Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Comic "Muscle Lust" Now On Site!

Hey gang, great news I got a new comic on the site for you all. Sorry I didn't post anything about it till today. But, I was crazy busy getting it ready for you all. The comic is "Muscle Lust" and its drawn by the legendary AOS!!!!
Again its DRAWN BY AOS!!!!!!
Let that sink in for you all, to me this was a dream project. I always dreamed of working with him.Its also a fully colored comic and it looks amazing. I hope to work with the colorist Ulics on many projects as well. That will be a big step going forward having more fully colored comics. So in many ways this little comic marks a big step forward.
And did I saw little... True it only clocks in at 14 pages, but its really packs in the goodies. Just bursting at the seams with FMG goodness as the women goes from petite sexpot to Uber Massive Muscle Goddess.
Without a doubt this comic is one of the sexiest, most sensual comics on my site. I think its also one of the hottest male drain/fmg comics you'll ever read. I had a lot of fun with the text and I think this comic makes for a nice read. You'll see there are no speech balloons just text boxes in it. I wanted to give it a more intimate feeling. And so I thought just text boxes would allow you to focus on the amazing art, and the text would serve to further suck you into the world.
Again I'm sorry if I am raving like a madman about this project. But, its some of my best work and I know you all are going to love it. And don't worry I'll be working with AOS for a long long time.
So check out the full comic on my site. And as always here are some fun samples for you all.
Note one of the samples is black and white the full comic is colored. I just wanted to include the lineart for you all to enjoy.
NSFW this comic is all about sex and so its not safe for work.

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