pages similar to how "A Growing Rivalry" was except without any multipanel sequences. However, that's not to say that these pages are not complicated. I have two of the pages that took me over 6 hours to make. I got two great growth sequences made and one drain sequence for the guy(two really as one of the aforementioned growth sequences he was drained in). I wanted to finish all the rendering by the end of today. But, I am at best only half way done. But, I plan on working on this till I finish it. This could be a cool project. I know best laid plans of mice and men, and I have a whole graveyard full of unfinished projects. I aim to make this one different. Also I have a new project that will be starting soon with Musclexx, we're going to attempt to make a comic together... Starting off small and simple first. I think it could be really awesome. That is still in early stages.
As for this weeks update. Its going to be a Musclexx folio. And trust me you're all going to love it. Like usual it has some amazing pinups that you really can't find anywhere else.
And of course coming soon is that EPIC KinkyRocket comic. Seriously its one of the best comics I've ever had a hand in. I think its one of the best FMG/Male Drain comics. Could even be just one of the best FMG comics as well, but factor in the drain I think its the best that does that.
So please stick around. Lots of stuff happening!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Updated "DOM FUN" 21 new pictures added!!!!

Sorry for the late posting and the late update for this week. The ftp site was acting funny and due to my summer work schedule I couldn't send it off any sooner than I did. But, the important thing is we got another new update for the site. Its 21 new images for the "Dom Fun" folio. Its a fun folio and I've enjoyed making images for it. But, its nearing the end of the line for it, and I think there will only be one more update to it and then I'll be moving on.
The good news is I've made new pictures for a new 3d FMG/Male Drain comic I've been planning. I hope to get many more completed by the end of this week. I'd love to get that comic done ASAP, as I think its just a lot of fun.
I also got big big news. Just need the cover for the Kinky Rocket FMG/Male Drain comic, and I think that's one of the best things I've ever done or been a part of. I know you all will love it. You'll have two options of buying it. Either from my site or from Kinky's. I'll post a link to his.
For now enjoy these samples.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another installment of Kickin' G up on site!

The headline says all you need to know, and these samples will give you all you need to know about the comic. This is the 4th installment of Jorge Garay's "Kickin G" series and its a  fun little comic. Has plenty of sex and violence for you all. The main character is just super cute, but a bit crazy, but its a fun wacky little world, so don't take it too serious. 
Enjoy the 4th everyone and I'll have some fun updates for you all next week. And just a little heads up. The big big big big KinkyRocket comic is almost finished. That is going to be epic.
Here's the samples no nudity, but lets err on caution as there is foul language and violence.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Kickin G coming this week!!!

I got a new "Kickin G" comic for you all. Its 16 total pages counting the cover and it's just a lot of fun and sexiness in this batch. Not much to say right now, but it should be up at the typical time that all the updates are posted. I am having internet issues, so that could delay the posting. But, I hope to work around them and figure something out. So I wouldn't worry about that.
I also will have a musclexx pinup set for an update this month and I want to see if I can do something special for the other 2 updates... We'll see... No matter what it should be a great month.
You'll get more info on future updates and samples soon, so stick around!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

20 new images of DOM FUN!!!

Hey all, just wanted to let you all know that there are now 20 new images in the dom fun folio folder.
And they are just as intense, sexy, and painful(for the guy in the pictures) as the first 40 that preceded it. As you might be able to tell I really enjoy working with this model and in fact there are even more images to come. Will have other stuff to share next week as usual, but for now enjoy these samples, and remember his pain is her pleasure(and yours!!!!).

NSFW!!!! Girl is wearing a chain bra that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Dom Fun... Again!!!!!

Just sent out this weeks update to my webmaster. Its another installment in the "Dom Fun" folio. It should be posted to the site in a day or so, and I'll have two more samples for you sometime on the morrow.
I guess it fair to say that domination was the theme of this month, but come the next month I'll have a new spate of comics and folios for you all. And the KinkyRocket Fmg/male-drain comic is almost, almost done. Home stretch and I think the latest it will launch will be in late august.
I know you all will love it.
Come back tomorrow for the samples.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Musclexx Pinup Set 6 now up on site

This weeks update, the aforementioned "Musclexx Pinup" set is now on the site. Its 11 total images and is every bit as sexy and awesome as the sets that preceded this one. The set includes a variety of themes as well as body shapes and size for the women featured within. Got massive super huge women, and more petite women, like the kind in this sample... Well "petite" for musclexx that is, as these girls are dang huge and even stronger than they look. I mean look at how they crushed that jukebox. This sample is just too amazing for words, but know that amongst all his other creations this is without a doubt one of my very top favorites(and that is saying something). In the full folio you'll find themes of feats of strength, domination, fmg/mini-gts growth, and just general sexy raw muscled ladies.
Enjoy the sample but a bit of areola is showing, so nfsw!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Musclexx Muscle Pinups Sent off to webmaster

Hey all, just want to let you know that I sent this weeks update off to the webmaster.
Its 11 super cool pinups from the amazing Musclexx. And this set is just as awesome as any that have come before. And just like the other sets it has an eclectic mix of femuscle hotness. Has a cool GTS/Fmg growth image of a lady growing so big she cracks her ceiling, and of course the obligatory chain break image, as well as other themes that will set your pulse racing.
I'll go into more detail tomorrow when I shall post the sample and trust me, that sample is one of his best works ever!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What a TEAM!!!!!

