Thursday, March 31, 2022

My Sweet Little Baby Doll (audio story)

Tonight's new release is another scintillating MFMC audio production starring Alyssa the Comic Book Babe. In this story Alyssa is tired of her husband trying to dress her up in frilly lingerie. So she spike's his drink with a male muscle drain mickey. He's not only shrunk down to size, but Alyssa spiked her own drink with a Female Muscle Growth mickey and she grows even bigger and stronger than what he ever was.
She then decides that since he likes the lingerie so much, he should be the one to wear it and so she turns him into her Sweet Little Baby Doll.
This is a 20 minute audio story with feminization themes, male muscle drain, and some great female muscle growth sequences.

You can purchase the full length audio here:

I would say don't listen to the audio sample at work. It's totally NSFW as its an FMG sequence with lots of moans and ripping clothes.
<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe><div style="font-size: 10px; color: #cccccc;line-break: anywhere;word-break: normal;overflow: hidden;white-space: nowrap;text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: Interstate,Lucida Grande,Lucida Sans Unicode,Lucida Sans,Garuda,Verdana,Tahoma,sans-serif;font-weight: 100;"><a href="" title="James Lee" target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">James Lee</a> · <a href="" title="My Sweet Little Babydoll" target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">My Sweet Little Babydoll</a></div>

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