Thursday, April 8, 2021

Sexy F---ing Muscle Beast

I know you all love female muscle growth, but one thing I enjoy is being able to hear the FMG. That's why I love audio stories so much. You can really hear each moan, grunt, and rip and tear as the woman grows and hulks out of her clothes. In Mighty Female Muscle Comix newest audio production Alyssa The Comic Book Babe stars in this scintillating 22 minute audio tale.  Alyssa always wanted to have big muscles. Actually big is too small of a word, she wanted to become downright monstrous. So she ordered some Female Muscle Growth pills. The directions say to take one pill per day, but she took more so she could become a Sexy F---ing Muscle Beast!

You can purchase the mp3 here:

Below are samples. But, very NSFW for both. Moaning and very skimpy top that shows a good bit more than some would like... And perhaps not enough for some as well... But, NSFW!

Here is a link to cover(great art by Elemental Uchu)

here is a sample to an audio.

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