"Dominating Team of Mother & Daughter" is now up on my site. The art and story was adapted by the talented Zgannero taken from a story Dmaynard. Some of you people may recognize the authors name as a lot of his stories about female muscle and domination have been online for awhile now.
The comic is truly one of the most intense and brutal comics you'll find on my site, in fact let me say unequivocally it is the most brutal comic on my site! But, its a fun ride and for those of you who love muscle worship, women manhandling men, raw pure feminine muscular might, and women breaking fragile men's bodies against their iron frames, then this is the comic for you.
It's not meant for everyone, but I think you all know I strive hard to have all types of comics and art on my site, and so I'll have something softer for the non-domination fans soon.
But, for now enjoy this savage little tale of male destruction. The full 21 page comic can be found at Mighty Female Muscle Comix(DUH!!!).
Enjoy the samples. NSFW NUDITY AND Implied Sexuality.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

This will be brief as I will expound upon things in greater detail tomorrow when I post the samples. Anyway I just sent off this weeks update to my webmaster(as the subject header above attests) and it should be up the same time as usual. Which means check back late tomorrow for the samples!!!
This comic again is a 3d comic made by  Zgannero and he did a great job on the art. I'm really proud of how far he has come along the last few years. You will be seeing more of his art in the future. Anyway as you all know I just love it every time I get to add another comic to my site. Slowly but steadily Its growing a huge huge library. And any first time members who sign up, I'd love to hear how long it takes to get through my catalog.
Anyway I digress... Come back soon for the samples!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Comic Update on the way

This weeks update will be in the form of a Comic!
Comic as in comic book, not comic as in HA HA funny!!! Its a 21 page comic drawn by Zgannero taken from a story written by Dmaynard. So this is one of the few comics that I really had nothing to do with at all. Its a brutal little comic, all about domination, humiliation, and of course powerful female muscles. The ladies in this comic just crush and punish the men in truly brutal ways. So its not for everyone. But, I think anyone who enjoys the domination stuff will enjoy this comic. And I'll have some softer non-domination stuff later in the week.
But again I'm always super happy to be able to post a new comic to the site.
Also the KinkyRocket comic is almost finished. It's looking to be a 32 page FMG/Male Drain epic and it's quite possibly one of the best comics I've ever had a hand in. That should be around July when that premieres.
Stay tuned for more info and samples about this weeks update.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Dom Fun!!!

To be more precise the "Dom Fun" folio at my site has been updated with 20 powerful new images. Just like the first set this update has the same of what you all loved with the first set. I think these are some of the best renders I've ever made and I just really enjoy the woman in the folio. She is so strong, bad-ass and incredibly sexy, that I think you all might get a bit jealous that you're not the one she's squeezing and crushing.
I got two samples for ya.
There is nudity because of the bra she wears.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Addendum to last update

I got an update to the 50PercentGrey mini-comics. Its a cool new splash page, and you can check out the full size version of it in the members section. 50PercentGrey and I just felt we needed something with a bit more oomph to advertise the 2nd of the two mini-comics in last weeks update and hence this sweet little number was born.
Its a cool page and I know you all will enjoy it.
Also for you all to know there will be another update this week in the Dom Fun folio. And I think the week after I have a new comic for you all. Its a brutal little comic and I think you all will enjoy it.
Its made by a 3d artist friend of mine and he did a wonderful job with it.
More details on both updates to come later. For now enjoy this image.
NSFW!!! Naked GTS woman. Stay away!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

50PercentGrey Mini-Comics now on site!!!!

This weeks update is now live on the site and boy is it a good one. Its two mini comics and they total 14 pages in total. The comics are both FMG comics and one is a GTS comic as well, so truly a big, big update for you all this week!! Just loads and loads of growth in this one, as there are 3 growth sequences in this comic. And for those of you who are familiar with 50PercentGrey's work know that he makes truly amazing growth sequences. And he did a great job coloring the pages as well as they really pop out at you.
All in all the comics are just boatload of fun. I look forward to working with him again and I know you all are going to love this update.
And a brief look into the future. Next weeks update I am planning on doing another set of images from the Dom Fun folio.
Now, enjoy the sample from this weeks update.
No Nudity but the woman hulks out and the clothes get shredded and are super tight and don't leave much to imagination. SO NSFW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update sent to webmaster

I am exhausted. The whole day I've been having extreme internet slowness issues, which meant I couldn't upload the update to the ftp site like how I always do it.
I tried and I tried and all I do was waste my time. But, I was able to manage to send the updates to my webmaster.
So  I Hope they will be posted around the same time as tomorrow.
Its a fun update by a new artist for the site. But, one I hope to work with again in the future on other such projects. Some of you may know of the artist his name is 50PercentGrey, and he did a fantastic job.
The update consists of two mini fmg and gts comics. One is 8 pages in length the other is 6. And I know you all will enjoy these comics, as they may be lil in length, but the content they pack is mighty!!!!
I'll be posting a preview of the comics when the update goes live so stay tuned.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New FMG/GTS Mini-Comics Coming SOON!

I got some cool news. I 50%Grey just finished up a commission for me. And so next week I will be updating the site with not one, but two fmg/gts mini-comics. It is 15 pages in total and both are just a whole lot of fun. I hope to commission him in the future as well. I got more comics on the way, and also tons more folios that I am working on. I finally think I am reaching the proper balance between folio and comic.
And I hope around mid-summer to release the epic comic KinkyRocket and I have been working on. It cost an arm and a leg and I fear I won't even come close to recouping the costs. But, that is out of my hands. Que sera sera... Anyway just wanted to thank you all for your patronage as you really help me help so many artists. And I got some Ms. Liberty news. If I can scrape together the money I think I found a cool artist who is interested in drawing a short Ms. Liberty comic.
We shall see how it goes.
Stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Pinup Set "Dirty Drawings" On Site!!!!!

