Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goals for upcoming month.

No updates yet. But, I have been hard at work. My goal was to do a simple short illustrated story. But, well... As You can see I haven't finished it yet. I only got past the prep stage. It took me all day today and yesterday to make the 7 male models for the story, and the one girl one. And also the scene and misc stuff for the story. It takes time but worth it when you get it right. The story is going to be a fun little yearn. Its going to be a western written in the pulp style of yesteryear. Tomorrow I hope to start and finish writing the story. It should take me the good part of the day but if I keep it around 7-10k words I should be able to finish it, and start with making the images. However, while making the images, I realized I didn't have a clear opening for the story in mind. I was just going to have it a straight, here the hero, no need for a long orgin story. But, the opening didn't jive. Felt too forced, for the scene that I set up. Then it dawned on me, and I got a cool way to tell the story I want, and I belive it'll be better for it. Only one little snag, now I got to give the girl a new set of clothes. The clothes I spent like 3 hours tweaking for her are perfect, but only for when she becomes the "Scarlet Avenger" yeah I know the name is taken. By some comic character so I might tryy to come up with a more orginal name. But, who knows... I stink with names. But, I do want something that good ol' bob howard would like. I kinda was inspired by his Red Sonya, not the marvel sonja.

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