Friday, December 2, 2016

Shock N' Awe!! New COMIC!!!

Witness the ultimate Battle of the Sexes, as the World Heavy Weight boxing champion loses to a female fighter. She too muscular and powerful for the male chump! Tons of boxing action in this comic, as well as muscle worship, male-female muscle comparisons, along with plenty of scintillating scenes. Over 50 pages of intense and exciting action!

You can buy it at the link below!

Here are some samples no nudity, but voilent boxing images and sexy muscle ladies. So NSFW!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Flex Off The Photoshoot!

Guys got a fun and silly comic for you. Its about Barry, who is an up and coming bodybuilder, who thinks this upcoming photoshoot will be his big break. He's shocked to find out that he's paired with Lena a female bodybuilder, even more shocked when it turns out that she is bigger than him. Lots of fun in this issue, it's whirlwind of excitement, so exciting that Barry gets lifted off his feet literally. And if you're a fan of comparison shots between male and females, where the female is of course bigger, than this is the issue for you. Tons of strength feats in this issue as well, they lift massive weights, and a nice arm strength challenge, muscle worship, and some nice lift and carry at the end.

Here is the link to buy it via shopify:

Here are some samples. No nudity, but it does contain a bikini clad female bodybuilder out-muscling a young male bodybuilder... So NSFW!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kiss Of The Dragon Queen 11

 This is the penultimate issue of Kiss of the Dragon Queen. She's on the final floor, facing the final boss, time for the final fight! She's defeated all the challengers that came before, but this time she's facing The Dragon King, and his kiss is just as deadly as hers. Like her, he's both a lover and a fighter! This is just a really fun issue, and just like every single comic that came before this chapter is unique and exciting. Tons of fighting, with a little bit of romance thrown in, and some hot FMG action as well. One of my all time favorite female muscle growth sequences is to be found in this issue. The Dragon Queen has the King trapped in a bear hug and every second of the kiss finds him being drained and crushed further and further by her arms as she grows bigger and more powerful.

Here's a link to the shopify page.

Below are samples. Enjoy.
No nudity but sexy huge and massive female muscles!!! So NSFW!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Not So Lil Red 3!!!!!

I'm pleased to announce the release of Not So "Lil" Red 3!!! Without a doubt this isn't just one of my favorite comics, but it's also one of my favorite comic series I've ever done! Lots of sexy femuscle in this issue, whether it be Red, one of the muscle bound she wolves, or even Red's powerhouse of a Grandmother. And this issue is just filled to the brim with action. Red is on a war path as she is hellbent on rescuing her friends and avenging her Grandmother. Truly this issue has it all bone crushing martial arts excitement, fem dom, cute muscle babes, and the zany sense of humor you've come to expect from a Jorge Garay and Steeleblazer comic.

The comic can be purchased here:

Samples Again lets just assume NSFW. No nudity though.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kiss Of The Dragon Queen Issue 10

Issue ten of Kiss of the Dragon Queen is a slam bang brawl fest. A greatest hits of the series if you will, where the Dragon Queen gets to take on and beat down all the past foes that she vanquished before. This is the rematch floor, only she has to take them all on at the same time... Well, in true 80's action movie fashion they do line up and take turns... We squeezed in as much action as we could in this comic, it has some GTS growth, a giant mecha, giant woman, ninjas, and the zaniness you've come to expect from a Dragon Queen comic!
Comic can be purchased via my shopify page here:
Enjoy the samples. No nudity, but adult stuff like boobs breaking wrists and other fun stuff!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kiss of the Dragon Queen #9!!!!

I'm pleased to present to you the newest issue of Kiss Of The Dragon Queen. We're on issue 9 and so far the Dragon Queen has defeated all the challengers the tower put before her, but could this newest challenge be the end of her? They say your toughest opponent is yourself, well thanks to a magic mirror the Dragon Queen finds that in this instance its more than pure hyperbole. Her very life is at stake and to make matters worse the opponent seems to know her moves before she makes them, how can she survive such a battle. Like all Kiss of the Dragon Queen stories, this has ample martial arts mayhem, and also the fun sense of humor you've come to expect from the series... As well a nice cat fight in this issue! And of course what kind of an issue would it be without a few Female Muscle Growth sequences. All in all just fun crazy mayhem!
 Here is the link to purchase it!

Below are samples no nudity, but muscle babes fighting and being all sexy so NSFW!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Skinny Dipping!

What happens when a college sorority purchases a special lotion, that when applied to men can drain them of their strength and size, and they throw a pool party: Can you say shrinkage... Only this time it's not because the waters cold.  What transpires gives new meaning to the term "Skinny Dipping" as the girls go about draining all the muscle hunks and studs present at the pool, all while growing to become huge, sexy, musclebound knockouts! Beautifully drawn by DracoWhip... You can expect to see a lot more of his art coming soon!!!!
I also included a second 3d mini comic called Suns Out Guns Out! About a woman with a ray gun that drains men... Nuff said really!
The comic can be purchased at my shopify page.

Below are samples.
Enjoy but as always no nudity... But, muscle ladies and shrinking men so NSFW!!!