Sunday, March 2, 2014

Making GTS bonus images

I needed a break from writing. I got so much writing to do, and I've been doing nothing but writing the past few weeks that I needed a break from it. The final update will still go out as planned. So don't worry. I just wanted to do something different. So I'm making a couple of GTS and maybe mini-gts images. My goal is to have them finished and to be a bonus update for next weeks update. They won't be no more than 10-15 images most likely but my aim is to make them high quality images. Again just as a bonus for all you guys who have been waiting patiently for the comic to be completed. I can't wait to finish it. As I got a backlog of writing and stories I need to get out to artists. Femfortefan is waiting on the script for our next project. But, as you know its tough to do all that needs to be done. But, you can't rush quality. And I rather have it be good and take a lil bit longer than it to be not as good and rushed.
Take care and look for this weeks update soon. Its going to be a goodie!

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