Thursday, May 3, 2018

Super Muscular Models

I got a great comic for you all this week. Super Muscular Models. If you're a fan of female muscle growth, then you're all in for a treat. This comic is bursting at the seams with fmg and it has many, many sequences. Its about a photographer who bores of the same old skinny models and bulky male bodybuilders. He decides what would happen if he would combine the two and he created the Female Beefcake genre. To go along with the FMG there are plenty of feats of strength in this issue including an amazing car crushing sequence, barbell bending, lifting and carrying, and a dash of male muscle drain as well. If you liked Draco's other comics like Skinny Dipping or The Right to Bare Arms, you're going to love this one.

Here is the link to purchase the full 20 page comic:

And below are the samples. While no nudity, there is a lot of bare naked female flesh, and suggested nudity, but its all covered up behind objects or posed to where you see nothing. But, still very suggestive so NSFW!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the samples and as always thanks for your support. With it MFMC grows bigger and bigger just like the ladies in the comics of mine that your read and enjoy!

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