Thursday, April 19, 2018

Big Shots Issue 3!

The ladies of Big Shots are back and they're bigger than ever and they're continuing their mission of going round the globe and hulking out as many woman as possible. Lots and lots of female muscle growth and feats of strength in this issue. It's bursting with FMG!!! The main story features the Big Shots training a young woman to help get her bigger and stronger so she can take on an entire wrestling team. Lots of action, lots of fmg, you're going to love this issue. And don't forget it's never too late to check out the first two issue of this series. 
The full comic can be purchased here:
And thank you all so, so much for your support. Your support is what makes MFMC able to continue to provide the best female muscle comics and with your continued support MFMC will grow bigger and bigger just like the ladies in our comics. Thanks again and enjoy the samples.

There is no nudity, but a lot of clothes bursting FMG action so I'd say... NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rose of the West Part 2!

This is an truly exciting moment for me, this weeks release is the conclusion of my Rose of the West comic. That comic took many, many years to see the light of day and to create. And I believe its one of my finest stories and comics I've ever created. From my original script, to Draco's brilliant art, and let's not forget Philip's amazing job at writing the text for this tale. And this is an epic tale this comic is 52 total pages and contains lots of brawlin, bar fights, feats of strength, gun bending and crushing, female muscle growth, and just plenty of sexy and powerful muscle babes. All of this and more wrapped up in an exciting tale of love, revenge, self discovery and growth, and not to mention FMG!!! 
The comic can be purchased here:
And please don't be shocked by the sticker price, this is a 52 page comic and I promise you you'll get your monies worth. And even if you do not buy the comic you can still help and support MFMC. Without your support MFMC would not exist, but with your continued support we'll grow even bigger just like the gals in our comics!
Below are the samples no nudity, but plenty of sexy femuscle action and ladies tossing about and roughin up men... So NSFW!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Throwback Tuesday: Bigger Trohpy!

This month is going to be a crowded one, so I decided to bring back Throwback Tuesday's, because this Thursday I will have a brand new comic for you all!!!! But for now I have a classic MFMC tale for you all. Bigger Trophy or So Long and Thanks for all the Muscles! It's one of my all time favorite 3d comics I've ever made, and if you're a fan of female muscle growth/male muscle drain then you're going to love this comic. Just lots and lots of fmg/drain sequences and lots of size comparisons. Also the woman in this comic is the biggest I've ever made a 3d muscle woman. She grows really, really big, while the guy shrinks to be so tiny a mouse could kick his butt. Just a whole lot of fun in this comic.

You can purchase the full comic here:

And as always thanks for supporting MFMC. Your support truly matters and means the world to me. With your continued support MFMC will grow bigger and bigger just like the ladies in our comics.

There is no nudity, but the bikini does get really, really tight on the lady, and she is a beefy sexy powerhouse. So I'd say NSFW!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Grow Play exciting new FMG comic!

This is an exciting week as I have the debut comic of a truly talented artist Bojan. This comic Grow Play is about a woman who uses a special fmg pill to spice things up in the bedroom, and of course she brings her own toys to play with. Big, heavy, massive toys: Barbells and Dumbbells that she lifts with ease, and grows so strong and powerful that she is able to bend the metal as if it were just putty, which is just what you will be, putty in her hands when she is done with you. Big, big comic 27 pages of pure FMG excitement. I know you're going to love it.
The comic can be purchased here: 
As always thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the samples... Samples are kind of NSFW! No nudity, but lots of sexy femuscle in action lifting heavy weights in skimpy clothes.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Throwback Thursday: The Drain Team!

Its time for another Throwback Thursday and this week I have something truly special, a project both near and dear to my heart for many, many reasons. The comic is the Drain Team, and its about Cheerleaders who use a special muscle draining lotion to steal the muscles from their teams opponents and transfer it to themselves. The ladies grow really huge and muscular in this comic. Lots and lots of fmg/male muscle drain sequences. Without a doubt I think this is one of the best female muscle growth/male muscle drain comics I've ever made. It's 32 fully colored pages drawn by the legendary Kinky Rocket. Kinky is wrote the book on FMG comics and it was just a great honor to work with him.

Here is the link to purchase the comic:

And as always don't forget without your support MFMC would not exist. Your support helps MFMC grow big just like the ladies in my comics, and with your continued support we'll grow even bigger, and I'll keep making the best female muscle comics I can possibly make. Thanks again and enjoy the samples...

These Samples are TOTALLY NSFW. There is NUDITY. SO PLEASE NSFW!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

No Man's Angel issue 3!

Got a fun but very, very, very brutal comic for you all today. No Man's Angel returns for it's 3rd issue, and I'm really excited for it's return as I feel its a series that has a lot of potential and I hope you all will enjoy it. This whole series is done in the vein of Fist of the North Star, but with the Mighty Female Muscle Comix brand spin. Plenty of humor, a little bit of heart(and I'm not talking about the hearts that explode out of the baddies chest), a dash of fmg, and a whole lot of feats of strength and I think you got the recipe for a truly exciting and entertaining comic.

The comic can be purchased here:

Below are the samples. No nudity, but pretty violent and gory so NSFW!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rose of the West Part 1

Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am to share this comic with you. This is a comic that took probably around 10 years to make completely. I wrote this well over 10 years ago, and the drawing of it took Dracowhip and myself over a year to complete, and finally Philip was able to finish writing it with me early this year. This is western comic about a small town run by really big strong and muscular women. If you like Powder Puffs, Big Girls on Campus, or No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl, you're going to love this comic, it has the same theme to it as those comics. Lots of fmg in this comic to boot, both fantasy sequences and a really nice time lapse sequence of the main character working out over time getting bigger and stronger. Don't let the pricing point scare you off, this is a big, BIG comic with 52 total pages of femuscle excitement. You're going to love this issue, it's hands down one of my all time favorite stories I've ever written.
The comic can be purchased here:
No nudity, but sexy muscle ladies ripping out of clothes...So nsfw!
Enjoy and as always thanks for the support!