Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New update sent off to webmaster!!!!

Things just keep on rolling. And I think they will continue to do so for at least another few weeks. Without a doubt this current update streak is the longest this site has ever had and I'm pleased to be sharing all this cool artwork with you all. I just sent off this weeks update to my webmaster and I think you guys are going to enjoy it. It's a continuation of the "Kickin G" mini comic that Jorge Garay made for the site. Just a fun silly little comic about a tough female fighter and her hopelessly outmatched but resilient male friend. Well they become more than friends in this update. The comic is 16 total pages and Jorge Garay just makes really quality pages, his layouts are really powerful and fun. He is working on a longer comic for me but that one is taking its time getting made.
Also Musclexx just finished another commission set, so that will be getting released within the next few weeks. And overall I think he keeps getting better and better, we got a couple of cool fmg pinup shots and a really cool car crush. No chain breaks in this one, but gotta switch things up a little don't we!?! Lastly CGMan is still plugging away at his next pinup set. If we are lucky that could be done sometime early next month.
Lots of cool goodies on the way. And I'm making artwork myself as well as stories and some comics that I hope to finish up in a few months.
Stay tuned and come back tomorrow for the samples!

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