Thursday, January 28, 2016

Queen of the Beach!

Got a new comic for you guys, it's just another tale of FMG and intrigue... Or rather female muscle growth and breast enhancement. This is a fun 20 page comic in full color drawn by the talented Ritualist. This is a classic tale of rivalry played out across the bodybuilding stage of muscle beach. Fantastic art, and without a doubt one of the funniest and just all around awesome comics I've ever had a hand in making. I know you all are going to enjoy it!
Right now the comic can be purchased at my new shopify page
Give it a few days to show up on my membership site.
Below are the samples no nudity, but plenty of femuscle so lets say NSFW!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wrestle Girl

Hi all, I got a fantastic update for you all.
It's a new comic and it's entitled "Wrestle Girl" and it contains 23 gorgeous black & white shaded pencils drawings by Artkaizer. And is about a young woman who discovers she has a passion and talent for wrestling. A story of growth... Muscle Growth that is, as she pumps iron as part of her training so she just devastate the boys! Just a real fun comic full of wrestling and powerful femuscle crushing action. 
The comic is available to buy via my shopify page
Here are the samples. Enjoy!!! No nudity, but lots of wrestling images of a cute girl crushing guys.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Kiss Of The Dragon Queen!

Hello all,
I got exciting news, the first day and first release of the new year is indeed a special one. The first issue of Kiss of the Dragon Queen debuts today, and it's an ongoing comic. Each month you'll find one new adventure in her quest to get to the top of the mysterious tower and become the ultimate martial artist ever! The comic is just pure fun, and it has plenty of martial arts action, a good bit of sexiness, and even a bit of female muscle growth. As the Queen can steal peoples martial arts chi and power with just a little kiss. And please as always remember your support and patronage goes a long way to helping me fund such escapades as the Dragon Queen. I got more on the way from here, but also different comics drawn by the same talented artist. So each sale really does mean a lot to not just myself, but all the artists who work with me to bring you all this wonderful content, and lastly also to you fans. It helps me grow my site and make it even better, and I think that's something we all can agree is good for everyone.
Here is the link the to shopify

Below are links of the samples. No nudity but lots of bad ass sexy ass kicking by Dragon Queen so NSFW!!!
Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Feats Of Strength Folio

I got a new Feats of Strength Super Strength folio for you all to enjoy. It has barbell bending, weight smashing, a 45 pound steel plate being torn in half, and of course chain busting! It's not a Mighty Female Muscle Comix Feat of Strength folio without the chain breakage! The folio is 33 images of pure female powerhouse ecstasy. Give it a few days to be available on my membership site, but its now available on my shopify page
Here are the samples. No Nudity, but massive muscular bikini clad beauty... So NSFW!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Big news!!!!

I have two big announcements. I have a new comic up for the site, it's a 58 page comic entitled "FMG Booster Shot". And like the comic overtly says it's focus is on the female muscle growth aspect. All in all it's one of the best 3d comics I've ever made. And I think going forward this type of format will be the one I will use the most while making comics.
And my second big announcement is I just created my own shopify page. Right now it's only going to feature my new comics, but eventually I hope to have all my older comics up for individual sale there. My membership site is not going anywhere, but I wanted to give my fans options for buying my work. I am really excited about this next step and it's actually been a long time coming. In fact I actually have more than a few comics stockpiled for release. So make sure you keep tuning back in over the next few weeks as I will be posting some truly awesome comics.
Here is the link to my shopify page.
 And if you liked my old membership site, don't worry that is not going anywhere. I did adjust the price for the site, but even with the 5 dollar increase it remains a nice bargain for you all. And as I said if you just want one comic, well now I will have those for sale as well. Below you'll find links to the samples. Let's say NSFW... But no nudity. Just a bit of rippage and fmg.
I just want to thank everyone over the years for their patronage and I know with your continued support I'll be able to keep providing you all the same high level of quality and entertaining comics.
Thanks and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Ms. Liberty on the way!!

That is not a typo, I have in fact 3 Ms. Liberty comics on their way and coming soon!!!!!
Two of them are already drawn and I just need to add text to them. That will take me a little bit of time as I am still trying to find a good program to do so with. But, I also just commissioned Dracowhip to draw a 16 page comic featuring Ms. Liberty. I hope to have him draw more comics with her.
With any luck I might be able to start putting out a regular comic with her.
We'll see. But, I hope to release at least one of the aforementioned Ms. Liberty comics before this year is over.
Next year might just be her year. As I hope to release the other two mentioned and MORE!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Pinups by Mario!!!

Here's this weeks samples from the latest update for Mighty Female Muscle Comix! It's a pinup folio, and I think one of the very best ones yet! Which is a tall order as I've had plenty of amazing ones throughout the years. But, I just love the way mkonstaninov draws his women. Big, cute, full of curves, and all mighty muscular maidens!!!
You all know I love images of biceps flexing and bursting and busting chains, and I got another great image of that for you all to enjoy. I also got a sexy car wash, car crush image, where the lass is so dang strong she accidentally crushes her car as if it were paper she was crumpling. Very sexy stuff!
No nudity, but the ladies are dressed so skimpy, they might as well be naked, so NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!