Thursday, May 10, 2018

FMG Overload Vol. 2

Prepare to overload again on Female Muscle Growth in this latest installment of FMG Overload!!! This is a big, big, big issue at 45 pages. And the only thing bigger than the comics page count are the women within it. It's only fitting that they go from super huge and muscular to impossibly huge and muscular, nothing can contain these women, not even their clothes. They grow, burst, bulge, rip, and shred out of their garments as their muscles grow thicker, stronger, and sexier! Lots of feats of strength, muscle worship, and of course fmg sequences. This comic is bursting at its seams with fmg. So if you're a female muscle growth fan, then you're going to want to read this issue.

The comic is exclusive to my shopify page and can be purchased here:

Here are the samples... No nudity, but lots of women growing/shredding/ripping out of their clothes... I mean... The clothes are in various stages of tatters... So I'd say NSFW!!!!

As always thanks for your support. Your support is what makes MFMC grow bigger and stronger just like the ladies in the samples I just shared!

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