Sunday, March 9, 2014

A look back and forward

Well, this has been a great last few weeks for the site. Just wrapped up the 62 page comic "A Growing Rivalry" and looking forward in the future I got plenty of updates for you all. I think this weeks update will be the 4th Musclexx pinup commission. And I must say this batch is just as good as all the other ones. Lots of super amazing images in there. And I got good news he's currently working on a 5th set of images for the site.
But, that won't be released until next month or later. I also have 22 amazing GTS images rendered. I want to add more to them. As well as I still have another 60 image folio that features the solo flexing model. I need to edit all 60 of those images however and that will take some time. Even at 5 minutes per image it adds up. I also have a new artist who I hope to be commissioning both pinup art from and comic art from. His pinups I hope to debut perhaps early next month. And of course CGMan is about halfway through our next pinup set as well. Again next month or the month after for that.
That's a lot of pinups and folios. We'll be plenty stocked for those goodies. But, good old comic art we got a healthy supply of that as well. I still need to write the text in that legends comic but don't worry. I'll get that done. And I got an illustrated story from Xenophage coming up.  And I have some mini-comics that I can compile and make, as well as some 3d stories I am slowly working on getting done. And on top of all of that I am currently writing stories to send off to other artists like Femfortefan and Powerman. So as you can tell busy busy busy. Which is good. So back to work. And stay tuned to hear more about this weeks update and samples!

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