Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kickin G Versus Kiss of the Dragon Queen #3

I got a really, really fun comic for you all tonight. It's Kickin G Versus Kiss of the Dragon Queen #3! And this isn't just so far my favorite issue of this crossover series, it's one of my favorite issues that has the lovely, sexy, and deadly Dragon Queen in it. This comic is just bursting with female muscle growth, martial arts excitement, and just general insanity. There is FMG, Cyborg Viking Ninjas, Giant Mecha-Vikings, and much, much more... Did I mention FMG!! Yeah, I know I did... But, trust me this is a fun issue, and I've always said no one does cute martial arts muscle babes like Jorge does. And in this issue you can really appreciate just how sexy and powerful these ladies are, as each bulge and flex of their muscles as they kick and punch their way through the horde of baddies, is captured beautifully by Jorge. 
You can purchase the comic here:
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