Howdy guys, I am very pleased to present you with the first of what I hope to be many joint ventures with an incredible artist Mavruda.  Without a doubt this is one of the best image sets I've had the good fortune to be a part of. It's eclectic in its themes and both Mavruda and myself worked really hard to make it one of the most exciting and varied pinup sets around as it really has something for just about everybody. It has 3 GTS images like the sample you see before you. It has many different kinds of feats of strength images: chain breaks, car crushes, weight bends, and a lady going all Samson like on pillars. And it has cute not so lil red riding hood showing the big bad wolf whos boss. Again a really really fun set. Ten images in all and you guys can check out the sites either from my site Mighty Female Muscle Comix or from the Mavruda's site My Dirty Your support truly is appreciated as it enables us to make more of the images that you all love.
Enjoy the sample and although no nudity its a GTS muscle babe who grew out of her clothes so err on the side caution. NSFW!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Domination Folio on site!!!!

Howdy all I got a new update for you all. Its part one of what will be an ongoing folio. This update contains 20 images and every other week I will add another 20 to it until I decide its done and move on to the next folio. The new image set is entitled(smug son of bitch isn't it) "Dom Fun".
I think this is some of my best looking renders and I just really had fun with it. And I can't wait to show you all what's coming next. But, I'm going to stick to the above release schedule as that will allow me to keep adding to this folio and also focus on other projects for this site.
Heres the sample and totally NSFW. Nudity!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Kickin' G Samples

It's late and I got to be in at work early and road construction will not make that easy for me, so I will be very very brief. Which is okay as I'll let mister Jorge Garay's art speak for itself. This update is 16 new pages of the continuing saga of "Kickin' G". Mostly it amounts to a whole lot of battering, bumps, and bruises for G, who gets used as a heavy bag by cute musclebound women. This chapter we introduce a new character. I think you all will really get a kick out of her... Get it a kick.... Its late so thats the best you'll get for now.
Enjoy the samples and NSFW!!! Nudity!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Its 16 comic pages of the 3rd installment of Kickin' G. The artist introduces a new character and it should be a lot of fun this one. In a couple of months I hope to have the 4th one ready for you all.
I got at least one more update planned for this month and it should be a really really cool one.
Come back tomorrow for the samples!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Update is on the way

I got some great news. I got an update for this week on the way. Its the 3rd part of "Kickin' G" and I do plan within the next few months to get the 4th one for you all as well. I also have a new Musclexx pinup set on its way, and also in the works in a new CGMan set as well. I also got some of my 3d works on the way and I'm slowly working on some short 3d minicomics for you all.
Now I got some bad news. Its not dire, but I've been too focused on growing this site that I've neglected other interests and areas of my life. So this site will be taking a back seat to the other endeavors. It is not going away, but I won't be putting the time or focus I was into it. But, I promise you all this I will not be lining my own pockets with the money I receive from this site. All the money I get will be channeled into future updates and will go to the artists who work with me. So there is a very slim and unlikely possibility that this site could in a sense get more art and updates then ever before. But, that's not likely.
But again I do have more Miss Liberty on the way and other comics. Its just I'm scaling back so that I can enjoy the other stuff in my life. For too long I've been tethered to my computer and I am looking forward to trying new things.
But don't fear this site is not going anywhere as I still plan on updating it every other week. Take care.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New CGMan Pinups On Site!!!

I got a great sample for you all and its from the newest set from CGMan. In total there are 12 new images not withstanding the alternate version of one of the images. I think you all will find that these are some of the best femuscle pinups around, as both myself and CGMan take great care in choosing and creating the images. There is even a really cool chain break image that I think you all are going to enjoy. I think I mentioned it before but CGMan is currently working on another set of images for the site and so far he's already completed two pictures. I hope perhaps late next month or early the month after to get those to you. Anyway enjoy the sample for now and I'll yap more on whats to come later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Howdy all. Got an update sent off to the webmaster. It's CGMan's newest pinup folio. It contains 12 cool pinups and one alternate version. I got other stuff in the work but I got to get off my lazy butt to write. Also I don't know if I will be able to release a gts themed update this month, but I will still try. I will most definitely have an update for you all next week, just don't know what. I got some cool options so we'll see what I come up with.
Take care everyone and stop by soon to see the sample. Its really one of the hottest CGMan's images you'll ever see.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Musclexx Commission Set 5 Posted to Site

Hey all this weeks update is now live on the site. As the subject header states its the fifth image set by the talented Musclexx. Like all the other sets this is an eclectic mix of femuscle hotness. Got some foot licking, some clothes ripping, car crushing, feats of strength, and just general femuscle hotness. As I stated yesterday CGMan is almost finished his next pinup set. Should be ready next month for you all. I'm working on a new comic along with other things. I need to get off my lazy butt and start writing the notes for a few artists, but I got a 4 day weekend so hopefully some inspiration will hit. I'll talk more about future plans and updates on Sunday. For now just enjoy this super cool little sample.
NSFW Has Nudity!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Its late and I don't know how many people will be  reading this. So this will be brief...
Update sent out to webmaster its a new set of Musclexx pinups. Really cool batch and I can't wait to share it with you all. Stay tuned for the sample image, haven't decided on it yet, but I  got a lot of cool images to choose from. Got great news CGMan is almost done with another pinup set, and got some amazing images from him. Truly I think the best set so far. I also commissioned another set from him so that is great news.
Got loads more stuff on the way. Including an audio project that I have been trying to get off the ground for the last month or so. Looks like that is going forward, super excited about that.
Anyway stay tuned for the sample for this weeks update. As soon as its live on the site I'll be posting it as usual.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kickin' G part 2 up on site

