Thursday, September 15, 2022

Woman-Handled text story

Really pleased to announce the release of Woman-Handled. This is the first real official text story I've ever released...  That's right no pictures... Except for the cover. But, this is a really fun 7k word short story and I think its just a whole lot of fun. For lovers of femdom muscle goddess women. It's about a woman who discovers the joy of female domination when her husband cannot cope that thanks to his wife's passion for bodybuilding he's now weaker than her. She never knew manhandling him could be so much fun, only this isn't manhandling.
Its Woman-Handling!

You can purchase it here:


or even here:


Here is a link to the sample cover.

I really hope you all enjoy this story. I hope to write many many many more. And as always remember its your support that makes Mighty Female Muscle Comix grow bigger. Just like the women in our comix... or stories!!!!

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