Friday, January 1, 2016

Kiss Of The Dragon Queen!

Hello all,
I got exciting news, the first day and first release of the new year is indeed a special one. The first issue of Kiss of the Dragon Queen debuts today, and it's an ongoing comic. Each month you'll find one new adventure in her quest to get to the top of the mysterious tower and become the ultimate martial artist ever! The comic is just pure fun, and it has plenty of martial arts action, a good bit of sexiness, and even a bit of female muscle growth. As the Queen can steal peoples martial arts chi and power with just a little kiss. And please as always remember your support and patronage goes a long way to helping me fund such escapades as the Dragon Queen. I got more on the way from here, but also different comics drawn by the same talented artist. So each sale really does mean a lot to not just myself, but all the artists who work with me to bring you all this wonderful content, and lastly also to you fans. It helps me grow my site and make it even better, and I think that's something we all can agree is good for everyone.
Here is the link the to shopify

Below are links of the samples. No nudity but lots of bad ass sexy ass kicking by Dragon Queen so NSFW!!!
Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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