Howdy all this weeks update is now on the site and I know you all will enjoy it. Its not the biggest comic update as its only 16 pages in total. But, its 16 quality high energy pages that showcase some really sleek martial artist mayhem. Well more like martial arts punishment, or butt whoppin, as the fight is really one sided. But, its a fun read and I know you all will enjoy it. Perhaps I'll purchase the next Kickin' G installment as well and we can just keep the series going. For those of you who don't know Jorge Garay is both the write and artist on this project and these are his characters. And if you are new to the series that is perfect as again I have the first part of this comic on my site as well. I think you all will enjoy his style, his layouts are really amazing and he does some of the best martial arts fighting you'll see in comics. He really captures the power, grace and brutality of the moves and the main character is a total muscle cutey.
I am working on a longer comic with Jorge, but that is taking sometime to get done, but when it is completed its going to be epic.
Enough talk, I got some cool samples for you.
Totally NSFW Nudity Sex and Violence!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New update sent off to webmaster!!!!

Things just keep on rolling. And I think they will continue to do so for at least another few weeks. Without a doubt this current update streak is the longest this site has ever had and I'm pleased to be sharing all this cool artwork with you all. I just sent off this weeks update to my webmaster and I think you guys are going to enjoy it. It's a continuation of the "Kickin G" mini comic that Jorge Garay made for the site. Just a fun silly little comic about a tough female fighter and her hopelessly outmatched but resilient male friend. Well they become more than friends in this update. The comic is 16 total pages and Jorge Garay just makes really quality pages, his layouts are really powerful and fun. He is working on a longer comic for me but that one is taking its time getting made.
Also Musclexx just finished another commission set, so that will be getting released within the next few weeks. And overall I think he keeps getting better and better, we got a couple of cool fmg pinup shots and a really cool car crush. No chain breaks in this one, but gotta switch things up a little don't we!?! Lastly CGMan is still plugging away at his next pinup set. If we are lucky that could be done sometime early next month.
Lots of cool goodies on the way. And I'm making artwork myself as well as stories and some comics that I hope to finish up in a few months.
Stay tuned and come back tomorrow for the samples!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giant update now live on site!!!!

At 36 images in total its true its not the biggest update, but the lady that is featured in those 36 pictures is without a doubt on of the biggest models featured on my site. Big as in tall... Tall as in giant... Get it, it was a bad, bad pun! The update in question is GTS FUN, and besides myself having a lot of fun while making all the images it features a lovely lass traversing the city and just enjoying herself. I think I came up with a new term for this type of art, I'm calling it GTS Cheesecake as I wound up posing the model like she were a vintage pinup model. Really these images have a nice sense of mirth I think.
Real quick I want to discuss a few plans for the future of this site. I'm thinking of making GTS updates a once a month type thing. So comics, animations, image folios, my aim is to have one of the 4 major updates a month devoted to GTS art. Don't worry the ladies will still be packing plenty of muscle for you all.
Also, I'm thinking of having minor updates every other monday, and the theme of those would be domination. Nothing fancy just some domination images, like wrestling, spanking, leg scissors and other stuff. And of course I'll never stop making comics for you all.
Alright that's enough chit chat, now for the goodies.
It was a real pain trying to pick the samples out for you all. There were just too many awesome pictures, but in the end thats a good thing. I know you all will love these samples and the entire folio.
No nudity but come on its about a skimpy giantess destroying stuff in the city. NSFW.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GTS folio Sent Off To Webmaster

Got some cool news for you all, I just sent off this weeks update to my webmaster. I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now so I won't bore you all with a lot of text. I got quite a bit of projects in the works and sadly I had some cool projects fall through this month. Still all in all we got plenty of cool stuff on the way, and the projects that feel through I'll just find other artists to do the projects and I'll pick up more of the slack myself.
About this weeks update again its a GTS image pack, and it has some really really cool images. I even spent more time than I usually do in post to put a nice polish on the images. I know you all are going to really love this set. I also went back today and yesterday and made 5 more images for it. I realized that I spent all the time custom sculpting the models butt and making the jean shorts extra skimpy in the back, and yet I didn't make a single butt shot image. Well I made up for that and I included two real nice ones. Tomorrow I will post the samples and its going to be pretty tough for me to choose which ones to use. There are too many amazing images but that is a good problem to have. Again show drop by tomorrow for the samples.
Take care.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Big update on the way

Its going to be a very big update indeed. As it will be a 30 image GTS folio. I just need to run all the images through photoshop and polish them up for you all. So far the images are looking like some of the best 3d renders I've made in a good long time. And as you all know I've only dabbled in GTS animations and don't have any photo sets of the stuff. Well that all has changed. And I think it all will change. As I want to try to do one update a month to be GTS stuff. I think it'll be fun. But again it might come in the form of mini-gts or normal gts. And also shrunken man, not to be confused with drained man. But, don't worry these women will still pack some serious muscle. And they'll use that muscle to crush cars, topple buildings and other fun stuff. Anyway stay tuned, this month is going out on big big big note indeed.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Comic "Muscle Lust" Now On Site!

