Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giant update now live on site!!!!

At 36 images in total its true its not the biggest update, but the lady that is featured in those 36 pictures is without a doubt on of the biggest models featured on my site. Big as in tall... Tall as in giant... Get it, it was a bad, bad pun! The update in question is GTS FUN, and besides myself having a lot of fun while making all the images it features a lovely lass traversing the city and just enjoying herself. I think I came up with a new term for this type of art, I'm calling it GTS Cheesecake as I wound up posing the model like she were a vintage pinup model. Really these images have a nice sense of mirth I think.
Real quick I want to discuss a few plans for the future of this site. I'm thinking of making GTS updates a once a month type thing. So comics, animations, image folios, my aim is to have one of the 4 major updates a month devoted to GTS art. Don't worry the ladies will still be packing plenty of muscle for you all.
Also, I'm thinking of having minor updates every other monday, and the theme of those would be domination. Nothing fancy just some domination images, like wrestling, spanking, leg scissors and other stuff. And of course I'll never stop making comics for you all.
Alright that's enough chit chat, now for the goodies.
It was a real pain trying to pick the samples out for you all. There were just too many awesome pictures, but in the end thats a good thing. I know you all will love these samples and the entire folio.
No nudity but come on its about a skimpy giantess destroying stuff in the city. NSFW.

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