Thursday, May 31, 2018


Very pleased to present to you a comic written and produced by Philip Lawson. Philip is part of the creative team at MFMC and in fact he writes the majority of the text and is one of the reasons why MFMC is able to release so many quality comics. The comic is Goddessey and its the first issue of an Super hero FMG tale. It features lots of feats of strength, super sexiness and a whole lot more. It's also drawn by ElementalUchu and you can expect to see a whole lot more from here in the future. 
You can purchase the comic here:
As always thanks for the support, it truly means a lot. It's your support that makes MFMC big and strong just like the ladies in my comics!!!
Below are the samples no Nudity... But, NSFW! So just don't view at work.

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