Hey gang, great news I got a new comic on the site for you all. Sorry I didn't post anything about it till today. But, I was crazy busy getting it ready for you all. The comic is "Muscle Lust" and its drawn by the legendary AOS!!!!
Again its DRAWN BY AOS!!!!!!
Let that sink in for you all, to me this was a dream project. I always dreamed of working with him.Its also a fully colored comic and it looks amazing. I hope to work with the colorist Ulics on many projects as well. That will be a big step going forward having more fully colored comics. So in many ways this little comic marks a big step forward.
And did I saw little... True it only clocks in at 14 pages, but its really packs in the goodies. Just bursting at the seams with FMG goodness as the women goes from petite sexpot to Uber Massive Muscle Goddess.
Without a doubt this comic is one of the sexiest, most sensual comics on my site. I think its also one of the hottest male drain/fmg comics you'll ever read. I had a lot of fun with the text and I think this comic makes for a nice read. You'll see there are no speech balloons just text boxes in it. I wanted to give it a more intimate feeling. And so I thought just text boxes would allow you to focus on the amazing art, and the text would serve to further suck you into the world.
Again I'm sorry if I am raving like a madman about this project. But, its some of my best work and I know you all are going to love it. And don't worry I'll be working with AOS for a long long time.
So check out the full comic on my site. And as always here are some fun samples for you all.
Note one of the samples is black and white the full comic is colored. I just wanted to include the lineart for you all to enjoy.
NSFW this comic is all about sex and so its not safe for work.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Musclexx Pinup Set 4 Sample!!!!

Hello everybody, got a great update for you all. Its another Musclexx pinup set as I mentioned before. This is the fourth time I've worked with him and like the others I am really pleased with the results. I mean I think he makes some of the very best femuscle pinup art. And again picking the sample was really, really difficult as just about every single imaged screamed "PICK ME". And no I don't need to go to a doctor when you all check out the full update you'll see what I mean, or your head might explode like in scanners from the sheer awesomeness of the pics! There was one Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe picture that I just love. As well as another amazing chain break image, definitely one of the best I've ever seen. However, I picked two already as samples and I don't want people to think he only does one type of image.
Speaking of femuscle pinups CGMan is still working on his next update and I think that should be ready to go for next month or the month after. Regardless there will be plenty of amazing updates to hold you all over until CGMan's latest. And of course another round of Musclexx's work will be arriving soon as well. But for now enjoy the sample.
No Nudity, but the women are in really skimpy bikinis. I'd caution... Well... caution... NSFW!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Weeks Update Sent Off!

Happy days everyone. I got a cool update for you all this Friday, new Musclexx pinups!!! He just keeps getting better and better and I know you all are going to love them. I can't wait to show you all the sample I have picked out. He has yet another really cool chain break image as is the tradition of each set I've commissioned so far, but that won't be the sample. You'll all love the sample though.
Also I just finished the renders of another folio of my 3d art. Its a 31 image gts folio. And I love it so far.  I still have to edit it and add some postwork to it. But you all will flip when you see the images. And also I got two stories coming for you all soon. So stick around. Tomorrow I hope to post the samples from the update.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A look back and forward

Well, this has been a great last few weeks for the site. Just wrapped up the 62 page comic "A Growing Rivalry" and looking forward in the future I got plenty of updates for you all. I think this weeks update will be the 4th Musclexx pinup commission. And I must say this batch is just as good as all the other ones. Lots of super amazing images in there. And I got good news he's currently working on a 5th set of images for the site.
But, that won't be released until next month or later. I also have 22 amazing GTS images rendered. I want to add more to them. As well as I still have another 60 image folio that features the solo flexing model. I need to edit all 60 of those images however and that will take some time. Even at 5 minutes per image it adds up. I also have a new artist who I hope to be commissioning both pinup art from and comic art from. His pinups I hope to debut perhaps early next month. And of course CGMan is about halfway through our next pinup set as well. Again next month or the month after for that.
That's a lot of pinups and folios. We'll be plenty stocked for those goodies. But, good old comic art we got a healthy supply of that as well. I still need to write the text in that legends comic but don't worry. I'll get that done. And I got an illustrated story from Xenophage coming up.  And I have some mini-comics that I can compile and make, as well as some 3d stories I am slowly working on getting done. And on top of all of that I am currently writing stories to send off to other artists like Femfortefan and Powerman. So as you can tell busy busy busy. Which is good. So back to work. And stay tuned to hear more about this weeks update and samples!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Growing Rivalry Fully posted on site!!!!

Great news the comic "A Growing Rivalry" is completed and is up on my site. Its such a big comic it takes up two galleries. Well only 2 images in the last gallery, but still make sure you all read the full comic. Writing the 62 pages in around 3 weeks time was a challenge but I'm glad I met the challenge and I think it turned out nicely. Can't stress this enough, I think this is one of the best 3d comics on my site.
Now real quick about the future. I'm starting another Ms. Liberty mini-comic, but regrettably a lot of the artists working for me have met with bad luck and a lot of the projects have hit delays. But, that is life. Just have to make the best of it.
For the rest of this month I think A musclexx pinup update will be next week. And then I should be able to post that "Legends" comic I was talking to you about. It turned out really amazing so far. I Just need to add text to it.
And then I got some pretty cool 3d work of my own to close out the month. Along with a cool GTS project I am working on. Lots of potential coming your way. So stay tuned. But, for now enjoy the samples. There is nudity, so NSFW!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A growing Rivarly completed!!!

