Thursday, September 15, 2011

YEAH!!!! Update is ready.

Hey everyone. Bill Banner just sent me the finished fmg mini-comics. They are pretty funny. You all are going to love em. We also discussed about him taking on about 10-15 images a week. So that would mean more comics and updates from him and for the site. As I will not stop making comics, but it will allow me to pursue other ventures for this site. Like more animations. The update will be 11 pages of pure fmg goodness. I need to polish up the pages, and tomorrow I will send them out to the webmaster. Which means they should be up for the weekend.
Ok... Now about the animation. Almost done with it. I messed up an entire render sequence. This was my fault. Not my computers... I had to rerender it, and that was about 8 hours wasted. Still have one last sequence to animate and then render. But, it should be finished tomorrow. So that animation will be up for the site, around sat or sunday.
Now, my plans for the rest of this month is to get another image series out to Mr. Banner. And also to focus on animations. I want to do a few short ones, like the throat lift. But, I got a couple of bigger ones planned that I would like to do. As well as the fmg short I am working on. I want it to be the mother of all fmg animations.
And also I will let you in on a long term goal of mine, really more akin to an eugene o'neil sized pipe dream. But, I am planning on doing a vid that is inspired off of my very first comic. Alley's of Peril. Changes will be made to the models and such. But, the story and some of the chorography will be kept. I figure it would be about a 3-6 minute animated vid. But, at this time its still quite lofty. But, I hope to break ground on it by the end of this month. Heres, to dreaming, and stay tuned for some previews.... Cos tomorrow they will be coming.

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