Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GTS folio Sent Off To Webmaster

Got some cool news for you all, I just sent off this weeks update to my webmaster. I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now so I won't bore you all with a lot of text. I got quite a bit of projects in the works and sadly I had some cool projects fall through this month. Still all in all we got plenty of cool stuff on the way, and the projects that feel through I'll just find other artists to do the projects and I'll pick up more of the slack myself.
About this weeks update again its a GTS image pack, and it has some really really cool images. I even spent more time than I usually do in post to put a nice polish on the images. I know you all are going to really love this set. I also went back today and yesterday and made 5 more images for it. I realized that I spent all the time custom sculpting the models butt and making the jean shorts extra skimpy in the back, and yet I didn't make a single butt shot image. Well I made up for that and I included two real nice ones. Tomorrow I will post the samples and its going to be pretty tough for me to choose which ones to use. There are too many amazing images but that is a good problem to have. Again show drop by tomorrow for the samples.
Take care.

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