Good news everyone "A Growing Rivalry" is fully completed and I just sent it off to my webmaster. Again I feel this is without a doubt one of my best 3d comics I've ever made and  I look forward to working with stone3d again. I got one more update I aim to get off to my webmaster for this weekend sometime. Its a GTS folio, and its turning out really well. Just a whole lot of fun. But, its not ready yet. But, I won't lie I am pretty pooped, after all that writing. Believe it or not a comic writer for marvel I doubt would find the pace and the pages I've produced over the last few weeks to be arduous at best and insane at worst.
Anyway, this weekend I got to get more writing done as I have artists waiting for stories. But, I'm looking forward to crafting some fine ones for them.
Stay tuned for samples and other musings. Also got some cool news on the Ms. Liberty front. But, more on that later.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Making GTS bonus images

I needed a break from writing. I got so much writing to do, and I've been doing nothing but writing the past few weeks that I needed a break from it. The final update will still go out as planned. So don't worry. I just wanted to do something different. So I'm making a couple of GTS and maybe mini-gts images. My goal is to have them finished and to be a bonus update for next weeks update. They won't be no more than 10-15 images most likely but my aim is to make them high quality images. Again just as a bonus for all you guys who have been waiting patiently for the comic to be completed. I can't wait to finish it. As I got a backlog of writing and stories I need to get out to artists. Femfortefan is waiting on the script for our next project. But, as you know its tough to do all that needs to be done. But, you can't rush quality. And I rather have it be good and take a lil bit longer than it to be not as good and rushed.
Take care and look for this weeks update soon. Its going to be a goodie!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 more pages of "A Growing Rivalry" posted to site

Howdy all, I'm tired so this will be brief. 20 more pages of "A Growing Rivalry" has just been posted to the site. you all might need to hit refresh when you load the page to see the update. Really pleased with how these pages turned out. Again I think this might be the best 3d comic I have ever written. That's not blowing smoke, I really love how this thing is turning out.
Will have more news about future plans on next updates. But, the plan for next week is to finish off this comic and post the last 21 pages of it, as well as I hope to have some other bonus content for you all. Below are the samples.
But, there is nudity as this is an FMG Tale and clothes burst off the ladies in this update.
Enjoy but NSFW!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Part 2 of Growing Rivalry sent to webmaster

I just finished the next 20 pages of "A Growing Rivalry" and let me tell you it was a slam bang finish, but I'm so jazzed that I was able to finish them in time for our usual update time slot. Its never easy writing, and comic pages always give me fits as I have to think of the best way to present the words. Not sure I have quite gotten use to that part yet. But, all in all I'm very proud of what I have written for this update. I said it last week, that I think this comic might be my best 3d comic on the site, and I this weeks update further validates that sentiment.
Its just really coming together nicely and I'm just really pleased with what Stone3d and myself accomplished. He really made some great renders. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be working with Stone3d again and soon.
Come back tomorrow for samples from this update.
Thanks for reading and good night.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Part 1 of "A Growing Rivalry" posted on site!

Hey all first let me just say I think the next few weeks are going to be really just awesome stuff. If all goes well I think I'll be able to get an update for you all for at least 6 weeks in a row. Maybe even longer!!!!!! But, more on that later.
I want to talk about this update. This is the first 20 pages of the comic. I hope to finish the full comic as soon as possible. When completed the comic will be 62 pages total. My goal is to update at least 20 pages each week until its done. But, honestly I'd like to get it all completed by next week. But, I don't think that is possible. All I can do is work the hardest I can and do my best job. Which is what I shall do.
This comic is really something special I think. Its a collaboration, as I wrote it and Stone3d did the art for it. He did an amazing job. Just really super work. He brings a style that is different from my own, and there were some images that made me downright green with envy that he made.
The story itself is about two women who are at odds with one another in regards to both of their desires to be with the local stud at the gym. Well when they find out that the hunk has a real infatuation with muscle, that really sets the rivalry GROWING! As the women are soon competing to see who can become the biggest. Its an FMG comic, and it contains plenty of female muscle growth for you all. And also fans of feats of strength and heavy lifting will be pleased. We got barbell bending, and other cool stuff coming up in the future updates.
Anyway I know you all will enjoy it and I will get this finished for you within the upcoming weeks!
Enjoy these samples. No nudity but always err on the side of caution.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Its late so this will be brief.
I just sent this weeks update off to my webmaster. Its the first 1/3 of the comic "A Growing Rivalry". All in all its 21 pages. The full comic will be 62 pages long. So its one of the bigger comics for the site. I don't know if I will do 20 pages next week and then the week after the rest of the comic. Or if I will try to finish it off and post the rest of it for next week. What I might do is just post it in increments of 10. So as soon as I finish the next 10 pages, I'd post them.
Anyway the cool thing is, this is shaping up to be one of the best comics so far for this site. It's an fmg comic and is just a lot of fun.
But, stick around for tomorrow I will post samples of it.
Take care!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More pages written but not enough

Well I got good news and bad news.
The update still will go out this week. But, I'm postponing it a day so I can write up more pages. I am only on page 12 of the comic. Again its a 60 page comic. All the pages are done I just need to write them.
I had hoped to get up to 30 by the end of today. But, I think that was too lofty. But, I will try to get to 30 by tomorrow. But, even if its just 20 or something I'll send it off to my webmaster. And I think how I will work it is. Every 10 pages I'll send them off to my webmaster regardless of the day.
That way it'll get posted and finished.
The other good news is, this might be one of the best comics for the site ever. I'm really liking the stuff I am writing. Its coming out nicely and the comic itself is awesome. I just wish I had more time to work on it and not be rushed.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New comic on its way

