Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rose of the West Part 1

Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am to share this comic with you. This is a comic that took probably around 10 years to make completely. I wrote this well over 10 years ago, and the drawing of it took Dracowhip and myself over a year to complete, and finally Philip was able to finish writing it with me early this year. This is western comic about a small town run by really big strong and muscular women. If you like Powder Puffs, Big Girls on Campus, or No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl, you're going to love this comic, it has the same theme to it as those comics. Lots of fmg in this comic to boot, both fantasy sequences and a really nice time lapse sequence of the main character working out over time getting bigger and stronger. Don't let the pricing point scare you off, this is a big, BIG comic with 52 total pages of femuscle excitement. You're going to love this issue, it's hands down one of my all time favorite stories I've ever written.
The comic can be purchased here:
No nudity, but sexy muscle ladies ripping out of clothes...So nsfw!
Enjoy and as always thanks for the support!


  1. Just read this one on the site. I liked it and look forward to part 2, but one thing seemed off. At the end of the tour when they got back to the saloon, Suzy seemed surprised to see the statue of Samson, but how could she have missed it the previous day when she arrived with her brother?

  2. Well, there are many reasons for that... One of them could be that she was too busy trying to convince and plead with her brother not to enter the saloon that she didn't really see or notice anything else. They both kind of had tunnel vision as the brother was just interested in gambling that he didn't notice any of the large and muscular women about. So that is why. They were both just too focused on other things to notice it.