Thursday, July 28, 2022

 Guys I really, really love this nights new release. I'm a huge fan of classic movies and I always like imagining what would happen if some of those ladies were sporting serious muscles... Well, thanks to this issue you can see your favorite silver screen starlets bulk up and hulk out and become Silver Screen Muscle Queens. This is the 3rd issue and its a really fun one. It has an amazing cover and a pinup by the legendary Yatz and it has 4 female muscle growth stories in this scintillating issue. 35 total pages and just amazing interior art by The Muscle Girl Fan.  Just a whole lot of fun fellas!

You change purchase the complete comic here:

As always I want to thank you all so very much for all your support. It's your support that makes Mighty Female Muscle Comix grow big and strong just like the women in our comics.

No nudity, but clothes are shredded to bits and women completely hulked out of em... So NSFW!

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