Great news. I got a new 60 page comic on its way. It won't all be posted this week. I'm aiming for half this week and half next week. I got the title of it. Its called "A Growing Rivalry" and its about two women who while vying for the affections of a man, get into a weird growth one upsmanship competition. All the pages are completed and I just need to add the text to it. I currently am on the 5th page. And I hope to get up to page 30 done by tomorrow. But, I don't know how realistic that will be. But I promise to get you at least 20 pages this week. But, again my goal is 30. And we'll see how close I can get. The first page was the hardest to write as I had to figure out character names, and also just the most efficient way to present the tale. Now that the foundation has been laid it should come together a bit quicker. But, I got to get up early for work.
So sleep is a must.
Stay tuned as I will post when I send it off to my webmaster. Which should be soon!!! Again if we all are lucky the first 30 will be sent off tomorrow.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SoloFlexing update now live on site!!!

Got some great news the newest update is up on the site. Its a 42 image folio of a huge sexy woman flexing. I think you'll all agree this is some of the nicest renders I've made to date. The woman is sexy, huge, and unmistakeably feminine. She has curves on curves, muscles on muscles, and is just so damn sensual. I really think both the skin settings and lighting turned out nicely in this one. The downside was it took me like 15-22 minutes and sometimes longer to render these out for you. But, I think you all will agree on two things. I should get a faster computer, and two the images look fantastic. So it was worth it in the end.
Today I felt a bit queezy and toppled with the ER visit I had two days ago, it means another day of diminished productivity due to my stupid health. Don't worry the ER visit was much ado about nothing. Turned out to be muscle spasms.
But, what I was getting at is, I still have another 60 images that I need to edit and put out. I hope to get those done by maybe sometime saturday... And so I hope they will be up sometime this weekend. As I have plans for next weeks update and I don't want that folio to be the update.
Real quick I got two really cool projects nearing completion. The second Xenophage illustrated story should be ready sometime next month. And also my project with Stone3d should be ready in 2-3 weeks as well. A small chance it could be ready sooner.  And the legend project. That might be ready in 2 weeks time. So stay tuned I got big plans!!!!!
And of course here are this weeks samples. No nudity she is in a bikini, but it is a muscle babe so if you are at work, perhaps don't look at. Or do. Its your job.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Update on the way

Its a pretty big update. It wasn't going to be this big, but I really enjoyed making the renders. Got some images that I think you all will just really enjoy and set your hearts pounding and mouths watering.
It should be two different folios one a little over 30 images and the other 60. I still need to edit them all in photoshop and that is going to be a pain in the rear. But, I hope to get them all done by Wednesday and sent off to my webmaster.
Should be no problem. About the set its features a new batch of models a guy and girl. And they pose and compare muscles and strength by lifting various weights. And the 2nd folio is just the girl posing solo. That is the one with less images.
Its funny I didn't like these characters when I first made them almost a year ago, but working with them over the last week, I have come to like them both quite a bit.
And a cool bit of news I talked to someone interested in making these renders into a comic. Don't know when or if that will be done. But, if it is it'll make a fun one.
I'm really exhausted so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I have to start the photoshop corrections and maybe render a few more images for the solo posing.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Working on this weeks update

The new year hasn't gone off to the start I wanted. I do have a lot of stuff I am working on. Again I hope to get a cool comic to you all by I think the 3rd weekend of this month. We'll see. Its almost finished and then I just need to add text.
But, this weeks update I am about 20 images into it. Its a simple folio of a male and female bodybuilder comparing muscles with one another. I won't have it finished by this tonight to send off to my webmaster. But, I hope to get it to him either tomorrow night or friday,  that way it will be up for this weekend.
Some of the images are turning out real nice. I also have good news, I'm working on a new muscle worship 3d comic. That I will be making myself. I have the cover of it rendered and a few other images. Its going to be super sexy. You all are going to love it. I hope to finish that sometime next month. And I have great news. If you recall the legend that I contacted and got to draw a project with me.
It's almost nearing completion. Should be next month or the month after it debuts.
As you can tell I got a lot on my plate, and things are very bright for this site. Again its due to all your support. It means not just a lot to me, but all the artists as well. And believe it or not I got a ton of other projects that I haven't even mentioned. Now its back to work, as I want this to be 35-40 image update for you all, and I'm only half way there.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Deadbad Pinups Up on site!

I got great news all. The new update is live on the site.
Its 12 deadbad pinups and I think this is the best batch yet. I really think this current crop plays to Deadbad's strengths as an artist. The images have a playful sense of humor, yet also are equal parts sexy and cute. I know you all are going to enjoy this update. It was hard for me to choose the sample for this set, but I decided on the image that I thought everyone could agree is just awesome sauce.
Its safe for work cos no nudity, but its one heck of an FMG image. Lots of clothes ripped and shredded in this one. Also, for those of you who might not have seen the past samples from Deadbad's gallery I included them in this post. The newest is the top link... Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Howdy all,
I'm pleased to let you all know that I just sent off an update to my webmaster. Its a collection of Deadbad pinups and I think this is the best set of them so far!
I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and I think they compliment the other updates this week. Especially the Femfortefan comic. Deadbad and Femfortefan have a lot in common.
All in all another good month for this site and next month should continue the trend. I hope to have a big ol 55 page 3d comic for you all. I didn't make it. Stone3d did(I wrote it of course), and you can and should google him, as he does amazing work. I hope to work with him many times in the future and I think his style will be a great addition to this site. Of course I will have other updates for the site next month as well, I just wanted to let you all know about that.
And I also want to touch upon on cool development, I hope to have more of my 2d artwork for this site colored, and I think I found a couple of artists who I hope to have do so. None of the older comics will be getting colored, only newer stuff. And yes I plan on having colored Ms. Liberty.
So its an exciting time right now. I finally got my health back, and my cat is no longer sick, so I'm ready and raring to go and create some amazing art for you guys.
Stick around as I will post the samples for this week soon!!!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on the way

Sorry for the delay... I do have an update for this week. But, the last month or so hasn't been the best time for me. Family has been sick, I have been really sick, and even my cat has been sick. This compounded with the crap winter weather, and I haven't much accomplished anything. Been just a miserable time for me.
But, the good news is there will be an update this week. And I hope next week as well. I commissioned Stone3d, to make a comic for me and its really amazing stuff. That will be ready hopefully next month. Its a big one, it will be at least 50 pages. So as you can see, the wheels are turning, and stuff is getting made. Which is good.
Anyway the update for this week I think will be some Deadbad pinups. I think this is the best batch of his work yet. But, nothing is written in stone. I might be able to make some 3d art and comics still. But, its really cold in my house and that drains me.
But again there is good news, there will be an update this week!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Musclexx Commission Set 3 Sample

Howdy guys. I got the sample from this weeks update. Its 10 images drawn by the great Musclexx...
I have enjoyed working with that artist and I think so far all the sets have just been really cool. To me his women look closest to the ideal that I have in my head. So I really just enjoy working with the guy, and giving you these simple but fun images. Its hard work to make the comics and I with these I just give the artist the idea and let him do all the heavy lifting.
Anyway enjoy the sample.
And I'll see ya all in a week!
No nudity but the swim suits are really skimpy so I'd think twice if you are at work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update sent off to webmaster

Hey Gang,
Just wanted to let you know that this weeks update has been sent off to the webmaster. It should be all up and ready to go at the usual time. I'll post either late tomorrow or early Friday with the sample.
Its another folio from Musclexx and its amazing. I got some goodies primed for the next week. Anyway super pooped, will talk more soon, when I post the samples!!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Spell On You!" New comic now up on site!

Howdy all,
Just wanted to share with you all that there is a new comic up on the site. It's full title is "I Put A Spell On You And Now Your Strength Is Mine!" But, that is quite a mouthful, so its listed just as "Spell On You!"
The title really tells you all there is to know about it, but I'm going to go into a little detail just for fun. Its drawn by the talented Femfortefan, and this marks the 4th time we worked together, and I think its continued our streak of quality comics together. For its both an engaging read, and yet has plenty of passion, humor, action, and other zaniness. Some of you might recognize the plot of this comic as being very similar to "Changing Behavior" and that's because its the same script just retooled. But, trust me it has a completely different feel to it. I loved "Changing Behavior", but I knew Femfortefan would really hit a home run with the story, and I wasn't wrong. Without a doubt I think this is one of the best comics on my site currently.
And I just want to let you all know, I'm working with Femfortefan again on a new project. I need to hurry up and write it for him, and when I get over my sickness, I plan on doing so.
And I got other projects in the works as well, but I will discuss those later. For now enjoy these samples. There is Nudity in some of this images so NSFW!!!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sick as a dog, but I do have good news

And no, its not that I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...
First let me say happy new year to everyone, I hope this will be a productive year for my site, as well as for all my members.
I had a bit of trouble sending out the latest update to my webmaster. I think its all the bad weather messing with my internet connection. To top it off, I was/am sick as a dog. But, I finally got it sent off.
Its a great update. Its a new Femfortefan comic. I think it could be our best yet, which is saying something as I think the prior 3 are damn fine comics.
Anyway it should be up by Friday. Can't wait to share the samples with you all.
I'm too sick to type more. Will type more later, as I got a lot of cool upcoming projects.
Take care all!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Howdy all,
Just wanted to post an update and let you know I have not disappeared. I spent the holidays with my family getting fat and being lazy. However, don't fear starting next week I am going to start this new year off with a bang. I just thought it would be best to forgo the updates the last two weeks so that my webmaster could enjoy the holidays.
I got a new Femfortefan comic for you all. Its 35 pages and its I think our best comic yet. Which I think says something as the past 3 were all really amazing.
But, if I could just take a moment to reflect on the past year. Both personal and site-wise last year was a good year for me. Not great, but a solid year. I am content with the results of it. About the site it came off the almost year long hibernation and although there were still fits and misfires along the way I think it twas a productive year.
As you all know I struggle with the comic end of Mighty Female Muscle Comix. But, despite all those struggles this year I posted seven original comics and illustrated stories. And let me tell you next year I hope to double that amount maybe even triple it.
My goal for next year will be one comic or illustrated story a month. And then have both animations and folios to fill out the rest of the updates for the month. I still have some great comics that I need to add text to. As well as a whole slew of new comics currently being worked on by other artists.
And the biggest news is I got a whole bunch of Ms. Liberty stuff coming out. Its taking a long time, but its getting there. Hopefully by July I'll be able to post some new stuff. As I got lots of plans for her. Big, big plans. But, it takes time.
I would like to thank everyone who purchased a membership to my site. You have no idea how much your support means to the artists who work with me.
And I hope to repay you all in kind this new year. I know once you get a taste of what I've been cooking up, you're going to love it.
So here's looking forward to what should be a damn fine year ahead of us!